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Night of the Dead v1.3.2.12

Night of the Dead free download torrent games pc
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Night of the Dead — is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game in which you play as a young girl Lucy, who has entered a world full of zombies and has only one chance to survive. It all depends on you, collecting resources, building your own defensive fortress. Once, scientists decided to conduct a terrible experiment, which led to the genetics of humanity, and the whole city turned into bloodthirsty zombies, except for one young girl who wakes up from terrible screams. The city is now dangerous, and in order to survive in it, you need to look for resources, craft unique weapons and build a fortress. This location, in which the player is located, is called isolated, and it is necessary to escape from it as soon as possible.

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Jupiter Hell v1.5a (Ancient Update) - RePack

Jupiter Hell free download torrent games pc
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Jupiter Hell is a role-playing game in the style of strategy, where you have to go on a short adventure and fight for your own life. You will go to a terrible world filled with dark shroud, where you will fight in bloody battles with a variety of monsters. In your hands is the fate of the column, which you need to save, gradually cleaning the territory from the creatures. This time, only one hero falls under your control, which gradually needs to be comprehensively developed and modified.

This game has been updated 16-08-2022, 14:41 to the latest version v1.5a (Ancient Update).

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Retrowave Build 8697536

Retrowave free download torrent games pc
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Retrowave — it is not clear for what reason, but several very similar games came to light. Moreover, they are similar both visually and gameplay — apparently the idea of a sports car leaving for sunset has visited the heads of many people at the same time. Power Drive 2000, Neon Drive, OutDrive, Retrowave and a few other small projects offer the player the same thing this is an endless trip in colorful scenery to great relaxing music, but nothing more. These games are only for relaxation, do not take them seriously. Moreover, the gameplay is endowed with four modes in each of which you will definitely be able to find something interesting for yourself. It is also worth noting the presence of musical accompaniment, which successfully complements the already crazy retro world. Pay attention to the development of your skills, because the further you get, the more difficult it will be to cope with the mission.

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Gordian Quest v1.0.21

Gordian Quest free download torrent games pc
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Gordian Quest — a terrible and ominous curse looms over the world, darkness reigns, monsters roam everywhere, armed bandits terrorizing civilians, the ideal time for the appearance of heroes has come. You need to lead a squad of heroes in order to try to save what is left of this fallen world and to destroy the source of evil. Again, the vile forces of evil decided to devour the peaceful lands of people, darkness descended on the continent, looters wreaked havoc in abandoned cities, deserters left the ranks of the army, monsters and critters rushed into a fierce attack, and the heroes who had hopes were preparing to return the battle. The gameplay combines the classic roguelike style, as well as a strategy in which you need to use a deck of special cards.

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Fashion Police Squad Build 9295259

Fashion Police Squad free download torrent games pc
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Fashion Police Squad — is a retro fashion police shooter. In Fashion Police Squad, the player will take control of a fashion police officer who must help people dress well. He does this using themed weapons like a sewing machine that shoots like a machine gun, or a shotgun that shoots persistent pigments. Each weapon is designed for a different task: for example, dull gray suits need to be repainted, and poorly fitted jackets need to be hemmed. This is implemented in the mechanics of classic shooters, but instead of killing opponents, players need to make them happier with the help of the available arsenal.

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Backpack Hero v0.24.7b

Backpack Hero free download torrent games pc
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Backpack Hero — takes players to a fantasy universe where they have to roam dark dungeons, collect rare items, fight enemies and complete various quests. The game is made in the roguelike adventure genre, where you have to explore the dungeons and upgrade your hero. The protagonist has a special backpack, where the selected items and elements of auxiliary equipment will be located, which will be useful in battle. In the process of passing it will be possible to meet more than 40 types of opponents.

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Forest Farm Build 9292737

Forest Farm free download torrent games pc
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Forest Farm — is a relaxing farming simulator with sandbox elements, where you will escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy simple gameplay. The small town is going through hard times: many plots have been abandoned, and the gardens are overgrown with weeds. You have to breathe new life into these lands, and for this you will have to arm yourself with shovels, rakes and axes in order to clear the territory and create a cozy, secluded corner with nature away from noisy megacities. Discover the open world of Forest Farm where you can do whatever you want. Starting from catching fish and growing food, and ending with the arrangement of your home. Build not just a small cottage, but a whole estate, where, in addition to the main building with beds, there is a place for pens with animals, as well as for gazebos or entire fields.

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Vault of the Void v1.4.76

Vault of the Void free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.76 TORRENT

Vault of the Void — is a card game, but at its core it can be described as a «no build decks» project as it works differently than most others. Rather than adding and removing cards from your deck as you progress, it encourages the player to use a deck of 20 cards throughout the game. However, you can trade cards in your backpack and deck anytime outside of combat. This allows you to shape your deck of 20 cards for the various encounters you encounter. Plus, you don’t have to worry about adding cards to your collection because you have the freedom to use or not use whatever you want.

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Ancient Cities v0.2.10.2

Ancient Cities free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.2.10.2 TORRENT

Ancient Cities — is a computer video game in the genre of economic and city-planning simulator, the events of which unfold in the distant past, where the user needs to take control of a tribe of nomads and lead them to antiquity through the neo-political revolution. Despite the fact that the game is still under development, strategy fans can’t wait for its release. The reason for this is a rather ambitious version in beta testing and an incredibly high level of detail and visualization. Interest is also added by the fact that a young team is working on the project, for which the video game will become a full-fledged debut, even the money for the development was taken from the fans.

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Bastide v0.4.3

Bastide free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.4.3 TORRENT

Bastide — is a city-building simulator set in the 13th. The player needs to monitor the life of a whole village of peasants and lead his city to prosperity, simultaneously fighting off bandit raids and protecting residents from hunger, cold and disease. In Bastide there is a change of day and night, as well as a seasonal cycle.

This game has been updated 15-08-2022, 15:45 to the latest version v0.4.3.

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