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R-Type Final 2 v26.07.2021 - GOG

Torrent R-Type Final 2 download free pc
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R-Type Final 2 — is a side-view arcade shooter set in a fantasy world of the future. The game is a continuation of the series of the same name. As before, the plot will tell about the confrontation of the invasion of an alien race, the army of which, he is sent to destroy the brave comic pilot on his faithful battle starship. The main differences from the first part are in more elaborate and colorful graphics, a wide variety of enemies, weapons, levels and bosses, and in general everything, as well as a more driving gameplay. The game feels almost new, different thanks to so many innovations.

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Garbage v1.0.8

Torrent Garbage download free pc
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Garbage — is a humorous simulator in which you have to experience life as a homeless person. Learn what it is like to enjoy simple things. Anything we take for granted can be blissful. For example, warmth, hygiene, good food, etc. We do not value all these things, but there are people for whom they are of great importance. However, the game is not designed to show human vices. On the contrary, she tries to cheer, albeit in a very black way. The visual side of Garbage is made in the comic style. The project is executed in gloomy scenery. There are also characters here whose muttering is hard to make out. Listen to every word.

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Xuan-Yuan Sword VII v1.22 - P2P

Torrent Xuan-Yuan Sword VII download free pc
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Xuan-Yuan Sword VII — is a third-person action game that takes the player 2000 years back to Ancient China. The plot refers to the historical events when the prime minister overthrew the former ruler and created his own Xin empire. At the time of the birth of a new dynasty, signs appeared on the blocks of the old tomb of Liu, predicting a bright future. A mysterious bamboo scroll was taken out of the tomb, which ended up in the house of the protagonist Taishi Zhao. That same night, a fire broke out that took the lives of all family members except Taisha. After the tragedy, the message disappeared, and the country fell into dark times of war and famine. After 10 years, the manuscript appeared again, and the swordsman set off in search of the truth about what really happened that unfortunate night.

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Dream Engines Nomad Cities v0.5.267

Torrent Dream Engines Nomad Cities download free pc
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Dream Engines Nomad Cities — is an unusual strategy in its execution that successfully combines elements of a city-planning simulator and survival. You will plunge into a fantastic world where you will visit flying cities, face a lot of incredible events, and also try to uncover secrets covered in darkness over the years. The world of the game suffers the consequences of the apocalypse and therefore it will be quite difficult to survive in its conditions. After those terrible events, the planet was rapidly inhabited by creepy monsters, which are doing what they are slowly destroying what is left of the human race.

This game has been updated Today, 03:46 to the latest version v0.5.267.

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Danger Scavenger v2.0.7.1

Torrent Danger Scavenger download free pc
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Danger Scavenger — is a dynamic arcade shooter with an isometric view of the camera in a cyberpunk setting. Deadly effective, very skilled, invisible to indifferent citizens — they fight with greedy corporations, in the hands of which entire nations. Ties dismissively call them scavengers. They were the first to notice that the situation had changed. And it was A.I.O.N.E. artificial intelligence, which took control, forcing the cars to rebel against their masters. The time has come. You have to get out of the shadows and meet a new enemy in an open battle.

This game has been updated Today, 10:14 to the latest version v2.0.7.1.

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Hot Brass v2.1.4 (Content Update)

Torrent Hot Brass download free pc
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Hot Brass is a tactical strategy with a top view in which you have to play the role of commander of the elite SWAT squad, in which real professionals serve. You will have to perform complex tasks, participate in counter-terrorism operations, and not only. As such, there is no specific plot in this game. There is only purpose and essence. You serve in the elite special forces detachment, SWAT, you are a true professional and master of your craft, and always in the center of events. Your task is to free hostages, neutralize terrorists, and do much more. And don’t think it will be easy. In fact, this is a very difficult job, because in it every moment something can happen that can change life once and for all. Plus, here you will have to answer not for one character, but immediately for the entire squad.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:15 to the latest version v2.1.4 (Content Update).

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Ancient Warfare 3 Alpha

Torrent Ancient Warfare 3 download free pc
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Ancient Warfare 3 — a new part of the game, which was redesigned for the better, increasing the possibilities and improving the appearance. This project was developed in the genre of the sandbox, where you are waiting for the mass of game modes, each of which is interesting in its own way. Especially want to mention the zombie mode, where you have to fight a lot and try to save your life by all available means. A lot of characters and a variety of cards — all this is undoubtedly there. You will be able to create your own map where the heroes of the most different epochs will collide. Put in the confrontation, for example, the soldiers of the Middle Ages and the soldiers of the Second World War. In each fight, you can take part by choosing one or the other side. Also, you can take control of the battle, enjoying the enchanting battles from the side. The game gives you the opportunity to recharge positive emotions and have a good time.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:13 to the latest version Alpha

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Levis Umbra v1.1

Torrent Levis Umbra download free pc
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Levis Umbra — is a short stealth game aimed at bringing the genre back to its origins. The gameplay in this game is completely based on stealth and stealth dynamics. Armed with nothing but a hacking device, you’ll have to make your way deep into an underground mining factory that has been taken over by a mutinous AI. It is a 7 week student project created by a team of second year students from the University of Breda working remotely from over six different countries. It is a collaborative effort between design and production students, fine arts and programming students who worked together for the first time.

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Warbox v0.0.2.3

Torrent Warbox download free pc
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Warbox — is an action-packed military simulation game with sandbox elements in which you can simulate various gun battles using artificial intelligence. Having created a battle scenario, you can not only watch him, but also control any soldier. And using the built-in system for configuring factions, you can create unique units of specific countries, as well as defining roles for each fighter. Roles can include squad leaders, medics, anti-tank, infantry, and more.

This game has been updated 24-07-2021, 16:39 to the latest version v0.0.2.3.

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Action Games PC is a group of computer games in which the events of the virtual world unfolds instantly. Such a genre like those gamers who like to make tactical decisions quickly and immediately move on to their immediate implementation. The success of the mission here depends on the speed of the player’s reaction and the degree of his concentration on the process, because the actions in the action are developing very dynamically. We need to think through each of our moves in accordance with the current situation. As a rule, such games provide complete freedom of movement of the character. He can shoot weapons, run, crouch, jump on obstacles, look out from around the corner, evade the enemy’s bullets and much more. If you have not yet done this genre, download the action and be sure to try it out.

The genre of action appeared in 1978 with the release of the blockbuster Space Invaders. Since then, more active games have begun to appear. In 1979, Asteroids released, and in 1980 the famous Pac-man. After this, one after another, new arcades begin to emerge, creating a reliable basis for future action. In 1982, Robotron appeared: 2084, she started the shooters, which are also part of the action.

First they were installed on special gaming machines with movable pistols connected to the PC. The pistols had to be aimed at the screen on which the virtual opponents were moving. A little later, there are games for game consoles, among them the most popular are: Contra hard Corps, Vectorman, Tin head, Mortal Combat.

Of course, modern action games on PC are very different from them. Today they often come into contact with other genres. What is worth only Gta, which gave fans a whole world in which you can travel by car, swim, fly on airplanes, shoot from different weapons, get up tricks on a motorcycle and much more.

Action Games on PC is the best way to relax

Games of this genre will be a wonderful end to a busy day. In this virtual world you can arm yourself to the teeth and finally let off steam. Opponents in the action can be very diverse, here everyone chooses whom to fight: enemy spies, terrorists, aliens, creepy monsters or mystical dishonesty. In this world, you can overcome any obstacles and various dangers.

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You can download free action games on our site using torrent files. Choose in this section the game that suits you best in spirit. Pay attention to the description of the plot and system requirements, to evaluate the graphics and special effects, watch the short trailer. Then click the «download torrent» button and after a few moments the action will be downloaded to your PC. In this case, you do not need to pass mandatory registration or confirm the intention to download the file using SMS. In addition, you can enjoy the hundreds of new games committed for free.

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