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Blue Time — in front of you is an adventure game with a third-person view in which the game will control robots with artificial intelligence. The storyline is quite commonplace, but at the same time, perfectly implemented gameplay is able to bring this project to the level of good games. Take control of a robot that was previously sent to outer space in search of new civilizations, find a new home for humanity. The history of the game, begins from the moment that mankind used all the earthly resources, life on his native Earth, became almost unrealistic. To continue the struggle for life, people invented robots with artificial intelligence, sent them to conquer new planets, in search of a really good planet that could be colonized.

NOTES. Due to the amount of changes and new content, we decided to make a new standalone.

About The Game

Key Features

The gameplay in this game is not so complicated, and does not offer anything unusual or complex. But at the same time, the game is still addictive. In the third-person view mode, you will fight with numerous enemies in the vast expanses of different locations, travel in time, switch between eras by pressing just one button at any convenient time, solve simple physical puzzles, and complete tasks on which the fate of mankind will depend and the whole future world.

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5 6500
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980TI
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 19 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i7 7700
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 19 GB available space


Screenshot Blue Time PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Blue Time PC Game free download torrent Screenshot Blue Time PC Game free download torrent

Gameplay Trailer

How to Install the Game

  1. To start, you need to download the game files.
  2. Then, unpack the archive with «WinRar» or an analog.
  3. Mount the resulting image in the «UltraISO» program.
  4. Install the game, agreeing with the installation wizard.
  5. Copy the contents of the folder «PLAZA» to the folder with the game.
  6. Lock the game folder in the Windows firewall.
  7. Play!

Download update only: Blue.Time.Update.3-PLAZA [ 702.2 MB ]
Download update only: Blue.Time.Update.2-PLAZA [ 1.7 GB ]
Download update only: Blue.Time.Update.1-PLAZA [ 1.8 GB ]

Download Blue Time v24.08.2020 (The Mines) - PLAZA [ 12.5 GB ]

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Game updates:
  • Blue Time Update 3 → The Mines [ 24.08.2020 ]
  • Blue Time Update 2 → Update 3 [ 10.05.2020 ]
  • Blue Time Update 1 → Update 2 [ 03.05.2020 ]
  • Blue Time v1.0 → Update 1 [ 26.04.2020 ]
  • Blue Time → v1.0 [ 15.04.2020 ]

This game has been updated 24-08-2020, 07:47 to the latest version v24.08.2020 (The Mines).

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Comments 2

SkiGamesPC 26 April 2020 14:11
Update 1:
bjectives Menu now loading correctly with selected objective turning yellow.
Objectives reload when player spawns.
Objectives turn to Completed Status in Menu when Completed.
Added extra text to sections in Tutorial level
Target Practice shooting of targets added to Tutorial Area.
Time Slow Mechanic added and explained in Tutorial Area.
Tutorial Area has demonstration A.I robot performing the Time Travel Jumps just after the player first finds the Time Machine to Help explain how the Mechanic works.
Main Menu's Delete Save Function now also reset current players variables.
Hub World / Kepler - Known Bug of enemies de-spawning know has a workaround and enemies now appear.
Drone robot now explodes when touching water and returns control to player robot.
Returning to player will now also cause the drone robot to explode.
Player can respawn drones at shop after a drone has exploded.
Drone explosions have blast radius and will cause damage to any robot within radius.
Projectiles from enemy robots will now harm player.
SkiGamesPC 3 May 2020 09:34
Update 2:
A.I behaviour changed to allow enemy's individual inputs and outputs. Easier for player to hack older slower robots and harder for the future robots. Delineates robots to class and model. Will allow for infighting in future updates.
Added material detected footstep sounds to characters. Player can now hear others walking around.
Added new character type with new ability.
Modified attack so player can now be grabbed with instant death as a consequence.
Projectiles damages modified for balancing.
Adjusted project details to display correct information within windows and display correct icon.
Adjustments to level design in Pegasi.
Pegasi: Elevator replaced to allow time travel bypass of area.
Pegasi: Level added Mini Boss to area.
Pegasi: aligned Past and Future level sections in certain areas better to avoid player falling out of bounds.
Pegasi: Added extra objects to level so player can complete tasks and return to Kepler / Hub World.
Drones no longer placed in random location. Stores added to generate Drones as needed.
Collision in Tutorial area modify so player can no longer float on top of trees.
Fixed known bug of projectiles calling destroy function after being destroyed causing massive dips in FPS.
*Fixed known issue in A.I behaviour of A.I still controlling components after health of a robot reaches 0.
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