Little Noah Scion of Paradise v1.30

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Little Noah Scion of Paradise — join the genius alchemist Noah and her cat companion Zipper, who explore the ancient ruins to uncover the secrets hidden inside. Create unique teams and combos with more than 40 allies in this easy but addictive game. Port Manclaud is a nation that owes its power and prosperity to its alchemists. Noah, a prodigy alchemist, travels the skies in his airship when he discovers mysterious soaring ruins. When she comes closer to explore, the cat jumps aboard.

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City Wars Tokyo Reign v1.0.2

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City Wars Tokyo Reign — is a sci-fi universe in which users find themselves. The game is a deck-building battler with a turn-based combat system. Players will be able to choose their desired faction to form their Battle Deed and take to the streets of the cyberpunk-themed neon city. Users will face random events that will add variety during the fights and the passage of the story campaign. Gamers in City Wars Tokyo Reign will create a deck of ability cards (BATTLE CASE), which consists of 140 cards in 5 categories, 20 types of weapons with modification of characteristics and more than 25 amulets.

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Steelrising v59726 - Goldberg

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Steelrising — shows what would have happened to France if history had developed in a different direction. The game takes gamers to an alternate Victorian world with cyborgs. Outwardly, they look like porcelain dolls that come to life from a bygone era. The plot is dedicated to the theme of the revolution. King Louis XVI is the main antagonist in Steelrising. The ruler acquired an army of steam-powered robotic automatons and with their help organized a real terror of his subjects. The inhabitants of Paris, where the main events are developing, are tired of such power and staged a rebellion. Users are on the side of the rebels, controlling a character named Aegis.

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One Mans War Build 9824877

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One Mans War an interesting top-down strategy game that lets you show off your skills on the battlefield. Use the entire arsenal of your character. Chiu fought against the Yellow Emperor in nine battles and nine victories. The Yellow Emperor recruited monks from all over the world, but few of them responded. To avoid loss of life, you fight alone. Bullet shooting, talent combination, 3D horizontal version of the scene. The game is currently being developed by a single player.

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Poker Quest Build 9935519

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Poker Quest — is a fantasy game in which you fight in a world full of monsters, using a standard deck of playing cards such as the Queen of Spades to strengthen your items in battle. Bigger and better hands can activate the stronger abilities of your items. Discover thousands of different items and hundreds of monsters. March forward through a huge number of locations and events in a procedurally created fantasy world. Choose one of the many heroes. Each character has a unique set of equipment and abilities that allows you to use different styles of play.

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Bravery and Greed v1.00a

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Bravery and Greed — is a new project from Team17 and Rekka Games studio. The developers will twist the usual schemes of a heroic adventure. Perhaps, but with selfish interests. The naive plan captivated the Amazon, the warrior, the rogue and the sorcerer heroes with unique fighting styles. Now they are waiting for enemies, dungeons, bosses and the runes themselves with aspects of Life, Darkness, Chaos, Order. Each hero can choose an aspect to develop to their liking, following the quest goal without chivalry. In addition to the obvious story co-op for 4 players, the developers promise a horde mode, free runs through procedurally generated dungeons and arena battles. Battles against friends are promised in team and solo versions.

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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit Build 9943767

The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit free download torrent games pc
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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit is a one-man Brazilian studio. My goal is to create an immersive and relaxing experience that can touch the mind and soul of players. From religion to philosophy and more, subscribe to my developer page to see my other games. Embark on this beautiful and short tale set in the Ancient East, with point-and-click elements and a soundtrack that follows the story. A simple tale that you will never forget. Short game about 1 hour of gameplay. Not too difficult for those who like a smooth experience. A beautiful soundtrack that changes with the player’s transformations.

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Dakar Desert Rally v1.5.0 - P2P

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Dakar Desert Rally takes users to the desert tracks, which will move on rally cars, motorcycles, ATVs and trucks. Gamers will be able to immerse themselves in competitions from the Amaury Sport Organization, where they will be able to take control of a variety of vehicles and test their strength. You will have to move through difficult terrain, overcoming sand dunes and desert locations. Gamers in the Dakar Desert Rally will test different modes during the races, and will also go through about 30 qualifying stages of the 2020 and 2021 races. It will turn out to try out drivers and vehicles that have been fully licensed.

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Death Trash v0.8.7.5

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Death Trash — is an isometric RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which there is total devastation and severe punks with guns. The game is a mixture of cyberpunk, science fiction, horror and dark fantasy. All locations are handcrafted. The storyline can be played alone or in company with a friend. There is a split-screen mode. The game takes place on the planet Nexus. Game mechanics are represented by real-time gunfights, close combat, stealth elements and many branching dialogues where you can make one or another choice. An inventory is available in which you put all items found at locations. In addition, various social skills are available regarding the ability to intimidate or persuade, there is a crafting system, pickpocketing, a mechanic of vomiting. You can easily get drunk or get poisoned.

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Escape from Tarkov v0. - P2P

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Escape from Tarkov — an innovative game in the style of a shooter, where you have to become part of a fantastic virtual world. Here you will learn about the existence of two very large and influential corporations that have been at enmity between themselves for a long time. You will play the role of the protagonist and take one of the sides in order to lead her to victory with all your might. Go to the small town where the secret laboratory is located, where the main actions will take place.

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