Life is Strange Before the Storm Remastered v2.0.452.696242

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Life is Strange Before the Storm Remastered is an interactive novel that serves as a backstory to the original game. Life is Strange: Before the storm plunges into the story of Chloe Price, who, along with Rachel Amber, finds herself in a difficult situation because of her youthful maximalism and craving for adventure. The re-release includes an additional episode, tweaked textures, updated lighting, and many other improvements. Events start at the moment when Chloe’s best friend named Max Caulfield moves to Seattle. The protagonist is upset by this act and goes to a concert of a popular rock band that is performing a secret show within Arcadia Bay. From this moment on, a drama begins to unfold.

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City Eye v1.0 - DOGE

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City Eye — allows you to become the operator of the Central Monitoring System, which prevents the consequences of various disasters or emergencies. With the help of the city map, the most problematic areas of the city are tracked, where it is necessary to help the police with criminals or try to prevent accidents. The player has hundreds of security cameras placed throughout the city. By switching between them, you can track where the most dangerous area is located or a catastrophe can happen. Dangerous criminals can be tracked by taking photos of suspects and sending them to security services. Sometimes multiple events can happen in parallel in City Eye, so you need to react faster and make decisions on the go.

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Super Bullet Break Build 8990180 - DARKSiDERS

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Super Bullet Break — is a one-of-a-kind deck building strategy inspired by your favorite gacha games. Filled with a wild bunch of cute and colorful characters, Kulea is each unique in their own way. Save the online gaming world from total destruction in Super Bullet Break, where the multiplayer online games have been taken over by rogue AI. Can you save the world, defeat enemies in strategic turn-based battles and win Super Bullet Break. No two girls are the same. Meet the orbs you collect along the way, all featuring original artwork and character designs, and create the perfect team. Collect different items and orbs to make them work together for your benefit. From common to legendary, from active to passive, each item is useful to you in its own way.

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Terraformers v0.8.49

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Terraformers — is a 3X roguelite game where you lead an operation to terraform Mars. Get to the Red Planet, where there are no buildings of mankind yet. Take advantage of the resources of the environment and gradually expand your base by founding new cities, settlements and industrial territories. Start the terraforming process by warming the planet, editing the oceans, and spreading life through bacteria and imported creatures. Control leaders and send them to mysterious places to discover huge places rich in resources. You will encounter crystal caves and previously unexplored wonders of nature.

This game has been updated 12-08-2022, 10:10 to the latest version v0.8.49.

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Perseverance Part 3 Build 9085353 - DARKSiDERS

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Perseverance Part 3 — is the latest episode in a series of horror visual novels in which the only thing juicier than gossip is guts that scatter left and right. You’ll have over 200 decisions to make during your playthrough, all of which will impact the story, so choose wisely. Will you help save humanity from the invasion of zombies or go the selfish path and save yourself and your loved ones. No choice is wrong, but consider every step. Perseverance is based on stories like Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, Blindness, Rebirth, and most importantly, The Walking Dead. The main goal of the series is to show the drama of individuals in the face of horrific events.

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Aquamarine v1.2.0

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Aquamarine — is a sci-fi adventure game that tells of the adventures of an unknown traveler whose ship is wrecked in the vastness of a mysterious planet whose surface is completely covered by water. Try to find out as much as possible about the place where you are at the moment, avoid aggressive representatives of animal fauna, learn how to obtain the resources necessary for life, search for secrets, immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere of an absolutely unfamiliar world and most importantly — throw all your strength into to find parts to help you bring your old spaceship back to life.

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Yacht Mechanic Simulator Build 9254143

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The protagonist of Yacht Mechanic Simulator starts his own business of repairing used or completely destroyed yachts. He masterfully wields tools and has a wide knowledge in his favorite field. He decides to build a great empire and is at the start of his own path. To begin with, he will have to find old yachts, or buy them for the minimum amount. Thanks to the available methods and tools, the player will repair engines, add new parts to boats, change design and interior. This will help restore the beautiful appearance and performance of vehicles for sale or personal use. The more detail and labor that goes into a yacht, the more expensive it will cost. Many abandoned boats are not needed or owned by anyone, so they can be freely picked up.

This game has been updated 12-08-2022, 09:48 to the latest version Build 9254143.

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Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game v0.8.247

Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game free download torrent games pc
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Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game — is a tactical game project developed in the RPG genre in which you set off to conquer the vast expanses of space on your colonial ship. The events of the game send you straight to the distant future, where humanity has reached unrealistic heights in the study of outer space. You will take on the fulfillment of a very important role the role of the captain of a ship that goes on a long, important journey to fulfill a large-scale mission. The main goal is to get to a particular planet, study it and make it the future home for people. Your vessel was previously cargo, therefore it has overall dimensions, which means that not a small number of colonists went on a journey. A rather large period of time has already passed from the beginning of the journey, when people on the ship have already lost all hope and have fully settled in the vast spaces of the ship, leading a very ordinary life. This acceptance of the situation entailed quite a few problems, clashes between people and the real mess on board. You have to figure it all out and try to calm the chaos, giving hope for salvation.

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Best Forklift Operator Build 9274476

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Best Forklift Operator — is a casual simulator that lets you take control of a small forklift. Users will move around the warehouse while driving a car. You will have to perform various tasks related to the transportation, transportation, unloading and loading of various cargoes. Users will encounter realistic gameplay mechanics that will convey the full feeling of driving a forklift. In the process of passing the Best Forklift Operator, players have to learn the basics of management using a special training manual. The single player campaign will consist of various levels where you will have to visit warehouses, yards and other working sectors. Arriving at the facility, it is necessary to work out the task in a quality manner and receive bonus rewards for this.

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Buccaneers v1.0.13 - Razor1911

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Buccaneers — will give a lot of positive impressions to all fans of adventure and pirate stories. Here you can travel, find treasures, fight and do what pirates love to do. Buccaneers the praetors of the seas desperately plow in search of profit. You will become a formidable sea wolf the captain of the ship. You can play using a virtual reality headset to feel the true spirit of sea battles. Act like a seasoned strategist. Attack and sink ships. Capture coastal areas. Your faction will have its own territories.

This game has been updated 12-08-2022, 04:02 to the latest version v1.0.13.

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