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The Wild at Heart Build 9953252

The Wild at Heart free download torrent games pc
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The Wild at Heart — is an adventure in a unique style. Visually, the game is made quite in the original manner. We will be transported to a mysterious, hidden kingdom where two children fall. Different magical creatures will meet on the way, we will walk through the dark forests and we will be able to find out an interesting story. Explore this amazing place, try to bring together these cute magical creatures. Here you can find a lot of useful items. All this should be selected in order to make improvements and create new designs.

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Terror of Hemasaurus v1.11 - GOG

Terror of Hemasaurus free download torrent games pc
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Although Terror of Hemasaurus is made in a modern way, there are still notes of old projects. The plot is quite simple users get control over a huge monster, which has set itself the goal of destroying humanity. And he does not have a single reason to refuse, because people are hardly capable of opposing something. The story begins in 2030 in Oslo, when the monster first comes into contact with the human race. The two-dimensional design of Terror of Hemasaurus perfectly complements the gameplay.

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FALLING OUT Build 10008300

FALLING OUT free download torrent games pc
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FALLING OUT — Take control of two random adventurers as you explore ancient kingdoms, carefully uncovering treasures, traps, and encountering the equally lost shopkeeper Azar. Collect items to craft strange weapons and useful items to help you travel the world on this impromptu adventure. It was supposed to be a holiday, but ditch the route because now you’ll have to choose your own path. Navigate procedurally generated levels that offer the perfect balance of risk and reward. Help Giorgio and Felicia overcome their differences and work as a team in a single or co-op game. No matter how you play, you need to work together to overcome unique obstacles and challenges scattered around the world.

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Afterparty Build 8011672

Afterparty free download torrent games pc
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Afterparty is a very unusual adventure quest in which you will go to Hell where something strange is happening. Here the fire is everywhere, as expected, the demons and traits, but they all drink and drink a lot, and, moreover, the most powerful alcohol. In the story you will play for a girl and a boyfriend, bosom friends, who at one time loved to go to all sorts of parties and get drunk. But the sudden accident caused both of them to die and end up in Hell. Naturally, they immediately began to look for a way back to the world of the living, but as it turned out, you can only get back in one way. And this way is to compete with the Devil himself.

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Caves of Qud Build 9976045

Caves of Qud free download torrent games pc
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Caves of Qud is a fascinating and interesting «bagel» with text graphics, in which the player is mainly invited to play in the world after the apocalypse. You are waiting for battles with opponents, craft, weapons and much more. Well, it’s worth starting with the fact that the graphics in this game are really textual. Here you will not see realistic characters or beautiful animation, as you will not see and high detail. But the game as a whole is very diverse and is able to give at least a dozen of the most interesting game hours. Here you will be able to make war and heartily, and fight with numerous opponents, and build something, and even create a perfect being from your hero, mutated into different creatures as you progress through the storyline.

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Paper Cut Mansion v1.6 - GOG

Paper Cut Mansion free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.6 TORRENT GOG

Paper Cut Mansion — is a roguelike with high replayability, in which gamers not only have to die, but will want to, because each death will allow you to learn more about in-game mechanics and discover new gameplay features. After each death, the virtual one will constantly change — the locations are generated procedurally, and therefore the user will never meet a single similar area. This adds complexity, because in this case it will not work to prepare for an unexpected skirmish.

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Sackboy A Big Adventure Build 10009103 + DLC - FLT

Sackboy A Big Adventure free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 10009103 + DLC TORRENT FLT

Sackboy A Big Adventure is the fifth spin-off of the LittleBigPlanet series. It was originally a console exclusive. The title was later ported to PC. The PC version boasts support for DLSS and ultra-wide screens with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The game is capable of 120 FPS at 4K. The port also includes all additional content previously released on consoles. In addition, it has bonus costumes. You can play with keyboard and mouse or gamepad. In addition to the single, there is a network multiplayer with additional levels created specifically for it. The video game itself is a three-dimensional family platformer with a fabulous atmosphere and a low entry threshold. The title is divided into several thematic parts, which consist of many cards.

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Overhaul Build 9880556

Overhaul free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 9880556 TORRENT

Overhaul — choose the direction of the story in this fairly fast-paced roguelike-style puzzle game. Try to outsmart strange creatures and explore the mysterious power plant. This game combines fast action and logical thinking at the same time. The protagonist is Ikali, who goes to the power plant to restore electricity to his village. But only there were hostile and mysterious creatures. That is why try to solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible, dodge enemy attacks, collect the necessary items and avoid all dangers. Gradual improvement of the hero by collecting energy in a special Well. Ability to combine different items to explore their interactions. A hand-drawn 2D world and a dull, melancholy atmosphere.

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The Mystery of William Moore Build 9978137 - DARKSiDERS

The Mystery of William Moore free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release Build 9978137 TORRENT DARKSiDERS

The Mystery of William Moore — is a first-person detective adventure that invites you to go to your mysterious grandfather’s house and try to find a secret car and blueprints in it. Considering that grandfather was an inventor and designer, you will face a lot of puzzles. Just do not rush too much, because you need to take into account a large number of various nuances, try to find clues and even prepare for dangerous traps. Almost every element of the house, furniture and other items are interconnected and can be used to solve a variety of problems. Grandfather was extremely smart and was able to connect a large number of different.

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Amid Evil v2425 - Razor1911

Amid Evil free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2425 TORRENT Razor1911

Amid Evil is an adventure game that will send you to enchanting battles in the vast fantasy world. The game immediately consists of seven different episodes, each of which has prepared for you a lot of surprises and exciting tasks. Each part of the game has a different setting and enemies, which will make your walkthrough more diverse. The souls of the dead will help you reload one or another magical weapon, which you will then use to exterminate a huge number of supporters of enemy power.

This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 02:59 to the latest version v2425.

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