Into The Underdusk v03.05.2022 - Chronos

Into The Underdusk free download torrent games pc
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Into The Underdusk — a stagnant world that is slowly sinking into the depths of oblivion. Only you must challenge this world in search of the lost medallion and restore your memories before it’s too late. Choose your path through a gloomy landscape with pixel graphics, bold brutal precision platformers, meet strange inhabitants and collect collectibles to increase your strength in an attempt to regain your soul. Run, jump and slide on the walls on the way to victory, but be careful one blow will take you back to the last checkpoint. Explore a maze-like world full of bonuses and secrets. Collect fragments of memories to discover the forgotten history of your past. 3 game modes for players who love even more trials.
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Sea Horizon Build 8649042 - P2P

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Sea Horizon — split into thousands of islands. Therefore, sailing is the most effective way to travel. They sail to the edge of the sea horizon to explore the unknown and stop the invasion of the dark demon. Bones on the equipment, throw with him. There are four types of resources that can be on the cubes provided by the equipment. Each character will throw all the dice on his equipment, which determines how many resources he can use in battle. You have to think about what you have, depending on your skills. Each trip can be unique. A world consisting of different islands, with locations in different styles. Each game is a new experience. Examine the card freely. But you need to put food to their attention. Unlock different characters through stories or events.
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Cold House Build 8663723 - DARKSiDERS

Cold House free download torrent games pc
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Cold House — is a first-person horror game that is the first of three episodes. You have to survive in extreme cold conditions, solve puzzles and solve the mystery of the cold house. The action takes place in Yakutia, where winter temperatures drop below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 °F). The protagonist gets into a car accident and is forced to hide from the cold in an abandoned house, waiting for warming, where it soon turns out that he is not alone.
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Cyberdunk Anime Edition v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Cyberdunk Anime Edition free download torrent games pc
Cyberdunk Anime Edition — find the best weapon, defeat more enemies, pass difficult tests and your wifa will smile at you and praise you. The gameplay is easy to perceive, the interface harmoniously complements the picture of the city of the future. Stroll through the endless streets under neon signs, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the dark city and complete all the tasks to satisfy every wifi, and at the end of your adventure, they will thank you for a frothy party. Turn on the walk mode and enjoy the hot girls against the backdrop of the cyber city.
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Thymesia v03.05.2022 (demo)

Thymesia free download torrent games pc
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In Thymesia, the player takes control of the mysterious Corvus. Events unfold in a fictional kingdom ruled by death and robbers. The main character tracks down opponents and eliminates them. Corvus received the power of the plague, deadly spells that will help get to the truth in the country. Previously, the kingdom prospered, and life sang with bright colors. The ruler decides to try to ban the dark business of alchemy, and after that catastrophic events follow. A few days later, the state is engulfed in chaos, monsters crawl out of the ground and kill civilians. The protagonist has lost his memory, but only by restoring it will he be able to find out where the monsters came from and how to destroy them. Exploring the world and completing tasks, the central character discovers his own lost memories, solving mysteries.
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Ghostwire Tokyo Build 8603602 - FLT

Ghostwire Tokyo free download torrent games pc
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Ghostwire Tokyo — is a first-person action-adventure game. The events take place in Tokyo, where people mysteriously began to disappear. The protagonist is a detective who uses psychic powers to help him detect and fight spirits. The combat system is described by the developers as karate with magic. The protagonist uses Kuji-kiri style hand movements to form signs and various spells. To kill an enemy, you first need to destroy its shell in order to get to the core. Once the enemy’s core is opened, the player can neutralize the ghost. The plot starts from the moment when almost all the inhabitants of Tokyo disappear. Otherworldly spirits called Visitors fill the streets of the city.

This game has been updated 3-05-2022, 04:46 to the latest version Build 8603602.

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Takkoman Kouzatsu World Build 7297114 - P2P

Takkoman Kouzatsu World free download torrent games pc
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Takkoman Kouzatsu World — is an epic side-scroller full of action elements. Defeat the mini-bosses and main bosses in each stage. Show them who the real boss is. Destroy all the enemies that stand in front of you. Gracefully avoid waves of enemy fire! Strike fear into the bad guys with a variety of attacks. Is the magic bar full. Time to show off your special attack. Boost your score by being the brightest person in the room.
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Dungeon Reels Tactics Build 8655859 - Goldberg

Dungeon Reels Tactics free download torrent games pc
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Dungeon Reels Tactics — is a roguelike game based on parties, with slot machines and puppet shows! Gather new members of the group with their own pre-created slot machine drums and go on an adventure to TRY to defeat the Great Evil. Go through the map filled with encounters with enemies, cards of fate to be played, insidious bosses. Hire new team members by collecting tickets throughout the adventure.
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Per Aspera Blue Mars Build 8656168 - DOGE

Per Aspera Blue Mars free download torrent games pc
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Per Aspera Blue Mars — introduces players to new ways to interact with your ocean-sized bodies of water and all the benefits they offer! You have changed the face of the Red Planet with the update of Green Mars now let is move on to blue. The game is sci-fi oriented, which means that all technologies and buildings are quite realistic, and can be used in the future when colonizing the Red Planet. You have to play as a developed artificial intelligence, the goal of which is to build a prosperous colony on Mars, and make the planet habitable before people settle on it. To do this, you need to terraform Mars, changing the atmosphere on it to suit the needs of man.
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Workshop Simulator v1.2.10005 - GOG

Workshop Simulator free download torrent games pc
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Workshop Simulator is a very relaxing and addictive game where you can do some antique restoration work. All this, coupled with a touching nostalgia for the old times and a little interspersed with the plot, makes the gaming experience unforgettable and extremely enjoyable. Could an innocent grandmother’s request be the beginning of a nostalgic journey down the paths of memory that will help you discover your family’s history.
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