Bicycle Rider Simulator v1.0 Build 9259974 - DOGE

Bicycle Rider Simulator free download torrent games pc
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The protagonist will be able to retire with his bike in Bicycle Rider Simulator. Beautiful surrounding world that will fascinate with its views. Small mountains, tall trees, through which the sun’s rays are trying to get through. The user will be able to go on an unusual journey through the forest and feel the beautiful scenery while listening to the birds sing. Many beautiful locations with amazing flora and fauna where you can relax after a hard day. Exploring the location, you first need to take a bike and ride it.

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Tiny Tactics v1.0 Build 9254506 - DARKSiDERS

Tiny Tactics free download torrent games pc
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Tiny Tactics — is a tower defense game with an emphasis on maze building and mechanics inspired by the Auto Chess genre. Tiny Tactics is a love letter to those of us who like to focus on tower defense mazes. You’ll be constantly considering your enemy’s path, trying to improve your units, combining duplicates, getting the perfect class combinations, and placing the right units with abilities in the right place to maximize their impact. After mastering the game mechanics, players can challenge themselves in challenge modes that open up when they reach the end of the campaign map.

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MORODASHI SUMO v1.0 Build 9257776 - DARKSiDERS

MORODASHI SUMO free download torrent games pc
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MORODASHI SUMO — this is a story about an earth that exists in a multiverse. You are a sumo wrestler, a traditional national sport that Japan is proud of. I dreamed of becoming a Yokozun of the highest rank, the highest medal for sumo wrestlers, and I worked hard day and night to train. Once upon a time, a rumor reached you that a universal power was sealed in the winning trophy of Chan-Kon sumo Morodashi. I decided to accept the challenge of the Morodasi Sumo Fighting Tournament as a test of strength. Use all the wrestlers to grab, push and fly to prove your yokozuna existence to the Sumo King waiting on the throne.

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Recipe for Disaster Build 9252691 - DARKSiDERS

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Recipe for Disaster — is a social restaurant management simulation. In it you have to try yourself in the role of an inexperienced but ambitious chef who goes to his cherished dream to become an outstanding restaurateur and achieve world recognition. In the process, you will have to design rooms, hire all kinds of staff, manage people, create menus and experiment with ingredients to create new gastronomic masterpieces and impress discerning customers.

This game has been updated 5-08-2022, 10:45 to the latest version Build 9252691.

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House Flipper v1.22213 + DLC

House Flipper free download torrent games pc
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House Flipper is a repair worker simulator that will allow you to buy, sell, demolish, repair, furnish and decorate rooms with your own hands. Sometimes, you get completely hopeless housing, killed by mold, parasites, time and anything, but you can make a candy even from this with a set of tools provided by the game House Flipper. You can create the home of your dreams and sell it on very favorable terms. And if everything is completely hopeless, then to hell with this junk and do something new. Repair, show your design talent, and then show all the skills of the merchant, selling the result of his work.

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Godlike Burger v1.0.6

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Godlike Burger — is a combination of a strategy adventure and a roguelike with action elements, a fun Aquarium Designer simulator, and an emphasis on humor. Here you have to transform into a crazed chef who cooks the best burgers in the world. Take control of your restaurant, prepare delicious and juicy hamburgers, and at the same time eliminate the terrible aliens. Your establishment is located on a special space platform that is able to surf the spaces between different planets. The secret to your success is very simple one of your ingredients is your own visitors.

This game has been updated 5-08-2022, 10:59 to the latest version v1.0.6.

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Vanaris Tactics v1.01 - GOG

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Vanaris Tactics — tells the story of a group of people who have dreamed of freedom all their lives. Therefore, they decided to get out of the walls of Vanaris in order to finally find peace and stop being afraid. The focus is on a woman named Morgana. Together with their brother Miguel and nephew Adrien, they leave their homeland, exploring previously unseen lands and trying to find themselves in other conditions.

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Cyber Runner Build 8518693

Cyber Runner free download torrent games pc
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Cyber Runner — It’s a fast paced endless run and dodge game. All levels are randomly generated by the program and can be challenged endlessly. Players need to control the characters to run forward and avoid obstacles left and right, and jump to avoid falling into the abyss. Keep running forward and avoid obstacles. Players can run left and right and jump. Collect energy bar to get more points. Support the leaderboard. Support the gains.

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The Fermi Paradox v0.67.b.1

The Fermi Paradox free download torrent games pc
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The Fermi Paradox — players will simultaneously control several alien civilizations and thereby maintain balance in the Galaxy. In total, the game will be able to offer 400 different events that will greatly affect the development of nations and significantly change their course of history. The main task of the user is to guide his wards through all the quirks of the developers fantasies and make sure that alien societies can come into contact with other species. To do this, you will have to balance technological progress, military aggression and waste of resources, fight climatic disasters, save interstellar expeditions, and even fight a bloodthirsty artificial intelligence who has decided to take over the world.

This game has been updated 5-08-2022, 10:50 to the latest version v0.67.b.1.

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Move 78 Build 8993184

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Move 78 — Eight complete strangers wake up in an unfamiliar complex with broken memories. They have to solve intricate quests and fight for their lives in deadly games. Unravel the mystery of each group’s hidden motives and lost memories. What unites them. What happened to the outside world, and who is the Mosquito Slayer that haunts them in their nightmares. Solve many 3D puzzle rooms with different themed puzzles, fight for your life in death games and compete with strange enemies. Enjoy a deep and mysterious story in a fully voiced visual novel. A combination of 3D puzzle-solving environments.

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