Human Fall Flat Build 9515861 - DOGE

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Human Fall Flat — before you a fun puzzle game in which the protagonist needs to get out of sleep. A builder named Bob, in some mysterious way, finds himself in a dream, not understanding how he got there, he realizes that from this place it is necessary to get out. Although you are able to crash items in the game, leaving this place is not so easy. To do this, you need to solve puzzles that can be solved in several ways, so the further passage directly depends on the decisions you made. In order to achieve your goal, you can choose a variety of ways, but remember every mistake or wrong step will throw you back.

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HUNGRY PIGS free download torrent games pc
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HUNGRY PIGS are going wild in Tokyo. You can enjoy full action games with simple controls. Use your technique to push yourself to the edge. A 4-player multiplayer mode is also available. Aim for a high score with your friends. The multiplayer game may experience crashes depending on the connection conditions. A mode that doesn’t end until the game is over. Compete how much cabbage you can eat on stage. Collect gems to get bonus items. Choose items that will improve your pigs, special attacks and other items that will make the situation more favorable. Clear the stage by eating all the cabbage on the stage.

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Vostok 2061 Build 9664974 - DARKSiDERS

Vostok 2061 free download torrent games pc
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Vostok 2061 — you have just graduated from the Earth Aviation Academy and set off for the far reaches of known space. Investigate strange colonist behavior and deal with unknown threats in the ZPDN-A sector. Hone your piloting skills, expand your arsenal and complete missions. Players are waiting for 9 stunning levels to explore colorful alien worlds. Earn points and exchange them for ammunition. Expand your arsenal as you go with pulse cannon, rockets, plasma cannon, mines, homing projectiles, laser cannon, energy shield and Perun’s Breath. Secrets hidden in space, find and kill eight alien fish.

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Speedbreak Hyperdrive Build 9679207 - DARKSiDERS

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Speedbreak Hyperdrive — use cyruss super-speed abilities to get through fast-paced platform levels. Fly through the air using launch pads and ramps, perform tricks to clear stages in style, and overcome enemies to race towards your goal. The exciting combo system in Speedbreak maintains top speed while encouraging stylish and energetic gameplay. Rush through enemies, perform stunts and more to score points. Each level has multiple paths and a scoring system that tracks completion time, tricks performed, enemies defeated, and crystal rings collected. The higher the overall score, the better.

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MythBusters The Game v1.0.88 (58429) - GOG

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If you like to do experiments and just design a variety of things, then we offer you download MythBusters The Game torrent. Thanks to a completely new concept, you will have many different tools and the ability to create various and exciting items, and then use them. For example, you will have the opportunity to create small models of rockets, and then launch them into the sky. Are you ready for such experiments? Then you should not waste more time and just start to act.

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Fire Commander v1.1 (58277) - GOG

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Fire Commander — is a strategy game that allows you to be a real hero without having anything to do with a cape or tights. Take on the role of those who daily fight for the lives of ordinary people in trouble. Play as firefighters on emergency calls. Put out the fire and make your way through the landslides to keep people from dying. The fate of many citizens depends only on the effectiveness of rescuers. The most terrible enemy is the force of nature. Fire is hard to contain, but firefighters risk their lives every day to keep people from dying. Accept calls and go to the scene. Check the health of the equipment.

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Abeyance v0.9.11 - DOGE

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Abeyance — is a classic roguelite that features a sci-fi-themed storyline and mysterious dungeon exploration. In addition, you will need to save a lot of crashed spaceships and just enjoy the gloomy post-apocalyptic environment. After many years of the most terrible interstellar war, this world has become almost faceless. The protagonist is recruited into their ranks by a rather large group of the Syndicate, which is engaged in the rescue and then restoration of abandoned starships and military bases. You won’t have any memories or special implants. But, at the same time, the hero will steadfastly fulfill all the proposed missions, plunge into epic battles with mutants and, of course, will collect various prey. But, one fine day, he stumbles upon a clue about his past.

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Zad Maldan My Bloody Sacrifice v1.0 Build 9673032 - DOGE

Zad Maldan My Bloody Sacrifice free download torrent games pc
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You can find a vampire in the strangest places. Zad Maldan My Bloody Sacrifice first volume about the paranormal adventures in his life. Be Back and find your way out of the haunted mansion, creepy graveyard, gothic ruins and deep caves. Fight zombies, ghosts and all kinds of undead in this first-person shooter. You must save the lady of the night before it is too late for both of you. All is not as it seems, keep in mind that she may not be human.

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SPACE ACCIDENT free download torrent games pc
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SPACE ACCIDENT — the year is 2119. A turning point in the history of space has begun. The moment of the beginning of colonial development of objects of the Solar system. States have rapidly begun to develop and implement their projects, seeking to establish power in the unexplored space. One such mission was the SCM-1 Callisto Colonization Mission, which was a satellite of Jupiter Callisto. In this game you have to not only solve complex puzzles and explore the story line, but also find the intricacies of game mechanics that will allow you to go further. Pay attention to detail.

This game has been updated 8-10-2022, 05:51 to the latest version v1.1.

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Broforce v2354.20220920

Broforce free download torrent games pc
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BroForce is a furious pixel 2D shooter in which you will manage famous heroes of action films of the 80s-90s. Completely destroying the world, the possibility of passing together, changing the hero right on the level, the cool effects of explosions and destruction, a lot of enemies and various bosses — all this will create an incredible atmosphere of a great retro shooter. Each hero has his own arsenal, which changes the gameplay. Each time you free a hero from captivity, you change places with him and continue to follow the new hero. All this is constantly diversifying the game creating a frantic pace and action. A completely destructible world allows you to use the craziest tactics, but do not forget that you can destroy the world in such a way that you can’t pass it.

This game has been updated 8-10-2022, 05:42 to the latest version v2354.20220920.

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