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Circuit Breaker v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Circuit Breaker download free pc

Circuit Breaker — is a turn-based strategy game in which the player is forced to use the help of different audiences and their unique abilities to reverse the course of the battle in their favor. Take control of a beginner by entering each track and battling many different types of opposing robots. The ability to properly position yourself on the field and know when to use the power of each audience will be the key to victory in the professional league Circuit Breaker. As you make your way through the Chains, you will receive powerful improvements that will help you defeat the stronger opponents you will meet on your way through different levels of the League. Unlock new ways to navigate the map, improve your existing abilities.

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Phantom Brigade v0.12.0

Torrent Phantom Brigade download free pc
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Phantom Brigade — is a turn-based strategy science fiction game. The action takes place in a country that has been the victim of a massive invasion by a foreign power. The enemy forces defeated the army and began the occupation. We’ll have to act as the commander of the resistance, trying to reclaim their homeland from the invaders. The player spends most of the time commanding units of small mechs and completing dangerous missions in a turn-based system. Each of the combat vehicles can be extensively modified, ranging from weapons, armor and ending with mechanical parts and camouflage models. All of these aspects are important for combat effectiveness.

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Hammerting v0.11.12.0

Torrent Hammerting download free pc
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Hammerting — is a strategy game with elements of a colonial simulator. Run a dwarven mine located in the Mara Mountains. Hammerting takes place in the Big World, suffering from years of war. As a gnome, you need to forge weapons, explore the surrounding lands, engage in battles with the enemy and provide weapons to the allied forces. Together you have to win a long-term war and bring peace to the kingdom. Manage an entire gnome settlement, expanding the mine and digging deep into the earth. Gathering resources, forge legendary equipment, find golden halls and become famous throughout the kingdom. A bloody war is going on on the surface of the earth.

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Okinawa Rush v1.1

Torrent Okinawa Rush download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v1.1 TORRENT

Okinawa Rush — is a platformer and RPG in one. The project is especially attractive due to its graphic implementation through the pixel graphics of the 90s. After all, it’s no secret that for several years now, deliberate imitation of retro has aroused keen interest and not only from the players of the old generation. The game is quite capable of intrigue and interest young gamers. Especially if they like a fighting game with platformer elements. The passage provides for both single and cooperative missions. Smooth graphics, high-quality animation are noted. The atmospheric sound component also plays a role. However, the most interesting thing here is still the opportunity to fight with opponents, along the way developing your characters and adding new skills to them. The pumping can be done along different lines.

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Boomerang X Build 7561562 - CODEX

Torrent Boomerang X download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 7561562 TORRENT CODEX

Boomerang X — is a next-generation action game for Nintendo PCs and consoles with its own unique aesthetics, game mechanics. The necessary atmosphere is added by the graphic component, soundtrack. The local world, although fascinating, is filled with dangers and offers the player a lot of unforeseen situations. After all, you need to figure out what kind of whisper and other sounds come from under the ground. It builds up terror, spreading in the depths of primeval forests. Black streams cut through the stones and threaten to spread to the whole world. This must be prevented. But first, to figure out what it is, in fact.

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Per Aspera v1.5.0.14137 - PLAZA

Torrent Per Aspera download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.5.0.14137 TORRENT PLAZA

Per Aspera — is a sci-fi building strategy set on the Red Planet. You have to play as a superintelligent artificial intelligence named AMI, whose main task is to terraform Mars until its surface becomes suitable for human colonization. Explore the planet, apply various technologies, mine resources, conduct experiments and confirm or disprove hypotheses, as well as overcome multiple obstacles to make the dream of humanity come true. The cosmic expanses are so vast that they offer mankind an almost inexhaustible place for colonization. True, there is one problem — in order to organize a normal existence in the vastness of space, one has to take advantage of completely new and interesting opportunities offered by the powerful artificial intelligence. As you might have guessed, you personally have to manage it.

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Growbot v1.0 - DOGE

Torrent Growbot download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT DOGE

The robot is trying to save its home station from dark crystals that are destroying everything in Growbot. Point-and-click adventure tells the story of a heroine named Nara, who grows different types of plants and flowers in space. The robot flowers have an unusual appearance. Illustrator Lisa Evans and musician Jessica Fihot complement the playful atmosphere with their creations. Nara is a bizarre mechanical creature with a transparent cap on its head with a hamster-like creature inside. The body of the mechanism is small, but the heart is large, so it treats each individual plant with trepidation. The heroine finds herself on a space station, where she can fully realize her love for flowers and, in the process, hone her own skills to become a captain.

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The Mortuary Assistant v1.1.0 (demo)

Torrent The Mortuary Assistant download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1.0 (demo) TORRENT

The Mortuary Assistant — after graduating from the morgue, you enrolled in the River Fields morgue. Over the past few months, you have spent many hours helping Mortikov to perform daily tasks, as well as learning all the intricacies of the embalming process, as well as how to properly treat and care for the deceased. During your stay in River Fields, you heard rumors of families bringing their deceased loved ones who were believed to be possessed or otherwise related to paranormal phenomena to this particular morgue to bury them.

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Hacker Simulator v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Hacker Simulator download free pc

Hacker Simulator a game in the genre of a simulator that will allow you to gain maximum experience on the topic of hacking, so you can better understand some of its aspects of hacking. For your business to work, you need to remain anonymous on a regular basis, hiding behind various Wi-Fi networks. To do this, you will learn how to use the famous toolkit called Aircrack-ng. Much research has been done to offer you some of the most realistic hacking techniques, such as brute force, exploits or even phishing. You will learn a lot during your adventure, but you will also learn that evil is associated with risk. The networks you explore will be protected, and Wi-Fi connections will be monitored, which requires more attention.

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Steps From Above v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Steps From Above download free pc

Steps From Above — survival experience and fascinating history. You play as a man who searches for his missing dog, which then leads you out of someone else’s house. Do you have everything you need to survive. Some say it’s instinct, let’s see. The character you play suffers from low blood pressure, if it is too strong, he will faint. Exciting experience, realistic graphics and sounds will provide a complete immersion that will keep you in shape, a sense of presence at every step you take. The levels of each level are more difficult than the previous ones. Find and use items that will help you on the path to freedom.

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The name of the indie game comes from the Indie game, which in turn is short for independent video game. And such a name has developed not just so, because these games are made by independent developers. What is their independence, you ask. And the fact that indie game developers are independent in all directions. Usually such games are made either by a single developer or a small group. At the same time, the development uses own funds or funds raised through crowdfunding. This means that the money of the company issuing the game is not attracted, therefore there are no restrictions. Usually large game publishers invest big money in the development of a mass product and impose special requirements on the game. Indie game developers are free from such requirements and restrictions. They are free to do whatever they want.

Indie games can be called unusual. And it is not just like that. Due to the fact that developers do not have much funding, they are limited in the graphic component of the game and therefore most often such games with pretty simple graphics. But in order for the game to be atypical and stand out among others, the developers make the game unusual due to the innovative gameplay, the introduction of unusual graphic elements and creative approach. The fewer developers involved in the game, so it is more special. Therefore, everyone who wants something unusual, we offer to download indie games through torrent on PC. The main thing is that they are available free of charge. Although indie projects do not invest a lot of money, but still they are sold for money and sometimes for very big money.

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