FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This article is devoted to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), the questions and answers to them are collected here. The article can be supplemented as incomprehensible situations arise.

The following form is presented below: Q. — question, and A. — answer.

Q. Who are we, what is this site, what is it unique about?
A. To find out what this site is, read the information about us.

Q. How do I download games?
A. We have all the games available through the torrent, learn how to download games through the torrent.

Q. How do I know if the game will work on my PC?
A. Inside every game news, there are system requirements, from which you can estimate the real chance of running a game on your computer.

Q. How to install UltraISO and mount iso-files?
A. We have tutorial — how to install UltraISO.