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Satisfactory is an adventure game that offers users to go to a completely unknown planet and organize an industrial paradise there. You will need to explore the surface of the planet, find out what resources it has and then just start organizing large-scale production. You should not rush too much, because the industrial complex is quite complex and multifaceted, which will require maximum concentration and will definitely not give you a descent in terms of planning. In general, it will be quite difficult, but we believe that you will cope and achieve a favorable result.

At first, you can download satisfactory torrent link for pc the game, of course, will produce the simplest drawings of production machines, which should become the basis for global resource extraction. All you need is just to try to achieve a favorable result in terms of organizing the extraction and processing of resources. This can be done only step by step, at first you collect the necessary resources with your own hands, then recycle them and use the finished product to create more technological installations. Then you can easily automate the process by creating robots and automatic processing systems. Then your complex will start to acquire incredible size, allowing you to create logistics systems and develop further.

About The Game

Key Features

Latest version Satisfactory is strictly development-oriented and it is better to play it in a cooperative environment. Thanks to the great attention to detail, you will be able to achieve a favorable result without any problems, which will surpass even the wildest expectations. It remains only to download Satisfactory torrent in Russian and you can start to act. Get ready, you have to work in multitasking to achieve results, what to speak about numerous other areas. Create an industrial empire that will be not only effective, but also productive, though don’t forget about various unpleasant situations, breakdowns and monsters that will make adjustments to your plan.

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: i5-3570k
Graphics card: GTX 660
Memory on Hard Disk: 20GB


Screenshot Satisfactory PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Satisfactory PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Satisfactory PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. Install Epic Launcher and go to any account (it is recommended to create a new account).
  2. Add a free Unreal Tournament game from the Epic Store to the library. Install it is not necessary.
  3. Without closing Epic Launcher, launch the game from the «Launch_Satisfactory» shortcut from the game folder. Each time you start, an additional pop-up window of the activator will appear, which you can immediately close.

Download update only: [ 73.2 MB ]
Download update only: Satisfactory Update build 109693 → build 114480 [ 1.1 GB ]
Download update only: Satisfactory 0.1.16 build 101177 → 0.1.17 build 101256 [ 110.0 MB ]
Download update only: Satisfactory 0.1.14 build 100692 → 0.1.15 build 100979 [ 152.0 MB ]
Download update only: Satisfactory 0.1.15 build 100979 → 0.1.16 build 101177 [ 209 MB ]
Download update only: satisfactory_manifest_100979 [ 1.18 MB ]
Download update only: [ 89.10 MB ]
Download update only: Satisfactory-Update-96731.exe [ 104.0 MB ]

Download Satisfactory v0.7.0.8 [ 7.77 GB ]

satisfactory-v0_7_0_8.torrent (downloads: )
How to download this game ?
Game updates:
  • Satisfactory v0.7.0.0 Build 208250 → v0.7.0.8 [ 06.12.2022 ]
  • Satisfactory v0.6.1.1 Build 201717 → v0.7.0.0 Build 208250 [ 16.11.2022 ]
  • Satisfactory v0.6.0.15 Build 200661 → v0.6.1.1 Build 201717 [ 24.09.2022 ]
  • Satisfactory v0.6.0.9 Build 195135 → v0.6.0.15 Build 200661 [ 19.09.2022 ]
  • Satisfactory v0.6.0.6 Build 194360 → v0.6.0.9 Build 195135 [ 28.07.2022 ]
  • Satisfactory v0.6.0.4 Build 193448 → v0.6.0.6 Build 194360 [ 06.07.2022 ]

This game has been updated 6-12-2022, 15:44 to the latest version v0.7.0.8.

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Comments 18

baggins 20 March 2019 08:15
has anyone confirmed multiplayer works with legit copies like the closed alpha did?
Anthony 30 March 2019 18:38
Do i need to redownload the entire torrent again just to get the update? I Already have a previous version installed from you guys a few days ago
SkiGamesPC 2 April 2019 07:52
Anthony, Unfortunately, at the development stage, there are no separate patches, you need to install a new version again.
Jamie 16 April 2019 23:58
That torrent is the same version as before 96032 and the update is for 96463. So how is this been updated? I cant use the updater because it says i have wrong version.
SkiGamesPC 24 April 2019 13:45
Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.104

• Fixed the Geothermal Generator crashing on dismantle for some players
• Implemented extra error checking to get more information on the biggest remaining crash
SkiGamesPC 8 May 2019 07:04
Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.1.6 - Build 98445
  • Doubled the cost of the Conveyor Lifts
  • Renamed Gunpowder to Black Powder
  • Adjusted Black Powder recipe:
    • Old: 2 Coal + 1 Sulphur
    • New: 1 Coal + 2 Sulphur
  • Adjusted Conveyor Lift clearance
  • Fixed the “banana conveyor bug”
  • Fixed the hologram material on the Conveyor Lifts
  • Fixed Conveyor Lifts visually transporting parts into the correct direction
  • Fixed the bug where inventory size wasn’t updated until the player opened the inventory
  • Fixed the outdated Power Pole descriptions
  • Fixed custom names for the Radio Tower disappearing after reloading a save
  • Fixed that firing the Rebar Gun at a Flying Crab crashes the game
  • Fixed the missing texture for Sulphur on Conveyor Belts
  • Fixed the Portable Miner duplication bug
  • Fixed that inputting more than 1 Power Shard into an Overclocking slot doesn’t consume the rest of the stack
  • Fixed flying grass on the western coast
  • Fixed the Colour Gun crash
  • Fixed Conveyor Lift crash on client
  • Fixed a bug with moving inventory items to empty slots
  • Excluded unintended research items from the MAM (Mercer Sphere, Somersloop, Rifle Mk.2)
  • Fixed that messages can now always be skipped via the Enter key 
SkiGamesPC 2 July 2019 09:02
Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.1.20 - Build 101547

• Power consumption increased. From 15 -> 25 and max 80 -> 110
• Might have fixed a crash related to the trains
• Fixed the bug that caused the train to abort the docking sequence prematurely
• Fix for when 2 people try to dock the same train
• Trains with multiple locomotives should dock properly now
• Trains now lean in curves

• Battery energy value increased from 1000 -> 6000

• More work done on the conveyor belt crashes
• Might have fixed a crash related to foliage

• Uranium nodes and deposits now radiate
• Added splines for wildlife in Red Jungle and Bamboo Fields
• Added edibles to the aforementioned areas and Swamp
• Added missing water volumes
• Fixed some of the rivers
Karma 12 July 2019 08:15
Is it multiplayer? 
Kaetalcia 15 August 2019 15:04
The game isn't launching even though I added unreal tournament and have the launcher open. Do I need to install Unreal Engine 4?
kholantasamy 10 December 2019 01:51
hello, can you please upload v0. update only??
i don't want to redownload the whole game... just need to update only
WEVERTON CHERIGATI DA SILVA 10 December 2019 18:56
The game isn't launching! How to fix ?
Anderlr 23 December 2019 02:58
The game isn't launching! How to fix ?
I looked it up on the internet and found out that you need to do the following:
-Create a shortcut for the .exe on your desktop
-On the shortcut Add "-EpicPortal"to the path
-Run as Administrator
TheSpah 7 January 2020 10:31
Hi, can you reupload the patch 1.14 to 1.15? is the only missing and i need it so i dont download the entire game again, ty.
Akhil 12 February 2020 00:50
New major update was release yesterday. When will that be available? 
Mustafa Safa Karaca
Mustafa Safa Karaca 21 March 2020 08:10
Hello guys. I can play multiplayer w/ my friends. It's easy to solve. But i can not update to build 114480. Anyone can help about update ? 
Mathias Johansen
Mathias Johansen 24 July 2020 16:20
Did all the steps but my frinds dont show up when i want to invite to my game. what to do?
Turrel 18 June 2021 06:57
Quote: Anderlr
The game isn't launching! How to fix ?
I looked it up on the internet and found out that you need to do the following:
-Create a shortcut for the .exe on your desktop
-On the shortcut Add "-EpicPortal"to the path
-Run as Administrator
I'm going to try that. Every update past will not launch when I click.

Turrel 18 June 2021 08:54
Quote: Anderlr
The game isn't launching! How to fix ?
I looked it up on the internet and found out that you need to do the following:
-Create a shortcut for the .exe on your desktop
-On the shortcut Add "-EpicPortal"to the path
-Run as Administrator

Where do you put the epic portal part, at the end or beginning? It won't let me change it.
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