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Detective Max Double Clues — a new section of Detective Max Mystery games is already available. A new criminal case and the mysterious adventures of Detective Max. More than a year has passed since the first investigation into the murder of Detective Max Mystery at Conor High School. Max entered the engineering department, although he always dreamed of a career as a detective, like his father. He immersed himself in learning. Life was just getting better, and Max almost forgot about these little detective games. But suddenly another unusual death occurred in the city. The victim is Sheila Woods, 39, owner of a real estate agency. She was found without signs of life in her office.

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Blade Runner Enhanced Edition Build 8912984 - FLT

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Blade Runner Enhanced Edition — storyline in some ways duplicates the film, immersing us in the incredible atmosphere of a post-apocalypse, if you always dreamed of trying something like that. The authors provided us with 16 variations of the endings. By and large, it all depends on how many evidence and various facts you find and give to the authorities. In this detective investigation, everything will be intertwined and confused and each of your decisions will lead to a specific ending. It all starts with the fact that you begin to investigate the defeat in the store for animals, perpetrated by an association of escaped replicants.

This game has been updated 23-06-2022, 16:14 to the latest version Build 8912984.

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Legends of Kingdom Rush v3.1.0

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Legends of Kingdom Rush — is a role-playing adventure with tactical strategy elements that invites you to immerse yourself in the cult universe of Kingdom Rush. Thanks to the new adventure atmosphere, you can play as different heroes, try to cleanse the world of filth and try to achieve a favorable result. There is a lot to fight and not every battle will be easy, and after that you can go on an exciting journey that you will remember for a long time and will simply allow you to realize your full potential.
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Apocalyptic Vibes v23.06.2022 (demo)

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Apocalyptic Vibes — is a hardcore post-apocalyptic action game based on the GZDoom engine, which takes place in a harsh and cold world that survived a nuclear war. The wind howls, carrying radioactive dust, and poisonous raindrops hit right in the face. Challenge the post-apocalyptic wasteland and forge your path against the odds. Several large-scale man-made disasters in a row plunged the Earth into agony. The remnants of humanity are forced to lead a hard life on patches of surviving land among the ruins of the past World. The player has to go through a difficult path, overcoming the dangerous trials.

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