Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator Build 9610832 - FLT

Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator free download torrent games pc
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In Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator, the name says it all. Yes, this is a brewing simulator, where gamers are given the opportunity to independently make the drink loved by millions. But this does not mean that everything will be reduced to primitive actions and take a minimum of time. The approach to the question is done in terms of chemistry and calculating the proportions of each ingredient. So, it is absolutely not necessary to go in cycles in simple recipes you can create several of your own combinations that are completely different from each other. The first step to success in Brewmaster Beer Brewing Simulator is setting up your workspace. It is necessary to arrange all the key elements so that it is convenient for the character to move around the room and spend the minimum amount of time on this. Burners, measuring containers, mugs, bowls, cauldrons.

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NeverAwake Build 9599549

NeverAwake free download torrent games pc
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NeverAwake is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with beautiful hand-drawn graphics that tells the story of a girl named Rem. She is still a child of 10 years old and suffers from regular nightmares in which she strives to conquer everything that brought her resentment and pain in real life. Her opponents are not classic monsters from banal dreams, but those who somehow managed to damage her psyche. These are school friends and just classmates, dentists who hurt when they pulled out her teeth.

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Paper Bride 3 Unresolved Love Build 9590062

Paper Bride 3 Unresolved Love free download torrent games pc
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Paper Bride 3 Unresolved Love — is a continuation of the famous series of Chinese puzzles, inspired by famous myths and urban legends. As before, the events unfold in a fictional village called Zangling, where the protagonist goes to marry a local young girl. Shortly after arrival, the protagonist finds himself in a series of strange and very frightening events. The village turns out to be a ghost and all the locals have long been dead. To understand the storyline of Paper Bride 3, gamers will need to solve numerous puzzles, the complexity of which increases as the story progresses and unfolds. To solve them, you need to collect key items, interact with mechanisms and study evidence. If in the previous parts it would take beginners a huge amount of time to overcome logical puzzles, now everything has become somewhat easier.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Build 9604133 - P2P

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope free download torrent games pc
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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope is an interactive horror game about four teenagers and a professor who find themselves in a small town called Little Hope. The heroes are trying to hide from the demons chasing them in the gloomy fog. The action takes place in the same universe as Man of Medan. Games belong to the same series, telling about different characters and events. The gameplay is a horror movie, where every action affects the development of the plot and the fate of the characters. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available. The gameplay is an interactive feed in which you watch the development of the story and make difficult choices at an important moment for the plot. Decide who to save, who to befriend.

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Black One Blood Brothers v1.35 Build 9600953

Black One Blood Brothers free download torrent games pc
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Black One Blood Brothers — was developed in collaboration with a retired officer in the French Navy who served in the Marines. In first-person mode, control any operator, switch between them. Use night vision goggles and a laser, watch the weight of your equipment, break down doors, heal wounds, become a dog trainer. Neutralize HVT, rescue hostages, defuse bombs, restore confidential documents, install eavesdropping devices, escape from custody. Plan an area mission with an intuitive.

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Dark Light v1.0 - FLT

Dark Light free download torrent games pc
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The game project Dark Light — is made in the genre of platformer with action elements in a fantastic style. The gameplay here is just awesome. You will find a long and dangerous journey through a futuristic world inhabited by terrible creatures with amazing abilities. You can use innovative technologies of the future to confront these monsters. These technologies will help you not only to see where these creatures lurk, but also to kill them. Consider the fact that without this equipment you will not be able to see your opponents. Therefore, if you want to survive, then you need to be vigilant. Otherwise, your adventure will end in death. You will watch the gameplay from the side and from there you can go through another 100 levels of varying difficulty.

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Labyrinthine v20220928

Labyrinthine free download torrent games pc
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Labyrinthine — is a first-person horror game that can be played alone or with friends. You find yourself in the mysterious labyrinths of a mysterious mansion on the outskirts of the forest. Try to find a way to escape from these cursed lands. Collect useful items, solve puzzles and escape from bloodthirsty monsters, all the time following on your heels. The main goal is to survive. Team up in a co-op game, play up to three people as you try to unravel the mysteries of this cursed forest and find your way out of the mystical Heppysburg hedge. Although it can be played alone, Labyrinthine’s gameplay was originally conceived as a co-op adventure that will provide a full-fledged gaming experience from the project.

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RAILGRADE v4.3.28.6

RAILGRADE free download torrent games pc
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RAILGRADE — is a construction strategy where you have to create rail networks that should connect the cities of the future with industrial centers. Deliver the necessary resources with a lively train system, optimize the production of goods and help launch the collapsed economy of a distant earthly colony. This is a construction strategy game, which tells about the construction of railway networks that will connect future foreign cities with valuable industry. You, as the last remaining employee of an earthly colony owned by corporations, must save the remnants of the planet’s economy after a catastrophic management mistake. With dozens of trains at your disposal, you must manage the production of goods and ensure the delivery of the necessary resources to re-establish a prosperous industrial colony.

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Dying Light v1.49.3 - P2P

Dying Light free download torrent games pc
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RePack for game Dying Light — is a modification to the eponymous game Dying Light. This addition extends the storyline by about 11 hours of additional passage. On PC it was released in February 2016 by the official game developers, and is free. The performance of the game has been partially improved. Also in addition to the Ember Light The Following was added quite a lot of new functionality and other nice «buns». The genre of the game remained unchanged, survival Horror, RPG, however, the gameplay was changed, added a lot of new equipment and cars.

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Nobodies v1.0

Nobodies free download torrent games pc
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Nobodies — is an unusual detective game with a reverse bias. You are a government employee who must cover up traces of various killings. The government removes the unwanted, you come to the crime scene and destroy all possible evidence. To avoid evidence, you need to think like a detective. Even a minor trifle can betray the killer. Carefully analyze the place of the murder. Find all the evidence and signs revealing the killer to destroy them.

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