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SYNTHETIK 2 v0.8.0.107r

SYNTHETIK 2 free download torrent games pc
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SYNTHETIK 2 — is a direct continuation of the acclaimed original SYNTHETIK, created in the genre of action-adventure with elements of a twin-stick shooter and roguelike. Get ready to travel to a world that has been invaded by the brutal Legion of Machines. Try your hand at skirmishes of a completely different level and pump your hero without any restrictions in order to be able to resist even the gods themselves. You will have to surf the vast procedurally generated levels, where huge armies of various opponents, as well as powerful bosses will already be waiting for you.

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Vampire Survivors v1.2.106

Vampire Survivors free download torrent games pc
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Survival in the Vampire Survivors universe is based on minimalist gameplay where you have to move around the map and knock out as much gold as possible. The main task for the protagonist is to advance through the levels generated in the roglight style. You need to try to survive the night, fighting off monsters and higher undead. Vampires will hunt for the protagonist, not giving him the opportunity to rest at a halt or come up with a future plan of action.

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Tyrants Blessing Build 9567566

Tyrants Blessing free download torrent games pc
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The fantasy universe in Tyrants Blessing is under the yoke of a dangerous Tyrant who has led the world to war, suffering and death. Many inhabitants in the territory of Tiberias have turned into undead that attacks the last stronghold of mankind. Gamers will collect a squad of adventurers that is forced to destroy the uprising of the Dead Army. You will immerse yourself in a role-playing adventure game with roguelike elements, where battles take place in turn-based tactical mode. The people turned into zombies are now the slaves of the Tyrant, who are bound to him by the bonds of magic. To defeat the army of the dead, the last surviving warriors will have to push the opponent to the depths of the sea in order to destroy their commander in chief.

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Cultist Simulator v2022.11.m.2 + All DLCs - RePack

Cultist Simulator free download torrent games pc
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Cultist Simulator is a game project that is a pretty good representative of the world of simulators, where you have to take on the role of the occultist and go to the digital world of the board game to win by any means. Here you will learn an interesting story of the protagonist, who is the simplest fanatic who believes in not quite holy higher powers. The main goal is to make the right choice, each of which will, in this or that case, relate to adequacy or insanity. You will create various kinds of mechanisms that will help you more effectively achieve your goal.

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Generation Zero v2415920 - P2P

Generation Zero free download torrent games pc
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Generation Zero — a game in the open world about the invasion of cars, the events of which unfold in Sweden in the 80s of the last century. The game is created on the Apex Engine studio’s own engine, which will support the cycle of day and night and unsurpassed dynamic weather, complex AI behavior, ballistics simulation, highly realistic sound, and more. Hostile machines flooded Sweden, and you need to fight back to find out what happened. You can play alone or in a cooperative with three friends.

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Scythe Digital Edition v2.0.7

Scythe Digital Edition free download torrent games pc
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Scythe is a great real-time strategy game in which you will have to war hard in your alternate past, in the universe where the First World War has evolved from the ordinary into the mechanical. In this alternative universe, the world is blazing with the new rules. You will find yourself in the past of this universe, in the time interval between the First World War and the new, mechanical one. You will have to choose a side, lead one of the troops, and try to achieve peace by force, using the most advanced developments.

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Space Beast Terror Fright v62.1

Space Beast Terror Fright free download torrent games pc
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Space Beast Terror Fright — shows what happens when you mix a first person shooter and a roguelike. All cards are randomly generated. The process of creating a location can be influenced by various settings. If the character dies, the race must be restarted. Indie project allows 2-4 users to play together from one PC via split screen. You can also run with friends online or have fun alone.

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Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness v1.2.47 - GOG

Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness free download torrent games pc
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Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness — is a party RPG game based on classic old-school RPG mechanics: isometric camera, active pause, etc. The team can include up to 5 people. In this case, the campaign can be completed alone, traveling the world only as the main character. As in any well-developed and large-scale role-playing game, you have to complete many epic quests, pump abilities, choose a character class, and even build romantic relationships. The game takes place in the world of Ismerald. Suddenly, trouble comes when the goddess of greed Zornilsa strikes the whole kingdom with a curse. Only the hero and his companions are able to stop the world from the impending threat.

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Aquamarine v2.0.0

Aquamarine free download torrent games pc
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Aquamarine — is a sci-fi adventure game that tells of the adventures of an unknown traveler whose ship is wrecked in the vastness of a mysterious planet whose surface is completely covered by water. Try to find out as much as possible about the place where you are at the moment, avoid aggressive representatives of animal fauna, learn how to obtain the resources necessary for life, search for secrets, immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of an absolutely unfamiliar world and most importantly — throw all your strength into to find parts to help you bring your old spaceship back to life.

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Rogue Genesia v0.7.1.3b

Rogue Genesia free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.7.1.3b TORRENT

Rogue Genesia is a classic top-down isometric role-playing video game drawn in the spirit of the old-school hits of the last century. Roj’s protagonist is a lone knight-errant who has set himself the goal of helping ordinary people and fighting the forces of darkness that do not stop trying to conquer the entire universe. This time he will have to fight with huge hordes of undead and monsters that penetrate this world by the thousands and sweep away everything in their path.

This game has been updated 13-12-2022, 08:43 to the latest version v0.7.1.3b.

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