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Learning Factory v0.16.109

Learning Factory free download torrent games pc
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Learning Factory is a mixture of strategy and simulator, a game in which you have to do unrealistically important research, the purpose of which is to test cats and try to find out what they all want. Cats, like pets, are popular all over the world, but no one could ever understand what these animals really want. He asks to open the door, you open, and she asks to close, and all that sort of thing. Well, it’s time to put an end to all of this. Try to find out what cats want, raise them and study, analyze, and try to find the answer to this difficult question.

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Lost Eidolons v1.01.01 Build 10042715

Lost Eidolons free download torrent games pc
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Lost Eidolons — is a tactical RPG game that lets you plunge into the world of dark fantasy. The action is made in a step-by-step style. Actions develop in a world called Artemesia. The main role is the adventurer Eden. He, along with a small detachment, is trying to fight for the free future of the empire. During the game, it is allowed to switch between turn-based combat and NPCs in order to think over the strategy and try to find a way to outwit the opponent.

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Root Build 9652584

Root free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 9652584 TORRENT

Root — is a turn-based strategy card game with nice graphics and the ability to play competitively in online or local mode. The action takes place in a magical forest. The board game of the same name was taken as a basis. An excellent adaptation with good graphics and mechanics awaits you. The plot of the game fades into the background, forcing the player to concentrate on battles and seizing the forest. Behind the pile of awards, under which Root is buried, in fact, is a fairly simple and understandable game about control over territories, the plot seed will double your liking if you love the Redwall cycle or, for example, the computer game Tooth and Tail since childhood. The armies of the Marquis de Cote entered the forest.

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Caves of Qud Build 10070826

Caves of Qud free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 10070826 TORRENT

Caves of Qud is a fascinating and interesting «bagel» with text graphics, in which the player is mainly invited to play in the world after the apocalypse. You are waiting for battles with opponents, craft, weapons and much more. Well, it’s worth starting with the fact that the graphics in this game are really textual. Here you will not see realistic characters or beautiful animation, as you will not see and high detail. But the game as a whole is very diverse and is able to give at least a dozen of the most interesting game hours. Here you will be able to make war and heartily, and fight with numerous opponents, and build something, and even create a perfect being from your hero, mutated into different creatures as you progress through the storyline.

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Magenta Horizon Act 01 v2022.12.03

Magenta Horizon free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Act 01 v2022.12.03 TORRENT

Magenta Horizon — is a 2D platform game with elements of hack and slash. The game is inspired by such cult projects as Devil May Cry and Hollow Knight. The main character is a reaper named Gretel. Events develop in the afterlife, reminiscent of purgatory. The story begins at the moment when, after 200 years of exile, the soul of Archibald awakens. The protagonist will have to send the villain back to the sarcophagus so that he does not climb out of his afterlife for several more centuries.

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Severed Steel Build 10032371 - GOG

Severed Steel free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 10032371 TORRENT GOG

Severed Steel — is a new first-person shooter with frozen time effects and stylish gunfights. Unique feature of Severed Steel is the main character named Steel. Steel lost her hand shortly before the events of the game began. The huge corporation EdenSys, responsible for her injury, did not give her any help and just left her. The plot of the game campaign is built on two points of Steel’s thirst to take revenge on the guilty and the release of other victims of EdenSys. The idea of the lost hand was formed after a long reflection on the game mechanics. The one-armed hero who cannot recharge anything has allowed the creation of many unique game mechanics.

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Tiny Rogues Build 10032139

Tiny Rogues free download torrent games pc
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Old-school roguelike Tiny Rogues has pixelated graphics and design for video games that were developed for 8-bit consoles. The picture is simplified as much as possible, but the gameplay does not suffer from this. As part of the passage, the user is required to clear 10 floors of a certain tower, which is completely filled with monsters. They are divided into ordinary mobs, as well as bosses. The last ones in the game are 19 and each has a unique attack animation. To defeat them, you will have to select individual tactics for each. Before starting the passage of Tiny Rogues.

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Technicity Build 9995746

Technicity free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 9995746 TORRENT

In the game Technicity, the gamer gets at his disposal 384 sq. km. territories where you can build a city, pave roads, set up parks and create infrastructure. Is it easy to be a designer, surveyor, architect and builder all rolled into one. The player will have the opportunity to test these professions on personal experience. And also drive a bulldozer or a crane, take aerial photographs from a drone or drive a sports car along new, newly laid tracks. You can build residential buildings of different heights cottages or skyscrapers. Factories, factories, shops are available for construction, both for the civilian population and for industry.

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FOREWARNED free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v44.1 TORRENT

FOREWARNED — is a cooperative horror game for up to four people. Together with friends, you need to explore the Egyptian ruins. Taking on the role of archaeologists, you will need to descend into the bowels of ancient treasures to find valuable artifacts and relics. The setting of the game is entirely devoted to the ancient Egyptian theme. Events unfold in the Sahara Desert. A group of talented archaeologists are in search of the burials of wealthy Medjays powerful warriors of the priest Kharkhuf. As the legends say, his entourage went mad, starting to sow death. People, in order to protect themselves from the threat, lured the Medjays into the tombs and locked them forever inside. Descending into the tombs, do not forget that the legends may turn out to be true.

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Indoorlands v1.1.4f1

Indoorlands free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1.4f1 DIRECT LINK TORRENT

Indoorlands — you build and manage an indoor amusement park to lure visitors. Unleash creativity and make sure that your guests always have something to do, build attractions, various shops, decorate the territory and much more. In Indoorlands, create and manage your own indoor amusement park and lure visitors with individually designed halls and attractions that you can manage yourself. Will you manage to surpass the needs of your visitors. You are the boss unleash your creativity and create your own personal park that will completely immerse your guests in a different world. Build, expand and manage your own fleet. Take on the challenge and gradually unlock different types of halls, attractions, decorations and shops.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 10:42 to the latest version v1.1.4f1.

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