Astria Ascending v1.0.132r - CODEX

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In JRPG Astria Ascending, the player will go to explore a huge world on the brink of chaos. A turn-based combat system with random events that can decide the outcome, interfere with or help the main character is presented. Extensive customization of the central character will allow you to change his appearance, choose a class, special abilities and characteristics. The project features hand-drawn environments, visuals and unit models with support for 4K resolution. The vast world of Orcanon includes 5 cities where fictional races live. Each faction lives in a unique environment with its own culture and customs. The user will have to go down into deadly dungeons, where the protagonist will meet with bosses, monsters and traps. In the passage, you will come across puzzles based on interaction with surrounding objects to solve.

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Titan Quest Eternal Embers v2.10.19934 - PLAZA

Titan Quest Eternal Embers free download torrent games pc
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Titan Quest Eternal Embers is the fourth expansion pack for the Titan Quest. Its storyline includes four acts and 15 side quests, and can only be completed on the legendary difficulty level. According to the plot, Emperor Yao summons the Hero to the Far East to fight the demons. Arriving in the country, the Hero also encounters the Ten Suns and the Dragon King. The DLC will also add to the game additional weapons, armor, relics and amulets, 7 types of potions, more than 30 ordinary enemies and bosses, the ability to become a master of Neidan an alchemist using potions in battle. Eternal Embers also introduced controller support, improved graphics, performance and loading speed for regions around dungeons.

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Crossroads Inn v4.0.6d (Anniversary Edition) - PLAZA

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Crossroads Inn — is a very realistic tavern simulator in which you will have to build a tavern, become its full owner, and do everything so that it lives and makes a profit. The game takes place in a fantasy universe called Delcris. It is there that you will go in search of adventure and wealth. But you will not have to deal with the adventures themselves or some difficult tasks related to finding monsters. Here you will find something more here you play the role of a businessman, the owner of a tavern.

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Plague Lords v0.2202

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Plague Lords — is a gloomy turn-based tactical RPG in the open world, in which you manage a settlement and dozens of peasants, artisans and warriors to stop the impending plague. Each resident of your camp has an individual, he is not just a blacksmith, lumberjack or soldier, but a separate character with his own parameters and skills. Using these skills, hundreds of items of equipment, dozens of buildings for various purposes, traps and other engineering tricks, clear the covered bad barony and reveal the cause of infection. The middle of the 14th century. The Black Death is in full swing.
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GRIEF v19.02.2022

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GRIEF is a creepy and surprisingly poignant first-person adventure in which a corpse follows you through a hospital as you learn to come to terms with a tragic event. In GRIEF, you find yourself in a hospital corridor with a corpse in a hospital bed behind you. As you walk through the hospital, the corridor seems to repeat itself although some of the posters change, and all the while the corpse on the bed follows you. Now you need to figure out how to leave the corpse behind and hopefully come to terms with your grief. The GRIEF game takes about five minutes to complete, but in the short time of playing it makes a powerful impression.
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Tinykin v19.02.2022

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Tinykin — is an adventure-style quest platformer that puts you in the role of the brave astronaut Milo. After a long space journey, he returns to Earth and realizes that somehow his size has become extremely small. Ordinary people disappeared somewhere, and the same tiny creatures took their place. It is with them that you will have to join forces in order to find the right path and return to your native and familiar world.
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The Tribe Must Survive v0.12.1

The Tribe Must Survive free download torrent games pc
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The Tribe Must Survive — is a hardcore survival strategy game with roguelike elements, the world of which is inspired by Lovecraftian myths, where you control a Stone Age tribe. The Tribe Must Survive is a tribal building game with a lot of survival and rogue-like elements. Whatever it takes. The tribe must survive. The game takes place in the gloomy Lovecraftian Stone Age. It tells how to find ways to grow and protect your tribe from what lurks in the shadows around it. All members of your tribe have their own personality and will, the characters usually do only what they want. Luckily, you can manipulate them with rituals, buildings, upgrades, and other complex choices to get things done.
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Book of Adventum v1.0.0 - PLAZA

Book of Adventum free download torrent games pc
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Book of Adventum — is a first-person indie adventure shooter. The game takes place in the steam world, where the player takes on the role of a handyman, who is tasked with repairing a faulty lighthouse. Book of Adventum combines a time-tested solution to first-person adventure shooter problems to shoot people in the face and solve not-so-complex puzzles with metaphysical reflections that you can happily ignore. The artistic style of the game pays tribute to the creators of the genre of mid-zero with a hint of cartoon. Explore all the nooks and crannies of the open world sandbox, which is about 10 hours. The soundtrack of the game includes tracks of the mystical metal band KuuDelta and masters of the Cyborg See Cyborg Do ambient.
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The Shore Anniversary v20220219 - CODEX

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The Shore — is an action adventure packed with elements taken from survival horror. The game was developed by an independent developer known as Ares Dragonis. The main source of inspiration for the author was Lovecraft’s Myths of Cthulhu. The main character of The Shore is Andrew. After his daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances, a desperate man began searching for her. They took him to the shore, where he hopes to get answers to the questions that tormented him and, as a result, save the life of his child. However, this will not be easy, because after meeting with the creatures from the nightmare or waiting for him here with supernaturally powerful artifacts, the hero will also have to fight in order to maintain his own mental health.

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Star Renegades v1.5.1.5 - RePack

Star Renegades free download torrent games pc
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Star Renegades — is a tactical RPG with turn-based combat. The plot unfolds in the distant future, where humanity has been inhabiting the planets of the entire galaxy for many years. The player finds himself in the midst of an interplanetary war, where oppressed ordinary people make an uprising against a powerful corporation on a galactic scale. As such, there is no solid plot in the game. However, the gameplay will not let you get bored. The project has a built-in unique engine that generates events on the fly, providing the player with all sorts of unique tasks that do not repeat as they progress. Thus, you can play the game more than once and each of them get new impressions.

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