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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed v1.2a

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed free download torrent games pc
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Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed — is the return of a funny alien who wants to take revenge on all the inhabitants of the earth. A pinch of madness and a bit of junkie action just makes this game all the more appealing. She tries little to explain and in general there is no need for this, the main thing is to destroy as many people as possible, while visiting a variety of countries and cities. The protagonist Crypto is a resident of a distant planet who has previously flown to Earth. But the KGB destroyed his ship, which made the alien very angry, because he arrived with peaceful intentions. Last time, he managed to escape from the enemy planet, but his plans were to return again with the perfect plan for revenge. In order to implement it, he obtained a probing license, which gives him the ability to make grabs and assaults. But, as it turned out, not only he laid eyes on human settlements.

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Space Tail Every Journey Leads Home v1.0.1a - GOG

Space Tail Every Journey Leads Home free download torrent games pc
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Space Tail Every Journey Leads Home is an adventure platform game with 2.5D graphics. The player will have to navigate through various planets and interact with extraterrestrial civilizations. The gameplay is focused on the narrative part, where you will constantly need to get acquainted with new characters and learn their secrets. The journey will begin with the first achievements in the conquest of space, when animals were sent to the stars. In the center of the plot is a dog named Bea, who managed to exceed all the expectations of people by sending her into space. The protagonist travels through space, reaching new planets and exploring them.

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Steelrising v59726 - Goldberg

Steelrising free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v59726 TORRENT Goldberg

Steelrising — shows what would have happened to France if history had developed in a different direction. The game takes gamers to an alternate Victorian world with cyborgs. Outwardly, they look like porcelain dolls that come to life from a bygone era. The plot is dedicated to the theme of the revolution. King Louis XVI is the main antagonist in Steelrising. The ruler acquired an army of steam-powered robotic automatons and with their help organized a real terror of his subjects. The inhabitants of Paris, where the main events are developing, are tired of such power and staged a rebellion. Users are on the side of the rebels, controlling a character named Aegis.

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One Mans War Build 9824877

One Mans War free download torrent games pc
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One Mans War an interesting top-down strategy game that lets you show off your skills on the battlefield. Use the entire arsenal of your character. Chiu fought against the Yellow Emperor in nine battles and nine victories. The Yellow Emperor recruited monks from all over the world, but few of them responded. To avoid loss of life, you fight alone. Bullet shooting, talent combination, 3D horizontal version of the scene. The game is currently being developed by a single player.

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Bravery and Greed v1.00a

Bravery and Greed free download torrent games pc
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Bravery and Greed — is a new project from Team17 and Rekka Games studio. The developers will twist the usual schemes of a heroic adventure. Perhaps, but with selfish interests. The naive plan captivated the Amazon, the warrior, the rogue and the sorcerer heroes with unique fighting styles. Now they are waiting for enemies, dungeons, bosses and the runes themselves with aspects of Life, Darkness, Chaos, Order. Each hero can choose an aspect to develop to their liking, following the quest goal without chivalry. In addition to the obvious story co-op for 4 players, the developers promise a horde mode, free runs through procedurally generated dungeons and arena battles. Battles against friends are promised in team and solo versions.

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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit Build 9943767

The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit free download torrent games pc
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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit is a one-man Brazilian studio. My goal is to create an immersive and relaxing experience that can touch the mind and soul of players. From religion to philosophy and more, subscribe to my developer page to see my other games. Embark on this beautiful and short tale set in the Ancient East, with point-and-click elements and a soundtrack that follows the story. A simple tale that you will never forget. Short game about 1 hour of gameplay. Not too difficult for those who like a smooth experience. A beautiful soundtrack that changes with the player’s transformations.

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EDENGATE The Edge of Life Build 9650169 - DOGE

EDENGATE The Edge of Life free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release Build 9650169 TORRENT DOGE

EDENGATE The Edge of Life is a project developed in the horror genre, where all actions will take place from a third-person perspective. Play the role of a young girl who devoted most of her life to science. For a long time, she was very involved in the study of all kinds of technologies and her own developments, so much so that she completely did not notice the strange events taking place around her. This led to the fact that you were kidnapped and now you find yourself in the vastness of an abandoned hospital, from which it is not possible to get out.

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Somerville Build 9936725

Somerville free download torrent games pc
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Adventures in Somerville are filled with the atmosphere of a sci-fi setting, where the main character is a young man. The protagonist is forced to go to the rescue of his family, which gets into trouble. Players will roam through a platformer that combines a variety of casual gameplay elements, where you have to advance through levels and cope with landscape obstacles or spatial puzzles. The game is an adventure game in which you need to follow the visual narrative and fulfill the conditions at each location in order to advance.

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Pentiment Build 9889388

Pentiment free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 9889388 TORRENT

Pentiment stands out for its 2D hand-drawn graphics with an author’s style. The design imitates illustrative manuscripts, tapestries and old paintings. The game takes gamers to Germany at the beginning of the 16th century. The plot tells about the adventures of Andreas Mahler. This is the name of an apprentice artist whose friend was accused of murdering a prominent man. Deciding to prove his innocence, the hero decides to conduct his own investigation, relying on his willpower and intelligence. The protagonist also willingly undertakes to investigate other cases. But his main quest is to help a friend and bring the killers to clean water. In the course of achieving this goal, the main character will have to face conspiracies.

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TERRACOTTA v0.31.4 (Build 9926692)

TERRACOTTA free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.31.4 (Build 9926692) TORRENT

TERRACOTTA is an adventure in the setting of Ancient China, where there is a place for magic and mythical creatures. This project offers to solve dozens of complex puzzles related to interaction with the environment, as well as the study of the local mysterious world, where you can meet and explore the Great Wall of China. The gameplay takes place in two-dimensional drawn locations with a top view, however, in some moments the action is carried out in an isometric display. The plot is based on the legend of 8,000 terracotta figures of warriors, which were created at the behest of the Chinese emperor to protect the lands.

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