Motor Town Behind the wheel v0.6.10

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Motor Town Behind the wheel — is an ambitious open world driving simulator with proper tire physics from a developer who worked on big AAA games for the past 14 years but has now quit to create his dream game. The developer wants players to enjoy realistic driving in a living open world. You start with a muscle car. You can just go for a drive and pick up fellow travelers or go to the warehouse and pick up the goods to make some money. If you wish, you can get trucks or pickups from the warehouse for free.

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Ember Knights v0.5.2

Ember Knights free download torrent games pc
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Ember Knights — is a multiplayer roguelite with fast paced gameplay. Each run allows participants to create new synergistic attacks by customizing the character’s equipment and pumping his abilities. As you advance, you unlock access to new skills, relics, and spells that can impact every match. There is a network cooperative up to 4 participants and the creation of a room online. The combat system is made with an emphasis on slashing attacks, dynamic techniques and fast movements. Heroes have offensive and defensive spells that can be combined with other skills. By killing bosses and exploring the surroundings, you can find ancient artifacts and rare items that can greatly strengthen the wearer.

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Timberborn v0.2.9.0

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Timberborn — is a game project presented to the world in the genre of simulator, where you will become the leader of beaver-lumberjacks. The storyline will tell that humanity has long ceased to exist on our planet, only animals remained. You will play the role of a brave beaver who decides to create his own powerful and prosperous civilization. Your task is to build and create the most diverse vital structures and attributes. Do everything possible for the prosperity of the economy and create all conditions for a comfortable life for your people. The game will allow you to choose one of the three proposed races, which you will make the most influential and powerful on the entire planet.

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After the Collapse v1.0.0.4

After the Collapse free download torrent games pc
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After the Collapse is a simulation game that will allow you to fully demonstrate your strategic abilities and skills. Here you will build large-scale and multifunctional cities, trying to take under full control all aspects of its activities. All actions will take place from the top, which will allow you to accurately identify the needs of city residents and control life. The world around us has a peculiarity generated at random, which will make your task even more interesting, but at the same time more complex. The environment will be quite hostile, from here and there will be various problems that will not cope with that.

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Midnight Fight Express v1.02

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Midnight Fight Express — combines dynamic combat with motion capture and brutality. The developers have created a project in the spirit of the old school, providing modern minimalist graphics, elaborate and smooth animations of units, as well as an extensive list in the skills of the ward. The main character moves through a dangerous city full of criminals and bandits. The user will play the role of a killer who will go through hundreds of dangers and fight against enemy gangs and police. The gameplay features several extensive and corridor levels. They have many opponents and objects for interaction. The gamer is able to pick up any items, garbage cans, sticks, pipes and more to use it as a weapon and inflict damage on opponents.

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Ooblets v1.0.40

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Ooblets — will give you a journey into a bright and colorful world. This is a game about farming, chatting and cloning cute creatures. Lovers of travel and exploration will also be satisfied. This world is huge, artists and designers have created beautiful scenery for your adventures, all the locals look very cute and welcoming. Initially, you will have a small farm. It is worth taking care of its development and welfare. Try it and you will succeed. Naturally, you should not ignore your beloved home. Take care of home decor, select furniture, interior details and invite new friends for tea. Your hero will be transformed at your discretion. Dress it up and don’t forget about accessories.

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