Command and Conquer Twisted Insurrection v0.9.0.2

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Command and Conquer Twisted Insurrection — is a standalone addon for Tiberian Sun, created by true fans of the strategy series. To run the add-on, it is not necessary to install the original game. The developers offer to go through a completely new storyline, which is an alternative version of the events of the first game. In the addon Command and Conquer Twisted Insurrection, the graphic component of the game has been improved. A new campaign, additional types of units, more than 100 unique cards and an original soundtrack written specifically for the addon are provided. In addition to the story campaign, multiplayer is available. A special CnCNet server is provided for online play.

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Two Point Campus v1.3.108381 + 2 DLC

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With Two Point Campus, the user gets the opportunity to build a university campus with unusual activities. The university construction and management simulator invites the user to do construction, recruitment, selection of courses where students study the most bizarre disciplines. In the city-planning simulator, it is proposed not only to build buildings for the university, but also to come up with non-standard disciplines that the gamer is going to teach teenagers. At the start, it was proposed to take up the choice of a suitable place for construction. The game has an extensive toolkit, thanks to which the player is able to build any building to his own liking, adding, for example, a campus with canteens, a variety of classes.

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Arcade Paradise v1.2 - SKIDROW

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The heroine of Arcade Paradise is named Ashley, she recently received the rights to her family’s laundry. She wants to make a more profitable business out of it. Her idea is that smart profit management can help create an arcade paradise. The developers took inspiration from projects from the 90s, providing retro soundtracks and pixel art. Events take place in the sleepy town of Grindstone, where there is a new reason for gossip. The player will have to manage his own business, put the earned money back into circulation and be always better than her father. The protagonist will have to design an individual arcade paradise. The user will wash clothes, take out tanks and do other not very pleasant things. But then you can turn the routine work into an arcade with cool minigames, action games and adventures to get rich from countless visitors.

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Ghost Watchers v3.5

Ghost Watchers free download torrent games pc
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The mystical atmosphere in Ghost Watchers will show gamers a universe inhabited by demonic creatures, vampires and ghosts. The hero is a researcher of the paranormal and a hunter of otherworldly creatures. The game is a horror co-op where you can gather a group in multiplayer mode to destroy dangerous monsters. It will come out to wander around dark locations, exploring the surroundings of abandoned houses, mansions, etc. Users will be able to meet 10 unique opponents that need to be identified.

This game has been updated 18-08-2022, 16:06 to the latest version v3.5.

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The Ascent Cyber Heist Build 9339875 - FLT

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The Ascent Cyber Heist — You’ve completed your ascent, but you want more. Cyber ​​robbery for you. Alone or in co-op with friends, complete new challenging missions, explore brand new locations, fight new enemies and experience new ways to fight with melee weapons. Ascent Cyber ​​Heist takes place after the main story of Ascent and is available to those who have completed the main campaign and want to sign a new contract. Kira, your former employer, received a new top secret assignment and how could you, as a new independent contractor, refuse. Go beyond the familiar arcology to the new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. There are some groundbreaking new technologies ready to go, but you’re not the only one with your sights set on the prize. Test your skills with this new challenging job. Explore brand new locations, fight new enemies.

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The Gods Are Fickle v0.1.1

The Gods Are Fickle free download torrent games pc
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The Gods Are Fickle — is a collectible card tactical game where you explore souls and artifacts, create fancy builds and defeat your opponents. Discover and collect. Build your collection to become the most glorious guildmaster. The strategies you use, the moves you counter with, and the flexibility with which you play matches are determined by the souls and artifacts you can summon. They come in the form of three types of cards: Heroes, Weapons, and Glyphs, some of which belong to a specific god’s cult. There are a total of 98 base cards.

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The Quarry Build 8907504

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The Quarry is a cinematic horror game in which every decision made has consequences both for the overall development of the story and for the life of the characters. The action takes place at the Hacketts Cuori summer camp. Teenagers are pursued by bloodthirsty maniacs and creepy monsters hiding in the night. The game features many main characters: Chris, Abigail, Caitlin, Nick, Emma and others. In addition, there are numerous secondary characters. Famous actors of youth horror films took part in the voice acting. Each protagonist has his own personal character. The characters in the story constantly interact with each other. It is necessary to explore the area, collect various items and clues, which will help when meeting with the hunter.

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Stolen Realm v0.19.6 - P2P

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Stolen Realm — is a turn-based tactical role-playing game that raises the bar for the genre. Master deep and interesting tactical battles. Embark on a journey as a single champion or with a group of up to four people. Play a single or multiplayer game in a shared online game. Return the stolen kingdom. Simultaneous command system to accelerate the pace of combat. Fixed camera with hex-based grid for easy navigation and aiming. Fun, useful activities and research, where all members of the group always have something to do. A fascinating story that will captivate you with your group.

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Wild Life v12.08.2022

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Wild Life — takes players to the distant past, to years long before our era. The range of computer games does not cease to be updated, and every year the developers delight the community with new projects. The modern user is difficult to surprise, so the studios are developing new ideas. Sometimes ideas reach the level of insanity, but many players even like it. This simulator is a survival in the prehistoric world. The game is intended only for adult users, because it contains a large amount of sexual content. The open world is completely open to exploration, there is no storyline, which means that players.

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Medieval Kingdom Wars v1.33

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Medieval Kingdom Wars is an increasingly popular game developed in the strategy genre, where you will build your career on fabulous victories in battles with your opponents. The graphics in the game at the highest level, at the same level, the entire gameplay as a whole is performed. Here you will become a real medieval ruler who will take control of the whole state. You need to raise the empire from its knees, where the economy has long been disrupted, crime prevails, and residents have long left their homes. You have to build your kingdom from the very beginning to the top, so that it flourishes and is well protected. And for this you need to make a lot of effort. Develop the economy and rehabilitate agriculture, as well as develop good, mutually beneficial relations with other states. Create a powerful army and provide it with everything you need to win one dinner after another. You need to carefully plan tactics to be in the first places among the developed empires.

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