MegaFactory Titan Build 9873330

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MegaFactory Titan — allows players to try their hand at designing their own robotic factory on Saturn’s moon Titan. Users will create production chains, develop logistics and influence the economy and diplomatic relations with various factions terrorists, rebels, colonists, pirates, etc. The game is a factory management simulator where you can pump and improve a colonial.

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Phantom Brigade v0.22.2 Build 4942E

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Phantom Brigade — is a turn-based strategy science fiction game. The action takes place in a country that has been the victim of a massive invasion by a foreign power. The enemy forces defeated the army and began the occupation. We’ll have to act as the commander of the resistance, trying to reclaim their homeland from the invaders. The player spends most of the time commanding units of small mechs and completing dangerous missions in a turn-based system. Each of the combat vehicles can be extensively modified, ranging from weapons, armor and ending with mechanical parts and camouflage models. All of these aspects are important for combat effectiveness.

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Beacon Pines v1.0.5

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Beacon Pines is a story where the player becomes a reader who has the ability to control what happens in a mysterious book. Some sentences have intentional omissions, and subsequent pages are blank. He must fill in the missing areas and the further fate of the company of friends, which is in a difficult situation, will directly depend on the words he inserted. Actions take place in the world of anthropomorphic animals. Out of boredom, the protagonist picked up an adventure book that he had never heard of before. Events unfold in a small town called Bacon Pines. Fawn Luke and his friends, a black cat and a squirrel, begin to notice that the environment in the city is changing to something strange. It’s as if some anomaly is affecting him.

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Juicy Realm Build 9542255 - P2P

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Juicy Realm — is developed in the genre of action with RPG elements, which tells the story of a very unusual confrontation. In the center of the plot, ordinary people and animals fighting against rebellious plants they suddenly seized power on the planet and almost became the top of the food chain. Nobody knows what really happened and when the situation finally got out of control. For many millions of years, plants were the lowest link in the chain, but then suddenly their arms and legs began to grow. In addition, all kinds of vegetables and fruits, which is the most amazing thing, have appeared intellect and consciousness. They thought that they no longer wanted to serve only as food, and as a result, an uprising began.

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Fabular Once upon a Spacetime v0.9.5624

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Fabular Once upon a Spacetime — allows users to explore the galaxy, taking control of space knights. The game is a role-playing adventure game with roguelike elements, where you have to move through a retro-futuristic universe in order to save the kingdom from the Lords of the Abyss that have stolen the Sun. The protagonist will be a noble traveler, which is the last hope for the salvation of mankind. Gamers in Fabular have to engage in tactical skirmishes from above, finding themselves in a sci-fi world with a dark medieval aesthetic. You will have to fight with opponents on flying ships, visit unearthly locations.

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Motocross Chasing the Dream v10.11.2022

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Motocross Chasing the Dream — is a simulator with realistic physics based on American motocross. You will need to ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 128 cc. see to compete with other professional racers. The gameplay of Motocross: Chasing the Dream is a mixture of arcade and simulation. Each player can customize the gameplay for themselves by setting the type of control and difficulty level. Several unique tracks are featured, including a practice track, a tournament arena, hybrid Supercross terrain, and more. There are 3 camera modes available, with the help of which players get different experiences and feelings from the gameplay. The game has fully worked out the ragdoll of both the racer himself, and the full physics of transport damage has been drawn. Depending on the speed and impact on various physical objects, the rider and the motorcycle behave differently. After a minor accident, you will need to control your character to get to the motorcycle.

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Mayhem Brawler v2.1.8

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Mayhem Brawler — is a two-dimensional beat-em-up, made in the best traditions of the genre, respecting the aesthetics of the 90s. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of slot machines, taking control of brave heroes fighting bandits and various creatures. The visual side of the game is stylized as comics. There are 3 heroes to choose from Dolphin, Star and Problem. The protagonists are soldiers of the Stronghold law enforcement agency. The employees of this service have superpowers. They take to the streets to fight crime. Going to the next challenge, which promised the usual dismantling of gangs, the heroes are sucked into the maelstrom of events that can change the fate of the entire city.

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Animal Shelter v1.1.16

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Animal Shelter — offers the player to open their own animal shelter. Pick up homeless animals on the streets and provide medical assistance. Take care of your wards and make sure they get along well with each other. Life on the street leaves prints on the body of animals. Treat scratches and apply patches. Bandage the wounded paws and watch your pet get better. Bathe your patient well using a hose and sponge. Hygiene is the key to health, so keep the cells clean. Prevent conflicts between neighbors. Intervene in fights and stretch aggressive individuals into different enclosures.

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Bounty of One Build 9899693

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Bounty of One is a roguelike with an isometric view and pixelated old-school graphics that will take the dynamic adventurer into an alternative world of the Wild West. Once the protagonist was a famous bounty hunter, but something happens that makes him an exile in the face of the local society. Now a good reward has been announced for the main character, and it doesn’t matter at all how he will receive the punishment go to jail or lose his life. All the thugs went after the hero to get good loot.

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Offroad Mania Build 9794695

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Offroad Mania — New tracks, new cars, new tasks, unusual graphics and amazing physics, and a recognizable racer from the once popular television show, are ready to meet you and provide a huge number of levels of new racing entertainment Offroad Mania, which we would call a test of the car and the nerves of the rider, then have you. In general, emotions and adrenaline are provided from the first level, but what about the level, literally from the first seconds of the game.

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