Total War ROME REMASTERED v2.0.5 + Enhanced Graphics Pack - CODEX

Total War ROME REMASTERED free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.0.5 + Enhanced Graphics Pack TORRENT CODEX
Total War ROME REMASTERED — a re-release of the original part, with the ability to play on a pirate network with a friend. The player will relive the events of the classic war with multiple gameplay changes. Units, territories, buildings and textures are presented in higher quality. There is support for 4K and more scenario missions with a free mode. Added Alexander and Barbarian Invasion add-ons with all ROME parts collection. The army limit has been increased to allow for larger encounters. The gamer is able to take control of 16 additional factions, in addition to the Roman Empire. In total, there are 38 factions in the gameplay with different units, formation, tactics and strategy. Merchants are a new type of units, they travel between states, establish trade relations, help to obtain resources, lure rivals and achieve economic excellence.

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Green Hell v2.1.8 - CODEX

Green Hell free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.1.8 TORRENT CODEX
Green Hell — this new game on the theme of survival in harsh conditions. This time you are waiting for the «green hell» in the depths of the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon. All you have is a walkie-talkie and a well-known voice that calls you. In these incredibly difficult conditions, you will struggle not only with animals or tropical diseases, but also with the play of your own mind. Endless dangers, fear, hunger and thirst are serious tests for the mind, and in such circumstances it is necessary to exert all forces to remain in sound mind. The theme of survival is increasingly gaining popularity among developers, in Green Hell you will find beautiful graphics and many other unique developments that will make the game interesting and exciting.

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Pronty v2.0.0 - CODEX

Pronty free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v2.0.0 TORRENT CODEX
Pronty — is a two-dimensional action-adventure game in which the game map is built on the principle of the genre called «metroidvania». The setting of the project with a side view, limiting the movement of a virtual protégé named Pronti in two dimensions, is a fantasy underwater world filled with a variety of wondrous creatures that were invented and drawn from scratch by developers from the indie studio «18Light Game Ltd.» There is support for controllers from all kinds of manufacturers, which allows you to play at any distance from the screen, for example, while sitting on the couch.

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Trailmakers v1.4.1.36954 - CODEX

Trailmakers free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.1.36954 TORRENT CODEX
Trailmakers is an interesting game project on a PC, which is a kind of designer and a car building simulator in which developers offer all gamers to assemble their own car and take part in dynamic battles against the owners of their home-made cars. In the game, you will become for some time a car mechanic and a designer engaged in the assembly of cars. From the available parts, you need to assemble your own deadly killing machine, which will not only kill, but also drive fast.

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Thunder Tier One v1.2.1 - CODEX

Thunder Tier One free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.1 TORRENT CODEX
Thunder Tier One — is an interesting military-themed shooter that takes us back to the 80s. Take on the role of a tough soldier and take on the most dangerous operations, during which you have to think tactically and shoot to kill. The single player mode includes 10 campaigns, each of which will delight the player with its own storyline. There is also a cooperative mode in which up to four players can play. All events in the game take place from the top, which adds special dynamics to the process of completing tasks. Hunt down enemies and destroy them without any mercy, while improving your fighting skills.

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Mortals and Monsters Blood Orc Build 8158054 - TiNYiSO

Mortals and Monsters Blood Orc free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release Build 8158054 TORRENT TiNYiSO
Mortals and Monsters Blood Orc — play the Tower Defense genre from WandCast Games. Fight armies of orcs, goblins and undead in a desperate struggle for survival on 22 exciting levels. Create a maze to confuse your enemies. Destroy them with high defensive structures. Control the battle alone. Save your people from the ancient and evil Blood Orc. A game of two people.
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The Jackbox Party Pack 7 v07.02.2022 - DARKSiDERS

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Current version v07.02.2022 TORRENT DARKSiDERS
The Jackbox Party Pack 7 — is a bright and dynamic game designed for parties and great time with friends. In total, this project includes five unique parts, each of which will not let you get bored for a minute. The first part is designed for a team of three to eight players, where participants need to give answers to interesting, and sometimes even funny questions, scoring points and trying to snatch victory into their own hands. The second part is a kind of collaboration, where players will have to experience various difficulties in the lives of ordinary people, going straight to hell. A team of three to eight people will have a great time here.
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Heavenly Bodies v1.4.5 - CODEX

Heavenly Bodies free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.4.5 TORRENT CODEX
Heavenly Bodies — is a mixture of a space simulator based on the elementary laws of physics, a puzzle game and an adventure quest. Go to space and feel how it is to live in zero gravity. The events of the game take place in the 70s, and you have to play the role of a cosmonaut and his partner, who will live on a space orbital station and perform various tasks related to the research and life activities of the heroes themselves. there is no action or any hostile opponents, but there are many dangers that will not allow you to relax. You will live in zero gravity, and she, by the way, will be your main enemy, no matter how strange it sounds.

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Transient Extended Edition v0.172 - CODEX

Transient Extended Edition free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.172 TORRENT CODEX
Transient Extended Edition — is a first-person adventure game with horror elements. The action takes place in a rather unusual, dystopian universe that combines a cyberpunk atmosphere with themes inspired by Lovecraft’s stories. The game was developed by Stormling Studios, formerly known as Zoetrope Interactive they created the Conarium and Darkness Within series and published by Iceberg Interactive. The game is set in a distant, post-apocalyptic future. The remains of the human race took refuge in a citadel known as the Doomed City Providence. The player takes on the role of a hacker named Randolph Carter, who accidentally discovers a terrible secret that can completely change his approach to the world.
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Monster Rancher 1 and 2 DX v1.0.0.2 - PLAZA

Monster Rancher 1 and 2 DX free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.0.0.2 TORRENT PLAZA
Monster Rancher 1 and 2 DX — allows gamers to get started training monsters to compete in bloody arenas. You will have to grow creatures, load with thoughtful training and go to the battle rings, fighting for victory. The game is made on the basis of the original two parts, which have not changed the gameplay and allow, with minor improvements, to plunge into the old school of video games. The main idea is to train flexible fighters, trying to balance skills and distribution of characteristics. Subsequently, you have to plunge into combat skirmishes, where bonus points and experience will be awarded for victory, allowing you to increase levels or get extraordinary skills. Each character is unique, which sparks interest in acquiring.

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