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Night Delivery v1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Night Delivery download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT PLAZA

Night Delivery — is a psychological Japanese adventure game horror. Note there are shocking scenes. Aesthetics of VHS film. VHS effects can be disabled in the settings menu. The aesthetics of VHS mimic the look of CRT screens, including traces of fluorescent screens and analog video leaks, VHS tape noise, unfolding, and jitter that add a sense of retro horror. Psychological fear: makes you feel that someone is behind you during the game. There are two limbs.

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CARRION v1.0.5.589 + Quality-of-life Update

Torrent CARRION download free pc
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CARRION — is a side-scrolling horror game that is bloody, brutal and very atmospheric. But you will play here not for an ordinary person fighting monsters, but just for that very monster. The events of the game unfold in the vastness of a laboratory, a research center, where your main character, a red monster with tentacles, was kept locked up and tortured for a long time. But now it’s time to take revenge — you escaped from the cell in which you were kept, and now in the role of a monster you must punish everyone who is here, and at the same time escape from the laboratory. Generally. get ready for a bloody mess and revenge.

This game has been updated 19-06-2021, 03:10 to the latest version v1.0.5.589 + Quality-of-life Update.

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Super Worldbox v0.9.1

Torrent Super Worldbox download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.9.1 TORRENT

Super Worldbox is a kind of god simulator. You can completely dispose of everything that is in this world. Create and do not hold back imagination. This is a kind of sandbox, try to observe the development of life. Populate these lands with any living creatures, wolves, humans, gnomes, and more. Then you can try to grow a powerful empire. The whole course of events depends only on you. Super Mirbox gives unprecedented opportunities. You can shed fire rain on the earth, summon giant worms, arrange bombing, do not deny yourself anything. It is possible to simulate various disasters that will fall on the heads of your wards.

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Revival Recolonization v0.2.182

Torrent Revival Recolonization download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.2.182 TORRENT

Revival Recolonization — is an atmospheric storyline 4X strategy, turn-based game in which you have to travel to the vastness of the Earth immersed in the apocalypse and try to restore it by bringing humanity back to its surface. Once upon a time a real apocalypse happened on Earth as a consequence of a global cataclysm. the few survivors hid underground for a long time, and only now decided to try to get out to the surface. Only on the surface everything has changed a lot. The world has changed, battles are going on everywhere, and only you can restore the former appearance of the Earth. But believe me, this will be a very slow process.

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Alchemist Adventure v1.0 - DOGE

Torrent Alchemist Adventure download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT DOGE

Alchemist Adventure — opening your eyes in an unfamiliar laboratory, you realize that you do not remember anything at all. You have to make a grand adventure through an abandoned but still full of danger region called Isur, reveal all its secrets and find out the dark secret of your past. During the journey, you will master secret alchemical knowledge that will allow you to combine the four elements into powerful potions fire, water, air and earth. By combining elements and adding different ingredients, you can easily overcome obstacles on your way: solve puzzles, freeze ponds, build platforms and fight monsters. Nothing in the lands of Isur will be an obstacle to your wanderings.

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Subnautica Below Zero v1.0 - CODEX

Torrent Subnautica Below Zero download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT CODEX

Subnautica Below Zero — a new addition to the famous role-playing sandbox. But this time you will travel not only across the endless underwater expanses, but also in the conditions of the Arctic cold, across the snowy plains, and not only. The main hero this time will not be a researcher named Riley Robinson, but a girl named Robin Goodall. The goal of the game will be to collect the wreckage of the Aurora ship, biomedical research, environmental conservation, exploration and collection of resources. Also in the game there will be an intrigue, a secret mission, about which the players will be told only during the passing game, and not at the very beginning. Otherwise, it’s still the same open-world role sandbox, in which you will have to spend an incredible amount of time exploring the surrounding world.

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Chased by Darkness Build 6880877 - Chronos

Torrent Chased by Darkness download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release Build 6880877 TORRENT Chronos

Chased by Darkness — the new cellmate brought with him the animal spirit. Two days after his arrival at the penitentiary, a mass suicide attempt was carried out, involving prisoners and prison staff. Authorities were reluctant to believe the victims reports of a supernatural force, but decided to evacuate the penitentiary until everything was clear. The prison warden called you, a clairvoyant, for help. Now you will need to perform a ritual to clear the prison and free it from the presence of Barkannan.

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Fishing North Atlantic v1.5.672.7730

Torrent Fishing North Atlantic download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.672.7730 TORRENT

In Fishing North Atlantic, climb back into the captain’s chair, this time in the majestic Canadian waters of Nova Scotia, battling the open seas across six realistic ports and fish habitats in search of ocean gold. Plan your fishing career for the whole yea: stand in the rain and snow, look for the best fishing spots, but make sure you don’t exceed your quotas. The new advanced artificial intelligence of fish requires the use of GPS and sonar to track the movement of your prey depending on the weather and the time of year. North Atlantic Fishing features a huge selection of 25 handcrafted boats, new weather systems with improved atmospheric effects and all new fishing methods such as harpoons and deep sea buoy fishing.

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Torrent WE ARE FOOTBALL download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT SKIDROW

We Are Football — is both another football manager and a project with its own original solutions. The player must penetrate as deeply as possible into all the subtleties of the football backstage in order to bring his wards to the heights of football Olympus. To bring your team to an absolute victory, you will have to make a lot of effort, to prove yourself at the same time as a competent tactician and strategist, and even a talented financier. Ultimately, the ward football club will have to solve any tasks assigned to it. And nothing can be done here by simple impulse. You will need to carefully plan your actions, not to make hasty decisions.

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Stormworks Build and Rescue v1.2.4

Torrent Stormworks Build and Rescue download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.4 TORRENT

Stormworks Build and Rescue is not just a simulator of a rescue service, it is a real, well-developed designer in which you personally will design tools to save lives. Lead the search and rescue service using your own designed and built cars. By water, land, or air — you must reach the needy and save them. An excellent block system will allow you to create sophisticated machines without special skills, which you can later check in different weather conditions. Stormworks: Build and Rescue boasts a dramatic simulation of a world in which the presence of natural disasters is much more than the norm.

This game has been updated 19-06-2021, 11:48 to the latest version v1.2.4.

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