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BPM Bullets Per Minute Build 6189448

Torrent BPM Bullets Per Minute download free pc
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Rhythmic shooter BPM Bullets Per Minute, which develops from the first person. Actions will take place in randomly generated dungeons, where every missed note is fatal. The essence of the game is reduced to a dance sequence of enemy attacks, which you must intercept and destroy opponents. A musical rhythm shooter in which your goal is to get to the end of a randomly generated dungeon, collecting various weapons, abilities and items as you progress. You also need to defeat 7 bosses and get to the final one. Each boss moves and attacks in a unique way, so you must learn to adapt to each of them if you want to succeed. A dynamic first-person shooter in which the player hunts demons in dark dungeons. The player controls a powerful Valkyrie, capable of repelling the forces of the underworld from the invasion of Asgard. The actions of the character and enemies are tied to the rhythm of the music. Dungeons are randomly generated. Abilities and items will change with each new run.

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Wastenauts Alpha v0.23.622

Torrent Wastenauts download free pc
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Wastenauts — is a collective map collector that tells you what the robot apocalypse has given you. Grab your friends, jump to the surface and hit as many cars as you can to rent this month. Dungeon Crawler dressed as a card game. Take on the role of a mercenary loser and explore the logs filled with boots, equipment and tons of scrap metal. Your unlocked cards are tools that you will use to get to the boss. Unlock and improve power ability maps, drawing maps to create as a last resort, and add-on maps to increase your stats.

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Riverbond v0.88

Torrent Riverbond download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v0.88 TORRENT

Riverbond is a fairly dynamic and fun game project that was designed in the style of action. The game world is as charming and fantastic as possible, where you will not be bored. On your way you will meet a lot of rivals who need to be overcome in any possible way. You will assume the role of a brave hero who takes responsibility for the lives of the inhabitants of a small settlement. Peaceful lands flourished and nothing foreshadowed trouble, as at one moment an eerie.

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The Deep Deep v28.02.2021

Torrent The Deep Deep download free pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v28.02.2021 TORRENT

The Deep Deep — is an interesting blend of genres such as 2D side-scrolling platforming and Dungeon Crawl with tactical combat. The events of the game take place in underground caves and catacombs, and you will have to manage a squad of gnomes. Their underworld fell after being taken over by the armies of orcs and goblins. The heroes remained the only defenders of the kingdom, the last chance to revive and acquire their former greatness. However, for this you need to go through many dangerous places and destroy all enemies in your path, including the military leaders. The game has a very exciting plot, which will be interesting to watch.

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Majikoi Love Me Seriously v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent Majikoi Love Me Seriously download free pc

Majikoi Love Me Seriously — the past will hinder, and his strange promise to become the leader of the country so that he can marry a girl named Momoyo. She loves Yamato as a brother, but nothing more, and it gnaws at the soul of the protagonist, and the girls are generally carried away by the pretty girls of the academy. And now new romantic relationships are beginning to develop between them, which are intertwined with the fight against terrorism, because in this game the military lags far behind the fighting clans of Japan, which have vast experience in hand-to-hand combat and spiritual practices. The same Momoyo can regenerate and destroy entire buildings, and all thanks to mystical practices to use the power of nature inside the body.

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Persona 5 Strikers v1.0 - Goldberg

Torrent Persona 5 Strikers download free pc
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Persona 5 Strikers — is the epitome of Japanese pop culture at its best. Surprisingly, bright, noisy and in no way similar to the works of mass culture in America and Europe. It all starts with an attempt by the Phantom Thieves to have a good time on school holidays. But soon the will of chance brings friends with the actress Alice, who deceives the random townspeople into her own otherworldly world, where her victims are deprived of their innermost desires. Thieves fought with such dishonest citizens in the previous game. We again go to the Metaverse, where our students become powerful heroes. There we also meet a new team member named Sophia, and she, for a minute, is an artificial intelligence with amnesia and agrees to settle in the smartphone of the protagonist, Joker. The game’s plot is perhaps the strongest part of Persona 5: Strikers. There are questions for the mechanics, but the story will certainly captivate you.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:49 to the latest version v1.0.

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Children of Silentown v0.6.0

Torrent Children of Silentown download free pc
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Children of Silentown — is an indie adventure game with a huge number of challenging puzzles blocking the way further through the locations to progress through the storyline of the single-player campaign. The feelings of the main character, a little girl named Lucy, are perfectly conveyed through both dialogues and sound design, and a visual series created by hand in a cartoon style, in which all the characters have white, large eyes without pupils. The creators have extensive experience in developing projects in a similar subject, which allows you to be confident in the quality.

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Lovecraft Tales v03.02.2021

Torrent Lovecraft Tales download free pc
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Lovecraft Tales — history based on the famous Danwich horror H.P. Lovecraft, with a pinch of eldrich monsters and primordial evil. Nightmarish atmosphere, fast platforming. Stealth mechanics. Clever riddles and puzzles to solve them. Rich knowledge of Lovecraft. Four chapters. Unique artistic style. Wilbur Watley is the name used to describe the otherworldly monster that lived among humans. After the infamous Salem witch trials, three families moved to what is now Danwich Bishops, Watley, and Sawyer. Two of them hid a terrible ancient secret. Yog Sotot knows the gate. Yog Sotot is the gate. Yog-Sotot is the key and guard of the gate. Past, present, future all in Yog-Sotota. Danwich has a monster, a creature from the darkest depths of human nightmares. You, and only you, Professor Armitage, can solve this horrible mystery.

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Torrent TOHU download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.0 TORRENT SKIDROW

TOHU — is an action-adventure game from an independent development studio, featuring vibrant visuals based on hand-drawn art and quirky animations. The music for the story campaign was recorded by award-winning Christopher Larkin. This project is executed in the «point-n-click» genre, which makes attentiveness, perseverance and curiosity important skills for a gamer. The scene of action will become outlandish planets inhabited by representatives of fish and other inhabitants of the sea. The main heroine of the story is a young girl who has a friend in the person of a mechanical creature named Kubus.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:35 to the latest version v1.0.

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GunSoul Girl v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Torrent GunSoul Girl download free pc

GunSoul Girl — is a shooter and action game developed by MoeGame for the PC platform. This is a first person shooter in which you will accompany a young girl, challenge all kinds of secrets, get weapons, destroy polluted enemies in secret. Unblock memories. There will be a black screen when loading the scene. Please wait, be patient. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime, and the following features can be distinguished nudity, adventure, sexual content, first person shooter, shooter, first person, zombie, action, indie casual game, combat for one player, anime. You will have access to such game modes as for one player.

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Is there anyone who does not like adventure? Whether it’s a movie, a book or a game — fans of this genre will always be very much. The reason lies in the fact that without adventure our life is boring and monotonous. Coming home after a difficult day, you can always relax in a comfortable chair in front of the computer monitor. You only need to download adventure games through the torrent, and then immerse yourself in the world of adventure that will swallow you whole.

Adventure Games PC download torrent

On the site we have collected a unique selection of games about the adventures of a variety of characters. You can become a professional burglar and thief in Thief: Master Thief Edition. Only you will be able to perform the most difficult tasks. Before you will shy and tremble. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of divination, where bright colors and exciting adventures will take you beyond reality!

Have you loved the exploits of Spider-Man since childhood? But do you know how difficult it was to get your attention. He had to overcome a lot of obstacles, come together in a fight with the most formidable opponents. Download the free adventure game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and you will feel what it means to be a superhero when only the fate of all humanity depends on you.

Well, or maybe you like solving difficult tasks and puzzles, then for you we have the game Heart of Darkness: The Legend of the Snowy Kingdom. Free the princess from the clutches of the wily sorcerer. Solve the intricate puzzles, collect all the necessary items, and you will definitely reach the victorious end!

These and other games you can find on our site in the section «Adventures». Here we have collected only the best that is on the Internet. Download adventure games on your computer you can absolutely free of charge and without registration. You do not need to send paid SMS messages, and you will not be bothered with pop-up advertising banners. We took care of our users in advance and protected them from unnecessary information, which can distract them from the most important thing — finding an exciting game.

Download adventure games quickly and conveniently

A user-friendly interface will help you to find what you want without excessive red tape. All that is required of you — go to the site, select a section and download games on the PC in the genre of adventure. Our site does not contain unnecessary information or useless functions. Strictly laconic design will not distract you from its content, which you very soon will be able to appreciate.

Each file has a short description, a cover in high resolution, video and system requirements, as well as recommendations for installation. In addition, you can read reviews of other users, or leave your own comment about the impressions received from the game.

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