Beacon Pines v1.0.2

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Beacon Pines is a story where the player becomes a reader who has the ability to control what happens in a mysterious book. Some sentences have intentional omissions, and subsequent pages are blank. He must fill in the missing areas and the further fate of the company of friends, which is in a difficult situation, will directly depend on the words he inserted. Actions take place in the world of anthropomorphic animals. Out of boredom, the protagonist picked up an adventure book that he had never heard of before. Events unfold in a small town called Bacon Pines. Fawn Luke and his friends, a black cat and a squirrel, begin to notice that the environment in the city is changing to something strange. It’s as if some anomaly is affecting him.

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Slime Rancher 2 v0.1.1

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With Slime Rancher 2, the adventure of Beatrix LeBeau continues as she travels to Rainbow Island, making her way through a ton of obstacles to create a slug farm. In a platformer with building elements, an open world is implemented where the user is invited to meet with a mass of slimes that must be collected using a special blaster-vacuum cleaner. Here you also have to discover new types of slugs, explore the mysterious world, and build a greenhouse, placing it on a paradise island.

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Gas Station Simulator Build 9571315 - FLT

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Gas Station Simulator — is a first-person gas station management simulator. You have to serve customers, refuel cars and develop your gas station. The clients in the game will be very different. For example, truckers will need food and showers, while Tesla drivers will want a latte while they wait for their car to charge. Over 100 different upgrades, 50+ clients and a customization system await you. Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its former beauty. Update, modernize and expand the offered services to keep pace with the needs of customers.

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Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame 5 v1.0.0.10 - FLT

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Monster Energy Supercross 5 is a motorcycle racing game. It was developed by Milestone Studio, which created the previous parts of the series, as well as series such as MotoGP, RIDE, MXGP and WRC: FIA World Rally Championship. The game focuses on Supercross racing, which takes place in indoor stadiums on tracks filled with moguls, bumps, and potholes that make driving difficult. For the development of the game, Milestone Studios acquired the full license of Monster Energy Supercross for the 2021 season, providing us with authentic locations, brands, cars and teams. Players will be able to compete in the 450SX and 250S classes both East and West.

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Serial Cleaners Build 9569570 - FLT

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In Serial Cleaners users are invited to master a completely new type of profession, namely serial cleaners. This is a small group of 4 people who, while drinking in a bar, reminisce about their best outings of their entire career. And gamers can get in on the action in person, traversing the most memorable locations and clearing crime scenes of anything that gets too much attention. Each of the characters is endowed with their own style and manner of performing tasks, so when you move to the next segment.

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Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios Mercenary Challenges Build 9540540 - FLT

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The most important feature of this game is the gameplay and game features. And at the heart of the gameplay is a well-thought-out card system. It is through a deck of cards that will be at your disposal, and you will make as such moves. Each turn you will use two cards, each with two options. And the more unique cards you hold, the better your heroes will be. The advantage of this game lies in an advanced role-playing system. In gameplay Gloomhaven, you can pump every single character that has come to you in the squad. Moreover, each has at least five dozen skills and abilities, which you will be able to pump as you progress through the game. Pump up your characters, improve their characteristics, try to get as many rare cards as possible.

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Steel Division 2 Nemesis 5 Raid on Drvar v81320 - FLT

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Steel Division 2 Nemesis 5 Raid on Drvar — includes two brand new battle groups, thoroughly researched and modeled in Steel Division 2. Many new unique units are waiting to be controlled in a single, shared or multiplayer game. Nemesis Raid on Drvar takes players into one of the most unusual airborne operations of World War 2 the ambitious Axis air strike to neutralize Yugoslav guerrilla leader Tito in the spring of 1944. Operation Unternehmen Rosselsprung Operation Horse on Horse was a defiant landing raid by Nazi Germany deep into guerrilla-controlled territory, with the aim of delivering a stunning decisive blow.

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Animal Shelter v1.1.13 (Puppies and Kittens) - DOGE

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Animal Shelter — offers the player to open their own animal shelter. Pick up homeless animals on the streets and provide medical assistance. Take care of your wards and make sure they get along well with each other. Life on the street leaves prints on the body of animals. Treat scratches and apply patches. Bandage the wounded paws and watch your pet get better. Bathe your patient well using a hose and sponge. Hygiene is the key to health, so keep the cells clean. Prevent conflicts between neighbors. Intervene in fights and stretch aggressive individuals into different enclosures.

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Food Truck Simulator v3.84s - DOGE

Food Truck Simulator free download torrent games pc
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In Food Truck Simulator, the player will be in charge of buying, repairing and equipping food truck products. The user will be in the role of a seller, having a personal truck to sell various street food. To earn money, you will need to create your own menu, cook food and serve customers, moving around the city. Setting up and updating transport will help attract more visitors and increase turnover. The central character is sitting in the office at a boring meeting and accidentally comes across an ad for the sale of an old van. The protagonist decides to change something in his life and work for himself, therefore, without hesitation, he calls the seller and starts doing business. Now the main character goes to another enterprise and starts his own business.

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BeamNG drive v0.

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BeamNG drive — a game created in the style of racing, where you will not have any restrictions. But not everything is so simple. The fact is that the foundation here is based on the physics of actions, because every collision of your car with any obstacle will significantly affect its external and internal state. The damage model is made very realistic. You can not find the plot line here, but you will have complete freedom: go where you want and do what you want. Before your choice will be a variety of types of cars that you can experience on all sorts of racing tracks. Your main task will be to break the iron horses, pushing them into different stones, trees and knowledge. The graphics are simple enough, but very realistic. Explore the huge world, rummage through the various locations and smash everything as much as you want.​

This game has been updated 22-09-2022, 12:03 to the latest version v0.

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