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Element TD 2 v1.1 - PLAZA

Torrent Element TD 2 download free pc
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Element TD 2 — is a tower defense, the gameplay of which is based on the elements of Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature and Earth. Combine elementals with each other and create killer chains of attacks that can defeat any enemy. The gameplay is packed with real-time strategy mechanics and offers the kind of replayability that a tower defense game is capable of. Build your own base, choose a style of play and create combinations of attacks to defend against attacks from the enemy. Fight against the forces of darkness, eager to take over the planet, using the power of the elementals of nature. Show worthy resistance and bring order and peace to the kingdom. There are leaderboards showing your personal achievements, comparing with the best results of other players.

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Dead Hospital v1.0 - PLAZA

Torrent Dead Hospital download free pc
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Dead Hospital — the protagonist is a patient, coming to consciousness after a long coma, he does not know, does not remember his name or how he got here. All around is darkness and the frightening silence of the hospital. The horror of this story begins with the first minutes of finding at least some clues. There are no people, only darkness, silence and a small flashlight. Search all the rooms, find the reason for the disappearance of people. Unravel the mystery of the dead hospital, find the code that will help you open the exit door. Find a way out and do not die, remember that behind every corner there is something terrible.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 v1.03 - FLT

Torrent Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.03 TORRENT FLT

Project Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, is an action-shooter with stealth elements, realistic physics and a first-person camera view. Take on the role of the Reaper once again an expert sniper who kills for money. Travel to the Middle East and immerse yourself in a captivating storyline campaign as you send your bullets across incredible distances. Your sphere of activity will extend to the territory that is located near the borders of Lebanon and Syria. You are faced with an almost impossible task to liquidate a criminal group and make its leaders answer for all their dastardly deeds. For the first time in a series of games, you will have to shoot at distances exceeding 1000 meters! This adventure will push all the boundaries of the possible plunge into the most realistic and difficult challenges.

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Summertime Madness v1.0 - CODEX

Torrent Summertime Madness download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT CODEX

Summertime Madness — is a first-person adventure that invites you to visit a surreal world as an artist who has made a deal with the devil himself. The hero was trapped in one of his paintings. He has to go the hard way through his masterpieces to find his way to the real world. If he does not cope with the task, then his soul will be forever stuck in his own created worlds. The gameplay consists entirely of exploration mechanics. Visit a variety of locations created by the artist’s imagination. Each painting in Summertime Madness is imbued with a unique style and color palette that showcases the wonders of the artistic style. The visual performance is represented by low poly graphics.

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Maid of Sker v20210429 + FPS Challenge Modes - CODEX

Torrent Maid of Sker download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v20210429 + FPS Challenge Modes TORRENT CODEX

Maid of Sker — is a first-person horror adventure set in a mystical estate. The game is based on the true story of Elizabeth Williams. She fell in love with Thomas Evans, a musician and also the main character of the game. The events unfold in 1898 inside a real mansion, which stands to this day and is considered one of the most visited in Great Britain due to the abundance of ghosts. Evans' task is to free his beloved. An interesting storyline with different endings awaits you, as well as opponents who are especially sensitive to ambient sounds.

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Lumberjacks Dynasty v1.03.1 - CODEX

Torrent Lumberjacks Dynasty download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.03.1 TORRENT CODEX

Lumberjacks Dynasty — you can build your own empire around an exciting resource in the form of wood. Forests full of trees are waiting to be cultivated, harvested and turned into various products, all for the prosperity of your business. You begin your journey in the seedy lumberjack camp that you inherited from your father. A ton of work awaits you there from the repair of your house, as well as the camp of the lumberjacks themselves, the receipt of an old sawmill, and all this felling trees, transporting them to the factory and subsequent processing of wood.

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Mad Devils v1.0.4 - CODEX

Torrent Mad Devils download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.4 TORRENT CODEX

Mad Devils — is a game where players control the Mad Devils, a team of elite soldiers sent on a mission to stop the manic Major Strauss and foil his plans to summon an army of demons to turn the tide of World War II against the Allies. They have failed. Dead, defeated and damned, they regroup in the underworld to close the demon portal on the other side and save the world. Mad Devils can be played solo with an AI partner or co-op, online or locally, with players building and controlling a six-member Mad Devils team. Demolitionists, snipers, commandos and many more, these hell-mutilated heroes fight with hellish firearms and new-found demonic forces against the inhabitants of hell and a battalion of damned Nazi soldiers.

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Call of the Sea v1.4.1.0 - CODEX

Torrent Call of the Sea download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.1.0 TORRENT CODEX

Call of the Sea — is a vibrant adventure game that takes you back to the 1930s in the South Pacific. Call of the Sea offers to unravel the mysteries of the uninhabited island where the remains of an ancient civilization were found. The heroine Nora sets out on a dangerous adventure to find her missing husband, who has made an expedition to these distant and forgotten lands. The road leads her to the lost island, where the story begins.

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Escape the Ayuwoki v1.5 - CODEX

Torrent Escape the Ayuwoki download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5 TORRENT CODEX

Escape the Ayuwoki — is made for scary story buffs. It so happened that all remotely located mansions are potentially a hotbed of horror and nightmare. In this game, your task is to try to leave the damned place as soon as possible. Be patient, arm yourself and test your nerves for strength. The authors tried to do everything to great scare you. Escape the Ayuwoki surprises and perplexes the enemy, it is not just a monster, demon or fiend of hell. A creature resembling either the king of pop music or a hysterical woman will stand on your way. Explore all corners, here you can turn around to lovers of wandering around.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 09:30 to the latest version v1.5.

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Viking Vengeance Update 11 - CODEX

Torrent Viking Vengeance download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Update 11 TORRENT CODEX

Viking Vengeance — is an isometric RPG adventure with colorful special effects and a Scandinavian setting. A feature of the gameplay is a huge amount of action with violence, bloody streams everywhere and a variety of combo attacks, both mass destruction and pinpoint. An advanced physics model allows you to achieve realistic behavior of surrounding objects, falling corpses and breaking things. The single-player storyline campaign of the game «Viking Revenge» can be played in one of three classes, which can be modified by the discovery of divine powers. To get an avatar of Odin, Loki or Thor with their unique skills, you need to conduct prayer rituals in honor of one of them. To unlock the new abilities of the deities, the gamer needs to find figurines and runestones. These mechanics allow you to make each playthrough different from the previous ones and increase the level of replayability.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 09:25 to the latest version Update 11.

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