A Plague Tale Requiem v1.3.0.0

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A Plague Tale Requiem — is a sequel to the cult action adventure game A Plague Tale: Requiem with an emphasis on realism and post-apocalyptic style. Embark on a new intense campaign, taking control of the girl Amicia and her brother named Hugo, who are haunted by a terrible curse. Get ready to once again face the legions of vile rodents who sweep away everything in their path and will stop at nothing that gets in their way. Use your intelligence and wit to be able to cope with all the puzzles here, which will be orders of magnitude more difficult than in the original game.

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MEATGRINDER v09.11.2022 (demo)

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MEATGRINDER is a fast-paced first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game tells about a character whose heart was replaced with an electric motor. The hero wants to find the bastards who mocked him, and for this he is ready to defuse more than a dozen clips. As you progress, you will have to hone your movements jump, dodge and destroy enemies before they even notice you. It’s time to hit the road and arrange total anarchy around you.

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Humankind v1.0.17.3494 - FLT

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Humankind — is a historical strategy game in which the gamer will have to face a huge number of unexpected twists and the latest chips invented by the developers themselves. All this makes it possible to combine a variety of cultures in order to create your own unique civilization. It is a turn-based strategy game with beautiful graphics and unique elements. The plot of this game unfolds near a unique civilization, the construction of which the player will be engaged in. You will begin to take part in realistic events, acquiring skills and abilities of urban planning, learn the secret stories and theories on how to create humanity as we know it now. For every action he takes, the player will earn fame, and thanks to it it is possible to compete with other participants, as well as to take first places in the tournaments that often take place.

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Car Dealership Simulator v0.6

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Car Dealership Simulator is a highly detailed simulation where players will run their own car dealership. Try to sell more cars, set the best price and just make the most of your time. Keep an eye on the showroom, upgrade the necessary items, add new equipment and even change its decor. In order to attract more customers, you only need to submit effective advertising. In addition, in order to make a successful transaction, you will need to: serve the client appropriately, clean up the salon.

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FIST Forged In Shadow Torch v1.200.002 - FLT

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FIST Forged In Shadow Torch — is a game that combines elements of platformers and bitemaps, but most of all from metroidvania. As in other good games of this genre Guacamelee, Ori and The Blind Forest, Hollow Knight, in the TiGames adventure the protagonist will not only have to fight enemies, but also explore very branchy levels in search of secrets. According to the genre tradition, you will not be able to immediately get into all locations of the Torch City to access some levels, you will first need to find new gadgets and abilities.

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A Little to the Left Build 9807063

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An A Little To The Left puzzle where you can spend a boring, rainy day. The art is expressed in a classic cartoon style, and the animation is smooth and realistic. The game is clearly not an easy one and promises to show the real tension from passing while the player tries to restore order. This chaos was made by a naughty cat, so at the next levels, the gamer needs to be a little more patient with the tricks of his furry friend. The game begins with an easy level in which you need to straighten an uneven frame for a photo. If the first puzzle was easy, then the next one will be more difficult, and so on with each level. For some riddles there will be several options for passing, for this you just need to experiment and use hints.

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DeadPoly Build 9869789

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DeadPoly — universe has undergone tremendous changes that have changed the lives of mankind. The crash was caused by problems in the laboratory, where scientists did not monitor the spread of the terrible virus. The planet gradually became infected, and people mutated into the walking dead, aggressively opposed to any other form of life. The user takes control of a character who is destined to find himself in a brutal post-apocalypse, where the danger is many factors other than animals.

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Trials of Cascadia v0.31

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Trials of Cascadia — is a fantasy RPG in the spirit of classic JRPGs. Explore the fictional world of Cascadia as the paladin Isaac. He has a best friend named Omar, who accompanies the protagonist throughout the adventure. Exploring the territory, you will need to get acquainted with different heroes, recruiting them into your party. You can travel by land, sea and air. Heroes will need to save the whole world from destruction. Adventurers make moral choices that lead to certain consequences.

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Nadir v0.1503 Build 9895378

Nadir free download torrent games pc
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Nadir — is a dark card rogue-like jRPG heavily influenced by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Control a team of 3 strong but extremely imperfect characters, each representing one of the deadly sins. Fight using a variety of unholy skills and try to get out of the seemingly endless, multi-level city. Each Sin has its own group of Avatars shells that will bring its will to Nadir. As the avatars advance, their strength will grow, unlocking new abilities to deal with even more powerful threats. And if they fall, then the abyss will give rise to even more fools who will continue this work. Choose your approach and tactics with different lineups. There are ways to extend the player’s turn using special skills or by performing a skill combo.

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Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch v1.1.1

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Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch is a worthy adventure that gamers who love animals will especially appreciate. As part of the passage, users will find themselves on a fictional island, where, according to centuries-old traditions, they breed horses. The family of the main character for decades remained a leader in this difficult matter, but the aunt of the protagonist destroyed everything in just a few years. After her death, all the estate, the remaining horses and land go to the main character in the person of a very attractive young lady. The protagonist of Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch must return her family to its former glory and once again take the horse breeding business to a new level.

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