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Gedonia v0.28e

Torrent Gedonia download free pc
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Gedonia — before you is a classic role-playing game, made in accordance with old-school elements. It presents an amazing open world to explore. You can download Gedonia torrent on our online portal for free. You will have to play as a treasure hunter. You can upgrade your character, engage in battles with dangerous opponents and reveal the secrets of this fantastic world. A new amazing world with different secrets is waiting for you. Since you play as a character who left his native land and went towards adventures. In the course of the game, different fractions will be available to you, each of them has its own characters, abilities, missions and stories. But you need to be very careful, because strange events are happening around: something very evil is trying to get into this world.

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Computer Tycoon v0.9.6.0

Torrent Computer Tycoon download free pc
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Computer Tycoon — have you ever dreamed of becoming a leader in a company that is actively involved in IT technology? Yes, it is in such companies that computers are created, various scientific discoveries are used, and there is the opportunity to just have a good time, enjoying the favorable atmosphere and the opportunity to personally manage the IT area. It is in this game that you will be given the opportunity to occupy such a high post and try to create a unique and powerful computer. True, we have to try hard, since such technologies require constant updating and have great competition.

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Mad Devils v05.03.2021

Torrent Mad Devils download free pc
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Mad Devils — is a game where players control the Mad Devils, a team of elite soldiers sent on a mission to stop the manic Major Strauss and foil his plans to summon an army of demons to turn the tide of World War II against the Allies. They have failed. Dead, defeated and damned, they regroup in the underworld to close the demon portal on the other side and save the world. Mad Devils can be played solo with an AI partner or co-op, online or locally, with players building and controlling a six-member Mad Devils team. Demolitionists, snipers, commandos and many more, these hell-mutilated heroes fight with hellish firearms and new-found demonic forces against the inhabitants of hell and a battalion of damned Nazi soldiers.

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Remothered Broken Porcelain v1.3.9 - SKIDROW

Torrent Remothered Broken Porcelain download free pc
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Remothered Broken Porcelain — is a standalone add-on and extended version of the first-person horror adventure Remothered: Tormented Fathers. The game will add new plot twists, animated videos, new interesting characters, mechanics, and more. The game’s plot revolves around 15-year-old Jennifer, who is trying to escape the horrors that take place at the Ashmann Hotel. The sequel to the horror horror film Remothered Broken Porcelain, offering players new gameplay mechanics and story elements that will take players even deeper into the eerie adventure. Explore extremely unpleasant places and use everything you can to distract enemies and evade them. And do not forget that to survive, you need to take a strategic approach, as well as stock up on various resources.

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Blacksmith Legends v0.2.3

Torrent Blacksmith Legends download free pc
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Blacksmith Legends — is a mixture of strategy, RPG and blacksmith simulation, a game in which you have to forge weapons, develop a workshop, complete quests and do much, much more. The game takes place in a fantasy medieval world, and the plot revolves around a young heir, whose role you just play. You have to inherit a workshop, become a blacksmith, and try to make a name for yourself, to gain respect and fame that the protagonist’s parents only dreamed of. But don’t think it will be easy. This is not an easy business, and you will have to develop it in very difficult times, so prepare for the worst.

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Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master v0.9.3.2

Torrent Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master download free pc
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Ideal game adventures are those where you can fully realize your potential and do not limit yourself to actions. Download torrent Legend of Keepers Career of a Dungeon Master What game, what do you have to do? Just to observe and make a choice in terms of support. Battles in the game take place between heroes and monsters, and which side to take is up to you to decide. No consequences, surprises or endings, you can freely manipulate the situation and indirectly influence the whole environment in order to gradually achieve a good result. Your main weapon will be tactics and the ability to set a variety of traps. The dungeon is your battlefield and it is up to you to decide who will survive here and who will «sink into oblivion.» The main thing is to enjoy the gameplay and understand why you will construct all available dungeons.

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Xenonauts 2 Beta 18.1

Torrent Xenonauts 2 download free pc
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Xenonauts 2 — the second part of a tactical role-playing game in which you have to manage an organization fighting against aliens. You will face opposition to alien technology, the creation of a powerful squad, battles and tactical battles. In the story, the game affects the events unfolding against the backdrop of the Cold War in 1979. But in this alternative universe, the United States and the USSR do not fight, but unite, and not just like that, but to fight aliens who have already launched an invasion as such. You, the player, have to create a powerful espionage organization, which is entrusted to the last to defend the Earth and fight the alien invaders. At your disposal will be everything you need, including the most modern at the time technology, weapons, and of course, human resources.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:35 to the latest version Beta 18.1.

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ICBM v1.0.8 (Night Map) - SKIDROW

Torrent ICBM download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.8 (Night Map) TORRENT SKIDROW

The project, called ICBM, is a real-time strategy game with elements of a tactical simulator and a Cold War theme. Get ready to master new technologies of warfare, accumulate nuclear resources so that you can later use them for powerful missile strikes against your opponents and do everything in order to win swift victories. Choose one of the continents of our planet that you want to take control of and get ready for the impending nuclear confrontation. Your task is to destroy all your opponents completely and irrevocably, while avoiding attacks in your direction.

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The Eternal Cylinder v2021.02.17

Torrent The Eternal Cylinder download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2021.02.17 TORRENT

The Eternal Cylinder — is an adventure-style game where the user can visit an alien world. It is completely different from the things people are used to impossible forms of life, a huge number of threats, as well as a unique structure. The player must act as the commander in chief for a number of creatures. They are the weakest representatives of life on this planet, which must be fought against. During the game, you will have to improve them in every possible way, absorbing enemies. Ultimately, they can be transformed into huge monsters, with a new appearance and abilities that will help in solving the tasks set by the game.

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Universe Sandbox 2 Update 25.2 - SKIDROW

Torrent Universe Sandbox 2 download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Update 25.2 TORRENT SKIDROW

Universe Sandbox 2 is a solar system sandbox simulator. In fact, this game is an excellent educational tool in which the player can change almost any parameters of the solar system. This approach not only attracts, but also clearly demonstrates how balanced our solar system is. What will happen to the Earth if you remove the moon? What if the sun goes out? How does our planet behave, if you change its orbit? Or maybe you want to push the asteroid Apophis to the Earth? This game allows you to simulate hundreds of different options and clearly observe it. This approach allows for the shortest time to understand many physical principles and get great pleasure from it.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:19 to the latest version Update 25.2.

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