Rivalia Dungeon Raiders Build 9633227

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Rivalia Dungeon Raiders — have you ever imagined waking up to find yourself trapped in a space-time loop with three strangers. Well, sharpen your sword, refill your quiver, drink a potion of mana, and get ready, because you’re going to need it if you want to defeat the not-at-all-evil jester and his entourage of hideous monsters that have taken over Castle Rivalia. In this Roguelite comic adventure and single-player ARPG, you will control 4 main characters in their quest to end the Curse of Rivalry.

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Imperfect v1

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Imperfect is a psychological horror puzzle game. You are not a good person. How did you get here? Use mysterious frames to uncover secrets and fight hidden horrors. Survive in a dark and dangerous environment inspired by the work of the 19th century master painter Gustave Dore. Visually, Imperfect is completely unique, taking the illustrations of the 19th century artist Gustave Dore into a new dimension. Imperfect is a short but very high quality game. The passage time will be 2-3 hours.

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Demong Hunter Build 9664083

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Demon Hunter — is the story of a hunter trying to restore the world by defeating the «Demon» bug created by the whole brain in the virtual world. Enjoy the battle with different special skills and unique attack style for each character. Enjoy fantasy RPG elements as you collect gold to increase your stats and defeat the boss to collect artifacts for special effects. After the ending, many stages of volume will lead you to the true ending. Highly recommend this game to those who like quick battles with adorable characters and those who like non-stop stages with different sword and bow attacks.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina v20220930 - FLT

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Melty Blood Type Lumina — is a classic 2D fighting game designed for the PC. The fun comes down to one-on-one duels using an extensive character gallery. The game is set in a universe created for the needs of the novels and visual adventures of the Type-Moon company. The vision of the world created by this team combines modern realities with fantastic elements in the form of supernatural beings. The Melty Blood series is based primarily on characters from Tsukihime, but it will also feature some characters from other productions in the universe.

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Dolmen v1.0.3.0 - FLT

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Dolmen — is a dynamic action game in which the player has to fight huge monsters and be a local military exterminator in order to get the necessary items. Each level includes unique locations and monsters with different individual abilities. To defeat them, the hero uses a special suit that is able to absorb energy and convert it into an elemental attack or armor. Actions take place in the distant future on the planet Revion Prime. She interested people, because only here you can find unique stones that blur the boundaries between worlds. But because of this, it is inhabited by strong creatures that are dangerous to humans. Therefore, only strong and experienced fighters who can handle any kind of guns are sent to mine dolmens.

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The Plague Doctor of Wippra v1.0.3 (59239) - GOG

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The Plague Doctor of Wippra is an atmospheric story about the adventures of a medieval doctor living in the small town of Wippra. The population was overwhelmed by a terrible plague, which begins to gradually kill the inhabitants and brings chaos to the local system. The hero will have to help in the treatment of citizens, faced with religious fanatics that will interfere with understanding the matter. Plague doctor Oswald Keller resides in Germany, making diagnoses and helping patients recover through medical interventions and surgeries. We will have to face the delusions of church ministers that will brainwash and intimidate society.

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Wanderlost v06.10.2022

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Users in Wanderlost are sent to explore a dangerous world infested with zombies. You will have to survive, collect useful materials and craft various weapons to fight enemies. Players will be able to create their own bases and fortify shelters. The game is made in the form of a survival simulator with a top-down view, where the character will wander around the isometric map. Gamers will be engaged in the study of dying lands, obtaining food and the necessary resources for construction. Users in Vanderlost will be able to engage in various crafts, conduct agricultural activities, fish, set traps and loot objects scattered.

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Ailuri v06.10.2022 (demo)

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Ailuri — is a hand-drawn 2D platformer about endangered species. Play as Ayluri to run, climb, swing and survive in hand-drawn, detailed levels. Rescue animals, defeat enemies and discover your hidden abilities. This version includes the first two levels of the game, but if you collect all the collectibles, a difficult boss level becomes available. There are also three hidden animals in the levels that you can find. The game provides two-player co-op, just plug in a second controller and hold Y / Triangle in the menu for a second player to appear.

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Tank Mechanic Simulator v1.3.7 Build 9618279

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Tank Mechanic Simulator — a training simulator with a first-person view, in which you will be engaged in servicing tanks of the Second World War. You own a tank museum and recover abandoned and broken tanks. You will also be sent to different locations in order to find the lost military equipment, using the information of local residents or historical chronicles. Would you like to be a real collector of various techniques, which was created during the Second World War. You have the opportunity to collect the best and largest collection of tanks that took part in the Second World War. This game will tell you all the features of each tank and its main technical characteristics. To obtain a specific tank, you must perform a special task. Most of them need to perform as correctly and accurately as possible. If you get a broken tank, you will need to repair it.

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Sizeable v1.6.2

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Sizeable — is a puzzle game in which you need to explore locations and find hidden objects hidden behind various dioramas. One of the main mechanics of the game is the ability to squeeze the moon, sun or any element on the planet. Using your incredible powers, you need to manipulate objects around to reduce the tide or change the size of the cloud, etc. By creating various landscapes, contributing to streamlining or windiness, various puzzles and puzzles on the levels are solved.

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