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AI War 2 — is the cult continuation of the asymmetric space strategy of AI War Fleet Command. The events of the game develop after 353 years and tell about the struggle of mankind for survival. Hostile artificial intelligence has captured almost the entire universe, and only on the edge of the Milky Way there is little hope of salvation. AI War 2 is a space strategy game in which you have to fight against an inhuman enemy that has conquered almost the entire galaxy. In the shortest possible time, you must strengthen your base, improve technology and organize a combat-ready army.


About The Game

Key Features

But remember that any of your actions attracts the attention of an adversary controlled by advanced artificial intelligence. In AI War 2, you will find many optional factions, each with its own goals and methods for achieving them. Also at your service is an improved, compared to the first part, user interface, dozens of new maps for battles and an incredible number of options that make it possible to customize the gameplay as you wish.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 64bit
Processor: Dual Core 64bit CPU (2.2+ GHz Dual Core CPU or better)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 510+, Radeon HD5900+, or Intel HD4000+
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Any Quad Core or 3.0+ GHz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD 7870 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space


Screenshot AI War 2 PC Game free download torrent Screenshot AI War 2 PC Game free download torrent Screenshot AI War 2 PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. To start, you need to download the game files.
  2. Then, unpack the archive with «WinRar» or an analog.
  3. Mount the resulting image in the «UltraISO» program.
  4. Install the game, agreeing with the installation wizard.
  5. Download & install Update's v3.307 + v3.312, in game folder.
  6. Copy the contents of the folder «PLAZA» to the folder with the game.
  7. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  8. Play!

Download update only: AI.War.2.Zenith.Onslaught.Update.v3.312-PLAZA [ 120.0 MB ]
  • The in game version shows 3.309, but the game is updated to current public version 3.312.
Download update only: AI.War.2.Zenith.Onslaught.Update.v3.307-PLAZA | Mirror [ 304.3 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The.Spire.Rises.Update.v2.094-PLAZA [ 109.6 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The.Spire.Rises.Update.v2.090-PLAZA [ 376.6 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The.Spire.Rises.Update.v2.025-PLAZA [ 330.2 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The.Spire.Rises.Update.v2.018-PLAZA [ 330.0 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The.Spire.Rises.Update.v2.012-PLAZA [ 262.6 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.The Spire.Rises.Update.v2.007-PLAZA [ 248.8 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.328-PLAZA [ 365.0 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.320-PLAZA [ 49.7 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.309-PLAZA [ 48.8 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.304-PLAZA [ 46.7 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.303-PLAZA [ 41.5 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.302-PLAZA [ 41.1 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.013-PLAZA [ 36.2 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.011-PLAZA [ 141.3 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.010-PLAZA [ 38.6 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.006-PLAZA [ 37.3 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.005-PLAZA [ 36.9 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.003-PLAZA [ 34.7 MB ]
Download update only: AI.War.2.Update.v1.002-PLAZA [ 34.5 MB ]

Download AI War 2 v3.312 - PLAZA [ 2.80 GB ]

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Game updates:
  • AI War 2 v3.307 → v3.312 [ 27.09.2021 ]
  • AI War 2 v18.05.2021 → v3.307 [ 12.07.2021 ]
  • AI War 2 v2.094 →  v18.05.2021 [ 18.05.2021 ]
  • AI War 2 v2.090 → v2.094 [ 09.07.2020 ]
  • AI War 2 v2.025 → v2.090 [ 06.07.2020 ]
  • AI War 2 v2.018 → v2.025 [ 14.04.2020 ]

This game has been updated 27-09-2021, 05:22 to the latest version v3.312.

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SkiGamesPC 26 October 2019 14:42
Update v1.002:
ALL of these changes are thanks to Badger and Puffin. Chris was working on the world's longest
Add some new Quick Starts by community member zeusalmighty
Experimental Targeting Change
Under Galaxy Settings -> Units there's now a setting to enable/disable a new pursuit mode.
This mode makes ships prefer to kill all nearby units before moving on; hopefully it will make Drones less apt to go aggro guard posts everywhere.
Looking for player feedback on this
This also will affect the way AI ships will fight, so I'm loooking for feedback on that aspect as well
Balance Changes
Transport Flagships now cost very little energy.
This was originally so they would be hurt more by Nucleophilic units, but you can usually just micro them around and that's...not really fun or interesting. So just greatly reduce it, since you were otherwise being penalised for using the custom ones.
Thanks to Asteroid and seemingly others for bringing up.
The Human Resistance Fighters now help less often in battles, so it feels more rare/special when they do. They also can't go back to a planet for at least 15 minutes after their last time there.
I forget who asked for this (sorry). They used to attack about 60% of the time, now it's more like 30%
Macrophages now need more metal to do things on Hostile To Players Only mode. Also decrease base telium income when that telium has harvesters on the map; harvesting should be the primary form of income
Thanks to zeus for suggesting
SkiGamesPC 28 October 2019 12:21
Update v1.003:
  1. Fix a bug where ARS hacks were allowing you to get 7 ship lines instead of 6
  2. Thanks to Vault for reporting
  3. Fix an OBOB where we were reporting inconsistent stack numbers in the hover entity info text
  4. Thanks to yupyip for reporting
  5. New installations of the game now save 3 autosaves instead of 1
  6. Suggested by yupyip
  7. Flagships in Hold Fire Mode no longer deploy drones
  8. SUggested by CWW256 on discord
  9. Clicking on an Objective will now tag it with an Importance. Clicking once makes an Objective High importance, putting it at the top of the displayed list. Clicking again will make it Low importance, putting that objective at the bottom. Clicking a third time makes it Normal.
  10. Suggested by Greeniguana
  11. Add some defensive code to hoverEntity and fix a possible null reference
  12. Thanks to kerzain for reporting
  13. Tutorial 4 now mentions you can hover on the AIP amount on the top bar for some more information.
  14. Thanks to Potkeny in Discord for suggesting.
  15. Grant Technology hack now mentions not increasing the cost of unlocking it with Science.
  16. Hack Intra-Galactic Coordinator and Hack Global Command Augmenter now note exactly what the reduced cost is if you have paid the AIP cost for that planet.
  17. Visual Polish
  18. Science resource bit at the top now has the same blue colour for all the amounts, rather than being a light green, so it's consistent with every other mention.
  19. Metal section of the top bar now has actual proper colouring.
  20. Cost to fully extract all the science from a planet is now in green, like most hacks are.
  21. Thanks to GophTheGreat for suggesting.
  22. Knockback now has the correct unit in the tooltips.
  23. Thanks to Chthonic_One for reporting.
  24. Sabotage Hack now mentions it doesn't cause an AIP increase for destroying structures which would normally do so.
SkiGamesPC 8 November 2019 02:40
Update v1.006:
  1. The Ability To Have Duplicate Ship Lines In One Fleet
  2. The game now allows for duplicate ship lines in a single fleet. This was something that people REALLY wanted, and we get why, but it was a tricky technical thing. Our first idea for this today wasn't valid for multiplayer it turned out, but thankfully we came up with something that is.
  3. This also includes the ability for initial fleet designs to add more than one copy of a fleet line to itself, whereas before it would just combine them. So you could have two bomber lines in a single fleet design now, for example.
  4. Note that this will NOT work for drones in fleets at the moment. Those can't be swapped around by players anyway, and there didn't seem to be any reason to make this part work. It could be extended later if we really need to, but it seemed pointless.
  5. Only the player mobile fleets have this new ability. Command stations, NPC fleets, battlestations/citadels, and so forth all still combine their fleet lines if the type matches. Those can't be swapped around, and it makes much more sense for them to work like they always have.
  6. It's possible there may be some bugs with this (mainly of the sort of something not building when it's a secondary ship line in a fleet, or things not being able to swap properly when there are duplicate lines), but if so please do report those to us and bear with us.
  7. Thanks to nas1m, Asteroid, and many others for requesting this -- rather forcefully at times in the case of some steam reviewers or folks on discord, but we got the message. This was tricky as heck to implement, and may cause a few bugs for a bit, but it's clear how important this is to people.
  8. When hacking for dark spire ships, it now always puts each new ship you get in its own ship line rather than ever adding to an existing line.
  9. Additionally, it checks to make sure you have enough empty slots before it will work.
  10. Dyson hacks seem to have been assuming that you'll increase the ship cap on existing lines, so for now we've left that working as it always has.
  11. ARSes now CAN grant duplicate ship lines to a fleet, and instead of merging they now stay as separate ship lines.
  12. Doing a hack to double the cap of a ship line SHOULD work properly in cases where you have multiple ship lines inside a single fleet, only doubling one of them and then allowing the other one to be doubled later if you want.
SkiGamesPC 19 November 2019 03:57
Version 1.010 Extracting Those Archives
  • (Released November 18th, 2019)
  • Modding Support
  • If someone were to mod nanocausting guns onto the Devourer, the nanocausted ships will now wander the galaxy if their current planet has no real threats, instead of always staying on the same planet
  • Visual Polish
  • Add a Notification for brownouts
  • Thanks to Peter Ebbesen for suggesting
  • The Metal Flow Planning popup window now consolidates essentially identical flows. So if there are 3 engineers doing something it will now show as a single line saying '3 engineers are doing ....' instead of 3 separate lines.
  • The list is now sorted by planet from "Most metal spent on a planet" to "Least", and gives a nice header line with the total spent per planet before the details
  • Thanks to Peter Ebbesen for the excellent suggestion and ongoing critique
  • Allow for the energy consumed screen to show data sorted by 'overall usage' or by Planetary Fleets and Mobile fleets sorted separately
  • Suggested by Peter Ebbesen
  • The tooltip for a hacking notification now reminds the player that the hack can be cancelled by clicking
  • Suggested by Peter Ebbesen
  • Hacking information from the top bar when hovered over now explains only hacking structures owned by that AI count.
  • Suggested by VengefulWight.
  • Fix a whitespace problem with the planet hovertext
  • Reported by alocritani
  • Fixed typo in the Devourer beacon, and one with some Astro Train text.
  • Reported by Ryulong and VengefulWight respectively.
  • Improve some tooltips
  • Reported by Histidine
  • Bugfixes
  • Hopefully this actually fixes the "AI Reserves spawning outside of gravwell" problem
  • Thanks to Chthon for reporting
  • Fix a bug where the base-oriented Warden Fleet wasn't properly constrained to camping at bases
  • Fix a couple hacks that weren't correctly setting the Hacking History
  • Thanks to alocritani for the bug report
  • Balance Tweaks
  • Spire Archive Extraction hack now only takes 5 minutes at base, rather than 15.
  • With higher difficulties getting longer durations, this could lead to...well, on Diff 10, an hour long hack. Yeah.
  • Thanks to zeusalmighty and donblas for reporting.
  • Units under construction take bonus damage from being shot. This should alleviate the frustrating case where the AI is distracted trying to kill Under Construction Frigates/Turrets instead of things that are actually shooting back
  • Note that this makes long-build-time things from the zenith trader very fragile before they are finished.
  • Mentioned by ussdefiant60 on discord
SkiGamesPC 4 December 2019 08:05
Update v1.011:
  • Polish and Gameplay Improvements
  • Improve the readability of the "List of remote ships you might destroy" list in the Fleets popup
  • Thanks to Peter Ebbesen for suggesting
  • Allow citadels with engineers to autobuild those engineers
  • Requested by deo
  • All new code for group-move thanks to new volunteer Eagleheart. His notes:
  • Reworked the speed group / group move system.
  • Rather than all units in the group just moving at the speed of the slowest unit in the group, each unit now has its own individual speed limit based on its starting location and the target location of a move command.
  • The speed limit will be set to make that unit arrive as close as it can to the arrival time of the unit that will arrive at the destination last. This means that if a unit is far away from the other units in the group while those units are near the destination, the far-away unit will now move at its max speed to catch up.
  • Speed groups are now recreated on move orders in addition to when the button is clicked in order to adjust these distance calculations / speeds. This has the added benefit of behavior more closely matching what you would expect. If issuing individual unit or subgroup orders to units of a larger group, they will now be broken out into their own speed group and won't move slowly just because of the previous group limit.
  • Similarly, original groups will now move faster if all the slower units of the group have been given a new move command. As an additional side-effect, you can now no longer issue move commands to an overall selection of units that contains units not in a group and have them not have any speed limit enforced. That behavior was a bit confusing.
  • For now, units will still not move any slower than the speed of the slowest unit so that they never move imperceptibly slow. This is also necessary at the moment to not make group/pursuit combo mode any worse since ships can only move faster.
  • Units will also be removed from their speed group if tractored or stunned so they don't slow the rest of the group down.
SkiGamesPC 14 January 2020 05:47
Update v1.303:
  1. AI Hunter Fireteams For All
  2. Build categories on the sidebar now sort their items by the name that they show in the sidebar, not by the actual full name of the entity. Sometimes this is different, and it makes it hard to find things when it is.
  3. What factories are up to is now shown even on the brief tooltips, not just medium and up.
  4. Thanks to several players for suggesting this.
  5. Several improvements to what factories show when they have no work to do on various fleets.
  6. Put in some fixes to an exception that could happen in the mercenary code, and also made it more informative if it happens again.
  7. Thanks to Daniexpert for reporting.
  8. The "GAAAH! We have a command we need to execute during frame" error has finally been retired. Instead it now just executes the command late, which will be a desync in multiplayer that it can fix on its own. Better slightly late than never, in that case. In cases for single player it literally won't affect anything.
  9. Thanks to NRSirLimbo for the most recent report.
  10. AI Improvements And Related Fixes
  11. Some bugfixing/IQ enhancement for the AI. AI threat against players had a deplorable habit of not realizing it was supposed to be against the player, and getting distracted by any other minor faction in the game. This was A. making the AI threat not press home attacks and B. making the threat not join the threat fleet appropriately.
  12. From a discussion on discord with a number of people about why the hunter fleet seemed to be absent. This should be a big improvement.
  13. Fix a bug with assassin mode (aka fireteam) hunter fleets where they were using stale/invalid data to decide when to attack. This usually meant they would fling themselves onto your defenses with reckless abandon
  14. Fixed up a wide variety of places where RemoveEntity() was not being called properly when removing entities from a speed group.
  15. This should lead to more correct behavior in group-move for players, and probably it will help with exos and fireteams and whatnot that are also using speed groups.
  16. NPC/AI group move now works like it used to (more or less) prior to the player-specific group move enhancements. This keeps things like exos moving at expected speeds, for example.
  17. Several bugs were fixed in this whole area as well while we were at it, including some things getting left in groups they should not have, and overriding speeds being forgotten when a compound command was given to units that were already in group move, etc.
SkiGamesPC 15 January 2020 04:10
Update v1.304: So You Like Combat Engineers?
  1. The right hand chat/log window in the lobby is now hidden, since it isn't used for now.
  2. Thanks to Sounds for suggesting.
  3. Added a new setting to the performance section of personal settings: Enable Performance Logging
  4. Turning this on may hurt performance a bit, but not hugely so in most cases. It lets you then see a lot of information about how the game is spending its CPU time by right-clicking the timer in the bottom left of the main game view. Off by default, as it has no other purpose than that.
  5. Prior to this build it was always on. It wasn't a performance drain at all that we can tell, but it's worth being careful, and it was a source of some cross-threading issues which would give slight performance issues. But we can't detect even a 1% difference in general performance with this on, presently.
  6. Bugfixes
  7. Friendly nanocaust should now honor the 'dont kill command station' setting
  8. Thanks to Ovalcircle for reminding me about this
  9. Fix a typo that was causing the outguard to go through withdrawl
  10. Thanks to Ryulong for reporting.
  11. Some text editors put a shadow copy with .xml~ at the end, and that can be a problem for people who have files open to make tweaks (modding or development) while testing the game. It also can cause errors in the game if we accidentally push one out like that. The game now explicitly ignores such files.
  12. Put even MORE paranoid-style cross-threading protections in on FramePartTimings, since themouthofsauron reports still seeing a few of those in the very latest 1.303 builds. Our fixes in that build probably cut down on those, but clearly didn't eliminate them.
  13. Fixed a visual-only bug where factories seemed to be helping build for fleets when the factory was disabled or still self-building or similar. Especially if other factories were actually making progress on the same things the factory was ostensibly helping, it was confusing.
  14. Thanks to Daniexpert for reporting.
  15. Fixed a harmless but annoying exception that could happen as you exit the game or quit to the main menu in the last few versions.
  16. Put in some fixes for a cascade of errors that could happen from a fleet member's type being inexplicably set to null.
  17. Fixed a variety of places where the game simply being in the process of exiting could cause the game to log an error that was actually harmless and not something to log.
  18. Thanks to NRSirLimbo for reporting.
SkiGamesPC 31 January 2020 03:25
Update v1.320 Intelligence Intensifies
(Released January 30th, 2020)
"Teach a Man to Fish..." achievement is now properly triggered at Mark VII.
Thanks Rivet for reporting!
Fixed spelling of Megalodon achievement both in game and on Steam.
Thanks Ovalcircle for reporting!
Some nerfs to giant marauder empires; they could get a bit out of control, so fewer raiders overall now. Note that with fireteams the marauders are much smarter, so they don't need as many ships to still be effective
Fix a UI annoyance where the Techs That Upgrade This Ship were sometimes listed Weapon First and sometimes Hull First. Now it always lists the weapon first.
Thanks to Daw11 and Fluffiest for reporting
Fix a bug where Nanocausts could go after the player in the early game. You should now be safe from nanocaust incursions for the first 30 minutes
Thanks to Mayheim on steam for a report
Add some colour to the log messages about zenith trader and devourer
Exos of sufficient strength can now split that strength across multiple start planets; the smallest unit for a split is 40 strength. This should make defending against them more "Fun"
Suggested by Starkelp
Improve handling of the case where a dyson antagonizer can't find a planet to spawn on
Thanks to BinaryBlitz for the bug report
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