Marmortal Fhaesirs Pride v18.09.2022

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In Marmortal Fhaesirs Pride, you made a wish to a powerful being, but it led to dire consequences. As a last resort, you head to the wish-granting sacred tower to try and destroy yours. Use your tried and true bow against the marble gargoyles and parkour your way to the sky tower. Dynamically shoot and race through the dangerous paths of the tower, as it does not accept mortals in its premises. The tower slowly turns you to stone and tries to cleanse itself of your influence by sending hordes of gargoyles at you. The wishes inside the tower reveal the interconnected stories of people who made their wishes in its current waters, as you gradually realize that you might not be the first to invade the tower either.

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Boo Men Build 9539169

Boo Men free download torrent games pc
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Boo Men — you are a thief who is assigned to rob a house. You are given a list of items to steal before you can leave. Play with a team and split the prize money or play solo and keep it all to yourself, but it won’t be that easy. Boo Men can hide in the dark, so stay in the light if you want to survive. This means keeping an eye on the power. The more lights you turn on, the faster it will discharge and cause a blackout, in which case you’ll need to find a switch to turn it back on.

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Baldurs Gate 3 v4.1.1.1829258 Patch 8 HotFix 6

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Baldurs Gate 3 — is the continuation of the cult RPG series. According to the plot of the game, the ancient evil returned to Baldur’s Gate and seeks to devour everything and everyone from the inside, destroying absolutely everything that is still left in the Forgotten Realms. Unlike previous games in the series, where battles took place in real time with a tactical pause, battles in the third part are completely turn-based. Baldurs Gate 3 is a continuation of the cult series of games that combines not only a well-thought-out storyline, but also complete freedom in choosing further actions. The plot is based on a dangerous and cunning evil, which soon finds itself at the gates of Baldur.

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SCP Secret Files v1.2.28418 Build 9530227

SCP Secret Files free download torrent games pc
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SCP Secret Files is a long-awaited game for fans of the secret fund, perfect for fans of the ever-expanding universe, and for those who want to just start immersing themselves in this gloomy atmosphere. According to the plot, this is a company that collects monsters and amazing people from all over the world and locks them in special cells so that they cannot harm humanity. There are both really dangerous creatures like the Plague Doctor, as well as simply absurd and strange phenomena.

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Frozenheim v1.0.1.4 Hotfix - FLT

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Frozenheim — is a Viking saga in which the protagonist is expelled from his homeland as blood feud tears his name apart. He sets out in search of a new home for himself and his loyal subjects. A harsh winter is approaching, and the clan needs to get to the shelter as quickly as possible. The construction of the settlement is a protracted matter and definitely does not suit the central character. But cold and hunger compel him to make a quick decision. It depends on the actions of the user whether the protagonist is able to become a graph and lead his own clan to survival in order to change the pages of history. In the Scandinavian city-building simulator, the gamer will take advantage of the sophisticated unit control mechanics and many development trees. Improvements will help you get to new objects and materials, providing more options for survival.

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Aragami 2 v1.0.30079.0 - FLT

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The story of Aragami 2 tells about one of the last members of the clan of secret assassins. Aragami have had mystical powers for many years. She gives them the ability to subjugate the shadows and control the darkness itself. At the same time, their strength becomes their disease — the darkness destroys the body and mind from the inside. Trying to save his relatives, the main character must perform various tasks in nearby settlements. Aragami are accustomed to acting quietly, discreetly, and extremely efficiently. The combat system «Aragami 2» is aimed at using colorful professional techniques. In total, over 40 techniques of shadow mastery are available, allowing you to find an approach to any enemy.

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Deadwater Saloon v1.3.18

Deadwater Saloon free download torrent games pc
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Deadwater Saloon — become the owner of a saloon in an unstable border town in the Wild West world. Build your character and face the consequences of your choices as you forge friendships and feuds with townspeople, travelers, outlaws and lawmen. Build the most famous saloon in the area or be defeated and destroyed. As a wealthy and energetic character in the old west, you’ll be able to fully customize your attributes to suit your playstyle, such as mixology, seduction, and guile.

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Lost Scavenger v0.3.364

Lost Scavenger free download torrent games pc
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Lost Scavenger — is an impressive, hardcore survival-RPG-roguelike simulator with an open world and strategy elements, in which you will find yourself in the role of an ordinary man who fell into a spatial anomaly and found himself in a post-apocalyptic world that was invaded by the Mist. Lost Scavenger is a hardcore survival game set in an open world overwhelmed by the Gloom. You play as a layman who fell through a spatial anomaly into a world that fell 30 years ago under the onslaught of the Mgla. How long can you survive in a dying world where every step can be the last. Can you find your way back or adjust here? Fight for the last resources, survive, discover all the secrets of this world. This is your story.

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