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Gravity Heroes Build 6267147 - Chronos

Torrent Gravity Heroes download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 6267147 TORRENT Chronos

Gravity Heroes — is a 2D dynamic shooter in which the human race faces a synthetic threat. The main character enters into a difficult fight against robotic invaders using weapons and gravity control. It is necessary to find out the reason for the unexpected uprising of the machines. The campaign consists of 15 action-packed levels. It is necessary not only to destroy opponents, but also to collect various bonuses located in locations. Since the protagonist controls the force of gravity, battles will take place on the ground, walls and ceilings. Gravity Heroes gameplay allows you to enlist the support of three more friends and go on an adventure together.

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Dark Fracture Prologue v2.1 (demo)

Torrent Dark Fracture download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Prologue v2.1 (demo) TORRENT

Dark Fracture — is a simulation and survival game developed by Twisted II Studio for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, indie, adventure, horror, psychological horror, survival horror, simulator, action, first-person, research, supernatural, gloomy, atmosphere, psychological, survival, early access, surrealistic, solutions with consequences, thriller, mystery. One night, working on a creepy night shift, due to a chain of unfortunate events, Edward remains alone and in the dark. And it seems that gradually the world around him begins to change. Maybe it’s just his mind playing jokes with him. Is this nothing more than an illusion of a sick mind. Or perhaps something darker scratches his heels, threatening to drag him into the depths? We hope that you will understand this before he makes a fatal mistake.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:56 to the latest version Prologue v2.1 (demo).

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Creeper World 4 v1.3.6

Torrent Creeper World 4 download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.3.6 TORRENT

Creeper World 4 — the eternal reaper of galactic empires is back. Witness the huge waves of Creepers flooding three-dimensional terrain in this real-time strategy game, where the enemy is liquid. Build your economic base with energy and minerals. Gather your strength and fight with vines on all fronts when they flood and fill the map. Take your height on your own to avoid creepers as the waves crash around your base. Increase line of sight and range on high ground, but beware of air units. And, if you hold out long enough, launch an orbital weapon and inflict crushing blows on the enemy.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:51 to the latest version v1.3.6.

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Becastled v0.1.23

Torrent Becastled download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.1.23 TORRENT

Becastled — is an indie real-time strategy game that has been created over a long period of time due to the many changes that the developers have made. The game uses a standard isometric camera for the genre, which allows you to see all the controlled territories and instantly react to events both in peacetime and during military operations. The project has only a single-player mode with a built-in list of achievements, in which awards are given to the gamer for certain successes during the passage.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:59 to the latest version v0.1.23.

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Elderborn v19.05.2020 (Permadeath) - CODEX

Torrent Elderborn download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v19.05.2020 (Permadeath) TORRENT CODEX

Elderborn — get ready to enter into a very unpredictable and deadly battle with various monsters, each of which wants to kill you. You will fight them with a wide arsenal of weapons: two-handed swords, bows, spears, axes, hammers, and much more. Do not forget to use the shield, because there will be a lot of opponents. The game itself is a killer first-person action game, created by all the standards of classic role-playing video games. Here you also have to go to the dungeons, and fight against skeletons, the living dead, vampires, and other dangerous creatures. The main feature of the game is a diverse and dynamic gameplay that will allow you to fight with several opponents at the same time. And all this brutal musical accompaniment will improve, because during the game high-quality rock compositions will be played.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:45 to the latest version v19.05.2020 (Permadeath).

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RetroMania Wrestling Build 6285064 - Chronos

Torrent RetroMania Wrestling download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 6285064 TORRENT Chronos

RetroMania Wrestling — is a sequel to the cult game Wrestlefest, which was released back in 1991. The gameplay is a dynamic wrestling game featuring detailed 2D character sprites and animated backgrounds. In fact, before you is a simplified version of the fight without rules, balancing on the verge of a simulator and an arcade. The roster of wrestlers consists of 16 unique athletes, each of whom has an individual style of fighting and differs in appearance. Available as a single story campaign, and the ability to play in multiplayer matches for up to eight people. The game features several modes: one-on-one, team tags and battle royale.

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HROT v0.3.0

Torrent HROT download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.3.0 TORRENT

HROT — is a single-player game project developed in the style of a first-person shooter in which we plunge into a world mired in the aftermath of a terrible disaster. Travel to the past, namely to 1986, where you will face numerous obstacles and try to dispel the darkness in the country. The player is invited to play the role of the main character — a brave and fearless soldier who is ready to go to any lengths to save the world. You have to explore numerous locations, extract valuable resources, develop skills, and fight those who dare to get in the way.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:18 to the latest version v0.3.0.

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Hellish Quar v0.2093

Torrent Hellish Quar download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.2093 TORRENT

Hellish Quart — is a realistic fighting game where users will be able to immerse themselves in the historical atmosphere. Exciting confrontations and well-developed physics of movements are waiting for you, which will add realism to the events taking place. Your hero, a brave warrior, sets out to meet exciting adventures and battles with many opponents. You get a fairly extensive combat arsenal, from which everyone can pick up weapons to their liking. Fight enemies and put your skills into practice, making combinations of dangerous blows. Destroy all rivals on your way, earning experience points.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:06 to the latest version v0.2093.

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Deep Rock Galactic v1.33.49660.0 - CODEX

Torrent Deep Rock Galactic download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.33.49660.0 TORRENT CODEX

Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi shooter about space gnomes who will go on a meteorite and take part in adventures that will leave their mark on your memories for a long time. Space gnomes with cool weapons and incredible abilities, monsters and mutants, a cooperative mission mode, several specialization classes to choose from, a wide range of weapons, destructible environments and insane atmosphere — all this is not a complete list of the advantages that belong to this game.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:46 to the latest version v1.33.49660.0.

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Mighty Fight Federation v1.0 - CODEX

Torrent Mighty Fight Federation download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT CODEX

Mighty Fight Federation — is a bright and dynamic fighting game in which you have to use a variety of combo attacks, launching opponents into the air, throwing them from a height and knocking out all the crap out of them! Fight in different arenas, choosing from 13 unique fighters, each with their own unique fighting style and individual characteristics. Fight one on one, or join forces to arrange a team batch. A special feature of Mighty Fight Federation is the Hype mechanic, which allows you to deliver crushing blows, carry out a chain of attacks or dodge without taking damage. The Hype Energy Bar is represented by three parameters: Breaker, Cancel, or Agiotage Factor. Breaker allows you to interrupt even the most deadly enemy combination.

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The name of the indie game comes from the Indie game, which in turn is short for independent video game. And such a name has developed not just so, because these games are made by independent developers. What is their independence, you ask. And the fact that indie game developers are independent in all directions. Usually such games are made either by a single developer or a small group. At the same time, the development uses own funds or funds raised through crowdfunding. This means that the money of the company issuing the game is not attracted, therefore there are no restrictions. Usually large game publishers invest big money in the development of a mass product and impose special requirements on the game. Indie game developers are free from such requirements and restrictions. They are free to do whatever they want.

Indie games can be called unusual. And it is not just like that. Due to the fact that developers do not have much funding, they are limited in the graphic component of the game and therefore most often such games with pretty simple graphics. But in order for the game to be atypical and stand out among others, the developers make the game unusual due to the innovative gameplay, the introduction of unusual graphic elements and creative approach. The fewer developers involved in the game, so it is more special. Therefore, everyone who wants something unusual, we offer to download indie games through torrent on PC. The main thing is that they are available free of charge. Although indie projects do not invest a lot of money, but still they are sold for money and sometimes for very big money.

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