Unreal Racing v0.0.7

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Unreal Racing — is an arcade car game inspired by the Need For Speed series and Colin McRae Rally. The gameplay is based on realistic physics and individual behavior of vehicles on different surfaces. Game mechanics balance between arcade and simulation controls. There are several types of races circuit races, free riding and drift. The environment stands out for its interactivity. For example, the relief is subject to deformation. Weather conditions affect maneuverability, etc. Despite the heavy physics, the main emphasis in Unreal Racing is on ease of control and fun.

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No Place for Bravery v1.32.52 - TiNYiSO

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No Place for Bravery — you have to plunge into the skin of the former warrior Thorn, who has lost the meaning of life, but is still looking for a way of redemption for his past deeds. One day he manages to find out that his missing daughter is still alive and can be saved. Together with your adopted son, you go in search of her to dangerous lands that are teeming with dangerous creatures. Action RPG with simple controls, procedural maps and mechanics similar to Super Time Force, where the player can control more than one character at the same time: first one, then rewinding time, another. And here you need to be careful when planning actions and synchronizing them. The great thing about No Place for Bravery will be the fact that it is not a grinder. There will be a minimum of numbers and words. The game is dedicated to hardcore, strategy and polish your skill.

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Map Of Materials v1.0 Build 8353596 - TiNYiSO

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In Map Of Materials, the plot is shrouded in darkness and mystery. The main character goes on a journey full of secrets. He will have to leave the lands that have long been forgotten by people. The main task is to find out the past of the protagonist, and also fight monsters and other ill-wishers on the way. Fortunately, the brave hero has a weapon for this. He uses a bow with arrows and a sword to shoot accurately and cut opponents to pieces. What are the new lands fraught with, and the forests hide you have to find out in the course of the passage. In Map Of Materials, the protagonist will explore the area.

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Voltage High Society Build 9221562

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Voltage High Society is 90s cyberpunk horror and metroidvania style gameplay. The game was influenced by films such as Tetsuo’s Iron Man and Escape from New York. In Voltage High Society, you embark on a journey where you are a nameless prisoner, stranded on an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Break through the horrors, get new weapons and abilities and look for a way out. The game features gritty retro graphics with modern touches, fast-paced and unique combat, tools that will give you access to new areas, ways to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

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Ultra Age Build 9505274 (Rebirth Project) - FLT

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The events of Ultra Age, although unfolding in the distant future, the main character here uses traditional methods of fighting evil. He is a master of the sword, and in open combat, few can be on the same level with him. His name is Age and, as a member, he receives a research assignment on one of the planets. However, in reality, everything turns out to be much more complicated, and instead of an easy walk, he will have to make his way through crowds of hostile creatures, using all his combat potential.

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River City Girls Zero Build 9514075

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River City Girls Zero — is an action adventure based on 4 characters named Kyoko, Misako, Riki and Kunio. Together they overcome deadly obstacles and fight against numerous opponents. In the story, the player learns about how the story of the friends from River City began. A team of girls ended up in prison because of a terrible crime that he did not commit. The main characters make their own way through bandits and criminals, destroying everyone on the way who is somehow involved in their recent problem. They are trying to clear their own name and prove that they are not guilty of a crime. In the gameplay, the user will have to participate in constant battles. In combat, you can use a variety of combinations and standard actions.

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Arma 3 v2.10.149954 + All DLC

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Arma 3 is a new tactical military simulator from an independent development company. The new series has brought with it a huge amount of innovations and updates. The game is built on a completely new physics engine, which greatly expands the possibilities of the game process. This time you will be able to use a fairly wide range of powerful weapons. In addition, you will learn a rather fascinating story and take part in enchanting battles with numerous opponents. There is a possibility of swimming under water, where you can better plan further tactics for conquest. The game can boast of excellent graphics development, from here comes the realism of every moment of the gameplay. Go to a cruel world and smash all your ill-wishers on the spot.

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Way of the Hunter v1.16.2.80362 - FLT

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Way of the Hunter — is a realistic first-person hunting simulator that features a massive open world and realistic ballistics system. In the game, you can hunt in the US and European biomes. Among the features are a particularly characteristic elaborate animation, a trophy system, an evaluation chamber with the possibility of reusing the pool and a large view, as well as large open spaces for research (140 square kilometers). In addition, the game has a story that tells about the difficulties of the family hunting economy, rivalry and friendship. It will be possible to play both in single player mode and in co-op.

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Nine Noir Lives v1.0.9

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Nine Noir Lives — is a detective adventure set in the atmosphere of a noir anthropomorphic world. The main character is a detective named Kalachyk Smetankinson, who arrives in the capital under the name Meow-Meow Murrington. Users will have to take control of a private detective cat who has to deal with the investigation of complex and complicated cases. The game is made in the genre of a point-and-click quest, where you need to move around locations and interact with interactive objects.

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Adventures of the Old Testament The Bible Video Game Build 9532400

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Adventures of the Old Testament The Bible Video Game — this game will have constant free updates, including new animations of Bible stories and new levels of gameplay updates every two weeks to a month. Also, this isn’t a AAA game, it’s meant to be an exciting gamified introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures. Our next New Testament Adventure game will be AAA game status. This game was developed by believers with the goal of giving people the opportunity to learn.

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