Warlords Under Siege v06.11.2022

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Warlords Under Siege is a mix of RTS, Tower Defense and Roguelike genres where you build a small town and defend it against continuous waves of enemies. With each playthrough of the game, upgrade your arsenal of weapons, unlocking new opportunities to defeat the ever-growing threat. They are coming. There are hundreds of them. Prepare your city for defense and don’t let them get inside. Command your men, build high walls, improve city buildings and send your mighty hero to the center of the battle. Collect resources to build and improve the city and prepare for a siege. Recruit soldiers to fight your enemies. Choose your hero and send him to protect key crossing points. Collect experience points to improve them. Decide which bonuses to choose at dawn. Collect gold during the siege. Even if your city falls, you can use it to upgrade the next city.

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Trials of Wilderness v4.9.1

Trials of Wilderness free download torrent games pc
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Trials of Wilderness — you are alone on the island, desperately trying to survive among the savage rural tribes. To do this, you will need food, water and shelter. Hunt animals to collect meat. Cut down trees to build a base. Collect resources stone, iron, sulfur, clay, coal, leather. Plant crops, irrigate seeders with a pump and pipe or bucket. Catch and tame wolves and bears to protect yourself from enemies. Domesticate and breed other animals for food or sell them to buy rare items. Make weapons, armor and potions. Raid villages or make your way inside to pick up prey. Set traps and protect your base from savages.

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Ebola v1.42

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A new exciting game Ebola 2019 for PC about zombies, the development of which took a long and difficult 12 months of work. The developers tried to make it as high-quality and long-lasting product, the passage of the game will take you an average of 3-6 hours. The protagonist of this game, this is Logan Johnson, has published the Nevslyn newspaper. For reasons unknown, the hero made his way to a secret military base in search of evidence hidden by Panicum. In this underground laboratory, secret biological weapons created from the Ebola virus, called the E virus, were developed. Because of the accident, the virus has spread throughout the Mole-529 base, almost all of the staff have mutated.

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Amok Runner v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Amok Runner — our protagonist works as a doctor in the most ordinary clinic, where one fine day a noble woman comes. From that moment on, his life will never be the same, and around now there is real chaos. The doctor decides to leave his career and goes with this woman in order to overcome Amok’s syndrome. Immerse yourself in a rather tragic story, the main character of which is experiencing an existential crisis in a small seaside town. Well, the plot itself begins with a visit to the doctor.

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Ankora Lost Days v1.08

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Ankora Lost Days tells about the adventures of a little girl named Moon, who ends up on the planet Ankora. The girl was a ranger and moved on the spaceship of the Interstellar Patrol until she had an accident. The protagonist had to land on an unknown land, dealing with the local alien flora and fauna. The game is an adventure game with elements of survival, where you have to search for the necessary resources and craft items. The heroine will use different labor tools for construction, as well as simple weapons for fighting monsters. During adventures in Ankora Lost Days, users will have to overcome various natural.

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FAITH The Unholy Trinity v1.10

FAITH The Unholy Trinity free download torrent games pc
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FAITH The Unholy Trinity — is an indie horror with an unusual presentation. The project has minimalist pixel graphics in retro style. At the same time, there are full cut-scenes using rotoscoping. The creators also added synthesized computer speech. The plot is devoted to the confrontation between a church minister and a satanic cult trying to summon a powerful demon. The action takes place in the 80s in Connecticut. John Ward tried to save the possessed girl Amy with the help of exorcism. As a result, he provoked a series of terrible events and turned out to be the only survivor.

This game has been updated 6-11-2022, 10:57 to the latest version v1.10.

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Rainy Season v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Rainy Season is a narrative game that can be completed in less than 1 hour. The family was ready to visit the amusement park, but the plans are canceled due to the weather. This is a story about an ordinary family that spends time at home during the rain. Touch and interact with items in the house to learn about them. Listen and participate in conversations with your family at different times. Special events will happen when it’s boring.

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Fast Food Manager v1.0.6

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Fast Food Manager — is a first person adventure. The player will play the role of a novice entrepreneur who decided to create his own coffee shop with an extensive menu. In the course of the passage, the main character earns money and expands his own catering network. Throughout the city, you can set up points where vendors will stand, prepare food and serve customers. The walkthrough begins with the protagonist setting up a small coffee tent on the outskirts of a popular downtown restaurant. The gameplay includes freedom of action, which will help you completely immerse yourself in the process, explore the environment with your own hands, look for clients and find out more information that will be useful in your work.

This game has been updated 6-11-2022, 12:02 to the latest version v1.0.6.

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Mutant Meltdown v1.0.3

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Miner Meltdown — is a 2D arcade game created in pixel art with numerous action elements. This game will allow you to explore huge mines. The player will have to search for useful minerals. The gamer needs to find a large number of partners. All of them will help to make a sortie for valuable resources. With their help, you can improve your combat arsenal. All locations are presented in the form of numerous tunnels with special lifts and landings. A large amount of space is surrounded by earth, it can be destroyed, discovering new paths. All maps are randomly generated. Combat battles take place 4×4.

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Lucy Dreaming v2.3

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Lucy Dreaming — is a point and click adventure game where you will travel between dreams and reality, uncover the secrets of dream control and discover the truth about Lucy’s nightmares. Lucy is a young girl with a sharp mind and a recurring nightmare! Embark on an adventure between dreams and reality to explore strange locations, meet colorful characters and solve unique puzzles. Can you uncover the secrets of dream control and uncover the disturbing truth about Lucy’s nightmares.

This game has been updated 6-11-2022, 12:00 to the latest version v2.3.

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