EDENGATE The Edge of Life Build 9650169 - DOGE

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EDENGATE The Edge of Life is a project developed in the horror genre, where all actions will take place from a third-person perspective. Play the role of a young girl who devoted most of her life to science. For a long time, she was very involved in the study of all kinds of technologies and her own developments, so much so that she completely did not notice the strange events taking place around her. This led to the fact that you were kidnapped and now you find yourself in the vastness of an abandoned hospital, from which it is not possible to get out.

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Circuit Superstars Build 9563326

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Circuit Superstars — is a dynamic top-down arcade racing game. You will find a simple but realistic physics model, a heap of historical cars of the past, and the essence of the gameplay is to win in circuit races on asphalt and off-road. Arrivals will be long, so you need to plan your strategy for overtaking and going to the pit stop. The game features a wide range of racing modes: rally, Grand Turismo and even truck competition.

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We Who Are About To Die v0.1

We Who Are About To Die free download torrent games pc
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We Who Are About To Die sends the gamer back to the days of Ancient Rome and lets you enter the arena as a gladiator. These magnificent fighters were for the most part slaves and were forced to fight for their master in the hope of gaining glory in the sand and hoping for a chance to eventually become free, but only a few achieved this goal. Offers multiplayer content, thanks to which the gamer will fight against other real users in difficult battles.

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Beat Hazard 3 v0.106

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In Beat Hazard 3, players will have to immerse themselves in musical adventures where they need to fly through outer space and deal with rhythmic challenges. Dynamic gameplay mechanics in the game are designed for those who like hardcore puzzles, where you need to quickly move through the level and rhythmically to the music to dodge obstacles that arise in the way of the protagonist. You also have to shoot at enemies and space debris with the help of weapons that are on board the users' starships.

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Lakeview Cabin 2 Build 9931896

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Lakeview Cabin 2 — is an open-world horror adventure. The environment, characters and other elements are made in a two-dimensional style, and the user observes what is happening from the side. Actions take gamers into the real world of horror movies, where paranormal phenomena will occur, monsters and investigations will appear on the way. Under the control of 4 central characters are presented, able to interact with each other to fight with terrifying creatures. The user is able to move freely around the world, use a car for this, enter secondary houses or communicate with some NPCs. There is cooperative participation for 2 users at the same time. But the complexity increases, the number of opponents increases, ammunition.

This game has been updated 15-11-2022, 16:58 to the latest version Build 9931896.

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Song of Farca v1.0.2.18 - GOG

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Song of Farca — is an interactive quest inspired by the Black Mirror. In the role of a detective, you will have to hack devices, investigate crime scenes, search for evidence and analyze data. In Song of Farca, you need to track suspects, engage in interrogation and make elections that lead to certain consequences. The game takes place in the world of the near future. Technology has become an integral part of life, and megacorporations have gained more influence than political forces. Various criminal structures are trying to resist the power of IT companies. The main character of the story is Isabella Song. She is engaged in investigating mysterious cases of varying degrees of complexity. At first it seems that she is just performing a chain of incoherent actions, but it turns out that there is a connection between all the cases.

This game has been updated 15-11-2022, 16:50 to the latest version v1.0.2.18.

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Somerville Build 9936725

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Adventures in Somerville are filled with the atmosphere of a sci-fi setting, where the main character is a young man. The protagonist is forced to go to the rescue of his family, which gets into trouble. Players will roam through a platformer that combines a variety of casual gameplay elements, where you have to advance through levels and cope with landscape obstacles or spatial puzzles. The game is an adventure game in which you need to follow the visual narrative and fulfill the conditions at each location in order to advance.

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Pentiment Build 9889388

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Pentiment stands out for its 2D hand-drawn graphics with an author’s style. The design imitates illustrative manuscripts, tapestries and old paintings. The game takes gamers to Germany at the beginning of the 16th century. The plot tells about the adventures of Andreas Mahler. This is the name of an apprentice artist whose friend was accused of murdering a prominent man. Deciding to prove his innocence, the hero decides to conduct his own investigation, relying on his willpower and intelligence. The protagonist also willingly undertakes to investigate other cases. But his main quest is to help a friend and bring the killers to clean water. In the course of achieving this goal, the main character will have to face conspiracies.

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Craftopia v20221025.1519

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Craftopia — multiplayer survival game from Japanese studio Pocket Pair. The developers have combined in the project many functions that players might find in other games. In Craftopia, you can hunt monsters, explore the open world, grow crops, collect loot in dungeons, mine all kinds of resources, use magic spells, craft items, and more. An open world survival game. Craftopia combines several popular mechanics from other projects at once. Thanks to this, the game has become incredibly diverse: world exploration, survival, resource extraction, growing crops, hunting monsters and using spells are available.

This game has been updated 15-11-2022, 16:55 to the latest version v20221025.1519.

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Monuments Flipper Build 9933255

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Monuments Flipper — is a simulator of the restorer of historical buildings and monuments. The protagonist is a professional in his field and receives work from government customers. Before the start of the passage, the user will select their own task and take it, instantly moving to the area. As the restoration progresses, the player learns about the types of architecture. It will be necessary to restore the former glory of buildings and add new elements. The gamer will have to plan the work, fill the area and paint the objects. During the missions, you will need to restore the destroyed walls, update outdated frescoes and do everything to return the monument to the days when it became famous again. Gradually, the central character improves skills and gets more tools and tips. Various materials and tools are useful for repairs, and proper use will help you do business.

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