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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild v1.5.0 / v208 + DLC 3.0 Pack + Cemu v1.22.7

Torrent The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild download free pc
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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild PC free download torrent

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild — takes you to a magical world called Hyrule. Here, after 100 years of sleep, an ancient evil awakens, capable of interrupting the idyll forever. It all began over a thousand years ago, when the blue aura of the powerful artifact Shyik protected the universe. Suddenly she was weakened and a certain monster, which was nicknamed the Disaster of Ganon, invaded and almost finished the conquest begun. He was banished for millennia, but the antagonist returns. Through incredible trials, Princess Zelda uses her magic blade to defeat her opponent and briefly trap him.

Centuries pass and the monster finds a way to get out. Only now no one is ready to confront the threat. The main character named Link wakes up unconscious and meets the Sage, who asks the protagonist to save everyone from death. This can be done only by finding that legendary blade, because only with its help there is a chance to defeat such a powerful creature. The gameplay of the game The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild provides absolute freedom of action. The virtual universe is simply huge, and no one bothers to enter any of its areas whenever the user wants to. Many quests can be passed in different ways without problems, and even objects, like an ordinary shield, which serves for protection, are quite useful as a snowboard.

Weapons in the course of constant confrontations will wear out and break. Since there is a scale of endurance, it is not worth hitting endlessly, otherwise there will not be enough strength for the whole battle. It is also worth dodging in time otherwise, a couple of jabs and the character is corpse. There are also various kinds of barrels near the bases of enemies — sometimes it is better to blow them up and quickly destroy the group than to go head-on. It is worth actively using the trick secretly plant bombs and detonate after a provocation.

About The Game

Key Features

  • Based on The_Legend_of_Zelda_Breath_of_the_Wild_REPACK_EUR_WiiU-VENOM scene release: v-tlzbwr.wud (25,025,314,816 bytes)
  • Update v1.5.0/v208 (2.93 GB) and DLC 3.0 pack (2.1 GB) installed over
  • Shaders Cache with 9675 entries added; this one severely improves game perfomance and decrease lagging
  • Latest graphics packs and tweaks downloaded and can be activated in Cemu settings
  • 100% Lossless, but NOT MD5 Perfect: content of all files is identical to originals after installation, but files themselves are not bit-perfect: most of them were recompressed (losslessly) for better repack size
  • Japanese voiceovers has been returned, game resources losslessly recompressed
  • Selective download feature: you can skip downloading and installing of voice packs you don’t need. Japanese voiceovers are included by default
  • Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from cumulative 28.3 to 5.7~6.4 GB, depending on selected components)
  • Installation takes 20 minutes on 8-threads CPU; ~30 minutes on 4-threads CPU
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • HDD space after installation: up to 17 GB (~18 GB during installation)
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
  • Language can be changed in Cemu settings (Options → Console language), audio language can be changed in game settiings. For keyboard controls see mapping in Cemu options

System Requirements

Cemu Wii U emulator:
Operating system: Windows 7 (x64) or higher
OpenGL 4.1 or higher
Installation path: without Russian letters!

For a comfortable game:

Processor: Intel Core i9-7980XE 5000Mhz
Operative memory: 32 Gb
Graphics Card: GTX 750ti -2 Gb
Hard disk space — at least 23 Gb
Management: it is recommended a gamepad!


Screenshot The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild PC Game free download torrent Screenshot The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild PC Game free download torrent Screenshot The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. At the first stage, you need to download the installation files of the game.
  2. After downloading, run the installation file «[gamename].setup.exe», follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  3. Specify the location on the hard drive where the game will be unpacked.
  4. After the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop.
  5. Everything is ready, we click twice on the label of the game, profit.

Download The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild v1.5.0 / v208 + DLC 3.0 Pack + Cemu v1.22.7 [ 6.4 GB ]

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  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild → v1.5.0 / v208 + DLC 3.0 Pack + Cemu v1.22.7 [ 12.03.2021 ]
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