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Hitman 3 — is a stealth action game that is the eighth game in the Hitman series. It will take on the role of Agent 47, who eliminates his victims in a variety of ways, providing the player with many options for the development of events, including direct confrontation with the enemy. The game features six locations, including Dubai. Hitman 3 is the darkest part of the entire trilogy, covering all the character arcs and story gaps. As in his predecessors, the protagonist works for a secret organization of the International Contracting Agency (ICA).

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Parallel Build 9639353

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Parallel — is quite an amazing adventure with 1st 3rd person game mode and RPG elements. In which you have to explore a parallel world and a completely different civilization. In addition, walk through various locations, ranging from something mystical to ruined locations. The developers have added a butterfly effect to their project. Each choice you make will be very important and can change the direction of the adventure. In some cases, it may be completely unconscious, but small decisions lead to big changes. Experience many different emotions. Everything that you prefer to do is displayed in this game.

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Sker Ritual Build 9669034

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Sker Ritual — is a fantastic action game that can be played both in single-player format and in co-op for up to four real users. The events take place on a fictional island called Sker. It is here that there is a large-scale invasion of some mysterious creatures from another reality, which are called Quiet or simply Silent. These are incredibly dangerous monsters of various stripes from mutants similar to zombies to anthropomorphic nerkomorphs. Many of them, in addition to a high level of endurance.

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Lord of Rigel Build 9672553

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The Cold War takes over the galaxy in Lord of Rigel. The gamer chooses a race in which he chooses methods of resolving the conflict he captures all states or creates peaceful alliances. It also uses the method of espionage and research to achieve the goal. In a turn-based space strategy, the player will have to compete with representatives of other nations, defend against all sorts of threats, using a variety of tools. Espionage, diplomacy, exploration and real-time spaceship combat all for the sake of victory. In the game, there are higher races fighting for power. There are a dozen races with individual leaders, special characteristics and playstyles.

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Waveform Wipeout v1.0 Build 9661258 (Story Episode 7) - Goldberg

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Waveform Wipeout — combines fast action with a sick combination of tricks with the novelty of rhythm games. Levels are generated based on the song you choose, so the possibilities are endless. Dynamic track generation also lets you load any song from your hard drive and preview the waveforms! Interact with your music like never before. It is a game where the player has to travel through sound waves and do cool tricks. Levels are generated procedurally based on the music track.

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Planet Centauri v0.13.7b

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Planet Centauri is a huge 2D sandbox, over which a small team of developers are working, honestly admitting that they drew inspiration from the cult game Terraria. Nevertheless, Planet Centauri is not a clone, although it has many similar ideas. The developers have brought a lot of new things, for example, the ability to tame monsters and create robots, also a huge selection of weapons with the ability to create their own, there is even the opportunity to create your village and lead its inhabitants. If you are delighted with the game «Terraria», then you definitely should try this project. Planet Centauri will surely surprise you with new interesting ideas, as well as, although it is also pixel, but with better graphics.

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KARANTIIN free download torrent games pc
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KARANTIIN is a true grim first-person RPG in which you will face hordes of zombies with upgraded weapons laser sights, suppressors, extended magazines, drum magazines, laser sights, flashlight mounts and soon skins. If you have a good monitor and its frequency is higher than 60 hertz, then leave vsync off, KARANTIIN likes high frame rate. If you have a too awesome graphics card, then you can choose a higher number for vsync if your game has too high a frame rate.

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Tinykin v1.0.8

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Tinykin — is an adventure-style quest platformer that puts you in the role of the brave astronaut Milo. After a long space journey, he returns to Earth and realizes that somehow his size has become extremely small. Ordinary people disappeared somewhere, and the same tiny creatures took their place. It is with them that you will have to join forces in order to find the right path and return to your native and familiar world.

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Monster Outbreak v1.0.9

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During the epidemic of monsters, there was a flood of monsters that spread to the lands of the kingdoms due to falling into the confines of the King. Users will have to take control of a girl named Julia, who was the last survivor among the royal guards. lung rockets to roam the isometric map and engage in a defensive foothold, fighting off waves of crazy creatures. It is necessary to pump the heroine and improve the application in order to effectively deal with the enemy. The girl in Monster Outbreak penetrates the mind with combat properties, and is also forced to tactically split traps and various defensive structures.

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