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Founders Fortune PC free download torrent

Founders Fortune is one of the coolest colony simulators. In Founders Fortune, we not only build a settlement and manage colonists, we also equip the interiors and protect the settlers. We fight with hostile local natives and of course we follow the relations between the inhabitants. Yes, there are soiyalochka in Founders Fortune. Each settler has his dreams, desires and aspirations. Overall very interesting.

About The Game

Key Features

Gameplay Founders Fortune — fantasy-style simulator, where you will become a real colonist and you will meet face to face with unforgettable adventures. Here you will have a lot of responsibilities, so just will not be bored. You will take control of resources, agricultural development, the economic component, trade and much more. No cost and without insidious opponents who intend to destroy all your plans for the future — which you should not allow him. You can go on a study of the surrounding area in order to get useful items, valuable resources, as well as reveal the mysterious secrets. You will take control of a group of colonists who will help you create a vast and prosperous colony.

To start from scratch, gradually developing and expanding the area of activity. Here you will be not only a breadwinner, but also a builder. In many aspects, you will not have any restrictions in actions, so you can safely include a creative person. Colonists need to ensure a safe and comfortable existence — this is the way to success in your difficult but beloved business. Each group will respond to certain events, as well as each subject to disease. Take the situation into your own hands and achieve success in any possible way.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Storage: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes: Runs with 35 fps on my test setup with a resolution of 1376x768 and low graphic settings.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 960
Storage: 500 MB available space


Screenshot Founders Fortune PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Founders Fortune PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Founders Fortune PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. At the first stage, you need to download the installation files of the game.
  2. Unzip the game using WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Play!
  4. If u like it support the developer and buy it!

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Game updates:
  • Founders Fortune v1.2.1 → v1.1.3 [ 02.04.2021 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 14.3.1 → v1.2.1 [ 16.12.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 14.1.2 → v14.3.1 [ 05.09.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 13.0.6 → v14.1.2 [ 22.07.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 13.0.2 → v13.0.6 [ 27.05.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 12.1 → v13.0.2 [ 17.05.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 12.0 → Alpha 12.1 [ 19.02.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 11.3 → Alpha 12.0 [ 15.02.2020 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 10.4 → Alpha 11.3 [ 22.12.2019 ]
  • Founders Fortune Alpha 10.3 → Alpha 10.4 [ 08.11.2019 ]

This game has been updated 2-04-2021, 14:35 to the latest version v1.1.3.

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Comments 2

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SkiGamesPC 20 July 2019 11:39
EA.19.04.29A - EA.19.06.29A
- Added new objects: chapel and chandelier
- Construction projects can now be prioritized.
- Lift menu: Added upgrade button (improves a 2x to 3x)
- Decorations now have different strong bonuses.
- It will now be displayed to which floor you are allowed to build.
- In the start options you can now disable the construction limit.
- Own rooms can now be closed (no more maintenance costs).
- Lift upgrade: Stairs can now be torn off automatically.
- Visitors now sit at the tables on the roof terrace.
- Visitors of rental apartments now sit on their balcony.
- Darker backgrounds for construction menu buttons.
- Performance improved.
- LANGUAGE: French, Japanese, Chinese Traditional updated
- BUG: If the mouse pointer was invisible, tooltips were still displayed.
- BUG: Fixed graphics errors (invisible walls) on some rooms.
- BUG: Fires could in rare cases cause a crash.
- BUG: When demolishing a multi-story room on floor 100, a hallway on floor 101 was created.
- BUG: Sometimes it was falsely indicated that a room is not rented.
- BUG: For some icons an incorrect tooltip was displayed.
- BUG: In rare cases you could not move the camera when the room menu was open.
- BUG: The fan from the casino did not turn.
- BUG: Some menus were not centered on all screen resolution.
- BUG: Room menu -> For some menus, the "Apply all settings" button was not displayed.
- BUG: Room menu -> Sometimes you could not open the DropDown menus.
- BUG: Visitors could no longer enter the art gallery.
- BUG: The shelter did not have the correct exterior wall.

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SkiGamesPC 24 August 2019 03:53
Changelog 9.0

New Features
  • Give presents to improve relations and ask for tributes to get easy resources
  • Pay tributes to your goblin overlords to avoid raids
  • Build statues of friendship for your allies to improve relations
  • Bandage fallen foes to improve relations
  • Positive and negative relations harden after a while. It becomes more difficult to convince a long term enemy of sudden friendship
  • Ask for discounts when trading
  • Make the trader take a detour and have them visit your colony on as soon as possible
  • Goblins make armor and weapons to try and keep up with your colonists
  • Tiki Goblins have a sense of ownership and will not take lightly to you destroying their village
  • Pay a tribute to free kidnapped colonists
  • Beware of angering the Traders’ Guild…
  • New traits: Xenophobe and Xenophile. Act, think, and wish as you would expect them to
  • New trait: Diplomat. Socializing with members of other factions has chance to improve relations
  • New traits: Season lovers/haters feel better or worse depending on the time of the year
  • Carpets and Rugs (I love the royal carpet especially)
  • Curtains
  • Window Shutters
  • Cob wall and straw floor for early game
  • Korean, Chinese, and Dutch translations thanks to some awesome community members!
Balancing changes

  • Flu healing more probable!
  • You now get a third of your resources back when deleting something that’s already been built
  • Healing potions are only automatically consumed when health is <60%
  • Trading prices are more precise. For example, wood is only worth 0.3 gold now
  • Trader is more probable to sell scrolls
  • Trader is more probable to buy the things you manufactured
  • More goblin villages per island
  • Excessive salary for colonists doesn’t make them as happy anymore
  • “Colonist Died” mood debuff lasts longer
  • Kidnappings are more probable
  • In combat mode, work or idle interactions are restricted, so that player remembers their colonists are in combat mode
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