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No Place Like Home v0.15.100

Torrent No Place Like Home download free pc
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No Place Like Home — is a post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG with elements of a farm simulator in which you will find yourself in the role of one of the last people left on the trash-littered Earth. Humanity filled up the Earth with garbage and went to Mars. There are only a few people left. Clean up the environment and gather resources. Find new furry friends and robot allies. Rebuild your village and environment, and build your own farm on Earth as there is no place like home.

This game has been updated Today, 04:51 to the latest version v0.15.100.

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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth v4.0.2 (Repentance) - PLAZA

Torrent The Binding of Isaac Rebirth download free pc
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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth — is based on the original game and all the add-ons, while including new locations, characters, enemies, bosses and items. The plot, as before, is based on the biblical story about Abraham and Isaac. The graphics have been slightly reworked and some visual styling and engine tweaks have been made to make the gameplay feel smoother and more enjoyable. The game now has 4 heroes: Azazel, Eden, Lazarus and the Lost. Azazel starts with small sulfur. Eden can start the game with random characteristics. Lazarus has two lives, and the Lost one opens only after certain conditions are met.

This game has been updated Today, 11:43 to the latest version v4.0.2 (Repentance).

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TerraTech v1.4.8.3 + DLC

Torrent TerraTech download free pc
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TerraTech — designer sandbox in which the player creates their own machines to fight with the machines of the enemy. Your task is to collect resources, but the problem is that not only you are going to do this. That is why you need to create the best mechanism that will give you an edge over others during a battle. A flexible, but not complicated construction system allows you to create everything you want. During the battle, with the destroyed enemy, you can pick up valuable details, and then apply them in their designs. From what will be your car, will depend on the style of play. You can create a fast fighter, which will crumble after a serious hit by the enemy, or you can create a bulky tank that will be targeted from a distance.

This game has been updated Today, 05:00 to the latest version v1.4.8.3 + DLC.

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A Jugglers Tale v14.05.2021 (demo)

Torrent A Jugglers Tale download free pc
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A Jugglers Tale — is a gripping adventure where you will learn the story of an unfortunate puppet doll. Abby performs at the circus, but she is held captive here. During the day, the girl entertains the audience, and at night she yearns alone in a cage. Once she managed to escape from the circus, and now your heroine finds herself in a cruel world. Here cruelty and wars reign, and there is no place for a fragile ballerina. You need to help your heroine find her true destiny and try to cut the threads leading from her arms and legs somewhere high into the sky.

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ShootOut(SystemD) v0.9

Torrent ShootOut(SystemD) download free pc
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ShootOut (SystemD) — is a third-person shooter with roguelike elements. Fight against raiders, rescue prisoners and unite them into your team. Develop your ship and increase your power with the help of looted treasures. In the 22nd century, the remains of the 21st and even the 20th centuries are still preserved. But the 22nd century came with a revolution of its own interstellar travel. Humanity is now in the process of colonizing a completely new world. You are a space scavenger who plunders abandoned space stations.

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BloodRayne Terminal Cut v14.05.2021 (Ultimate) - CODEX

Torrent BloodRayne Terminal Cut download free pc
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BloodRayne Terminal Cut — is a remaster of the cult game about the adventures of the beauty dampier Raine. The game has acquired high-resolution textures and support for all modern operating systems. The events of the game are transferred to the 1930s and start from the swamps of Louisiana, where the heroine is trying to hunt down the most dangerous Nazi Jurgen Wolfe, working for the Brimston organization, which exterminates evil spirits. The girl is assisted by operative Means. The campaign consists of three acts Mortton, Louisiana, Argentina, and Nazi Germany. The protagonist is entrusted with the case for the reconnaissance of the plans of the Gegengeist Group.

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Severed Steel v13.05.2021

Torrent Severed Steel download free pc
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Severed Steel — is a new first-person shooter with frozen time effects and stylish gunfights. Unique feature of Severed Steel is the main character named Steel. Steel lost her hand shortly before the events of the game began. The huge corporation EdenSys, responsible for her injury, did not give her any help and just left her. The plot of the game campaign is built on two points of Steel’s thirst to take revenge on the guilty and the release of other victims of EdenSys. The idea of the lost hand was formed after a long reflection on the game mechanics. The one-armed hero who cannot recharge anything has allowed the creation of many unique game mechanics.

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Running With Rifles v1.84 - PLAZA

Torrent Running With Rifles download free pc
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Running With Rifles — is an arcade action game that sends you to battle with many rivals. The view will be on top, which gives you the opportunity to take control of the whole situation. Here you have to be very brave to emerge victorious from the next merciless and enchanting battle. You will take the command of a whole army of soldiers, which as you progress will be in every possible way to improve. It is necessary to carefully scramble the tactics of action, that in battle you will not lose your fighters.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:29 to the latest version v1.84.

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BloodRayne 2 Terminal Cut v14.05.2021 (Ultimate) - CODEX

Torrent BloodRayne 2 Terminal Cut download free pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v14.05.2021 (Ultimate) TORRENT CODEX

BloodRayne 2 Terminal Cut — is a re-release of the cult game about the sexy dampier Raine. The game has been adapted for all modern systems, the engine has been significantly improved and textures in high resolution have been added. The beauty sucking blood is back on your monitors, only getting better over the years. Dampirs are creatures born of the union of a vampire and a human. The events of BloodRayne 2 are carried over to our time. Rain is a member of the secret organization Brimston, which is engaged in the extermination of all evil spirits on the planet. The heroine is trying to find her father, Lord Kagan, in order to avenge his mother’s murder.

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Paint the Town Red v0.14.3 r5406

Torrent Paint the Town Red download free pc
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Paint the Town Red is a rather positive, humorous, killing game. Mad battles with a mass of blood await you, where you will do your utmost to destroy as many square-headed men as possible. You will play the role of a certain boxer who urgently needed money. He decides to join a gang of criminals who are engaged in dark affairs. And now, the day has come a new job. It seemed, everything would be simple, but suddenly something went completely differently as planned, and you reveal yourself as a person. Now you must find any way to save your life, because there are crowds of rivals everywhere. There is complete chaos, including hitting an ax in the head or the separation of limbs. You can do anything by trampling your enemy right into the ground. Collect various murder weapons, which may even be an ordinary pole or stool, by location.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:23 to the latest version v0.14.3 r5406.

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Action Games PC is a group of computer games in which the events of the virtual world unfolds instantly. Such a genre like those gamers who like to make tactical decisions quickly and immediately move on to their immediate implementation. The success of the mission here depends on the speed of the player’s reaction and the degree of his concentration on the process, because the actions in the action are developing very dynamically. We need to think through each of our moves in accordance with the current situation. As a rule, such games provide complete freedom of movement of the character. He can shoot weapons, run, crouch, jump on obstacles, look out from around the corner, evade the enemy’s bullets and much more. If you have not yet done this genre, download the action and be sure to try it out.

The genre of action appeared in 1978 with the release of the blockbuster Space Invaders. Since then, more active games have begun to appear. In 1979, Asteroids released, and in 1980 the famous Pac-man. After this, one after another, new arcades begin to emerge, creating a reliable basis for future action. In 1982, Robotron appeared: 2084, she started the shooters, which are also part of the action.

First they were installed on special gaming machines with movable pistols connected to the PC. The pistols had to be aimed at the screen on which the virtual opponents were moving. A little later, there are games for game consoles, among them the most popular are: Contra hard Corps, Vectorman, Tin head, Mortal Combat.

Of course, modern action games on PC are very different from them. Today they often come into contact with other genres. What is worth only Gta, which gave fans a whole world in which you can travel by car, swim, fly on airplanes, shoot from different weapons, get up tricks on a motorcycle and much more.

Action Games on PC is the best way to relax

Games of this genre will be a wonderful end to a busy day. In this virtual world you can arm yourself to the teeth and finally let off steam. Opponents in the action can be very diverse, here everyone chooses whom to fight: enemy spies, terrorists, aliens, creepy monsters or mystical dishonesty. In this world, you can overcome any obstacles and various dangers.

Download the game action on the site

You can download free action games on our site using torrent files. Choose in this section the game that suits you best in spirit. Pay attention to the description of the plot and system requirements, to evaluate the graphics and special effects, watch the short trailer. Then click the «download torrent» button and after a few moments the action will be downloaded to your PC. In this case, you do not need to pass mandatory registration or confirm the intention to download the file using SMS. In addition, you can enjoy the hundreds of new games committed for free.

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