Deadstep v1.3.0 - PLAZA

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In the horror game Deadstep, the protagonist will visit a house with paranormal phenomena and fight an evil ghost who is the owner of this mysterious dwelling. The ghost woman will in every possible way prevent the character from getting out and running away, from which she will have to hide all over the house, simultaneously investigating the secret of the estates.

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Heart of a Warrior Build 8095837 - PLAZA

Heart of a Warrior free download torrent games pc
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Heart of a Warrior — 1000 years of defeat of the dark god, in the kingdom of Azput will be a holiday of remembrance to celebrate his victory and his warriors who fought for the kingdom, but there are those who still worship the dark gods and secretly they planned to open the ancient gate of forbidden chaos into the kingdom of men. Masked are called. But to free the dark god, they will need the blood of old kings, whose pedigree is kept secret. You will play Nahele, a young warrior with an old pedigree of kings, who goes on a journey to save his twin sister from the hands of a dark god. Travel through portals to different worlds to find your way to the dark world.
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Essence Of The Tjikko Prologue Build 8126973 - TiNYiSO

Essence Of The Tjikko Prologue free download torrent games pc
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Essence Of The Tjikko Prologue — unravel the mysteries in the three-dimensional dungeon in the style of the old school Zelda. Play as a hybrid of a plant and a child with a hummingbird friend, solve puzzles in the mysterious tower of the botanical laboratory. Run, jump, fight, swim, push and pull. Use all your skills to go through 30 rooms. Unlock secret items and hidden enhancements and you will see the light of the sun. This game is a version of the prologue and can be completed in 1 or 2 hours. This episode is complete by itself and is the first part of a great story. Follow the hero in his search to understand his origins.
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DEVOUR free download torrent games pc
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DEVOUR— puts you in the role of one to four players who try to survive together by driving the demon out of Anna Puerta. Puerta is the leader of the cult and summoned the goat demon Azazel, thinking she could control him. But of course something goes wrong and Azazel instead takes possession of her and takes control of her. As former cult members, you and your group must wrest possession of the Puerta from Azazel, which requires gas, a fire pit and, enough ritual goats to burn.

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Marimo VSIAS v1.0.1 - DARKSiDERS

Marimo VSIAS free download torrent games pc
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Marimo VSIAS — a side-scrolling shooter game in which cute Marimo Moss balls fight fierce alien species. 2.5D shooter with old-fashioned side-scrolling and a way to attack enemies in the background. Fight with capture shots, which can track up to 6 enemies appearing simultaneously from the back of the screen, and shots forward. which can pierce enemies and enemy bullets. Defeating many enemies with one attack will increase your score, and the final score will change greatly depending on the order in which you defeat enemies. Please read the instructions in the game to learn how to play.
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Lullaby Days v02.02.2022 - DARKSiDERS

Lullaby Days free download torrent games pc
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Lullaby Days — all operations are possible with the mouse. However, some operations are supported by the keyboard, so they are easy to mix. Please ask for help inside the game. The most important quick progress is to left-click Ctrl or Shift on the keyboard or right-click. Window mode is a combination of Alt + Enter keys. The first thing you do is a big egg. With careful care, a duckling will be born, and the actions of a duckling can help change the qualities of the daughter or open her abilities. The duckling grows up to be a daughter in human form, who eventually spends 13, 15 and 17 years with you. Instead of filling a period, it is a system in which a daughter grows when a certain amount of mana is filled.
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Building 847 v02.02.2022 - PLAZA

Building 847 free download torrent games pc
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Building 847 — the game for pc, place New Mexico, 1986. A strange incident took place inside this seemingly innocent building in the middle of a small town. You are a private detective who has received guidance about this horrible scene. When you investigate the confusing consequences of what happened inside Building 847, the truth begins to unfold. A first-person narrative game with a hint of horror, but without monsters and screamers. This is a short game of about an hour, depending on how attentive you are, as there is side content. The world looks up with its own eyes and asks what might be.
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Sumire v1.1.1 - PLAZA

Sumire free download torrent games pc
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Sumire — game for PC the girl Sumire, being in a mountainous Japanese village, tries to complete the list of important tasks given to her by the spirit of the mountain before nightfall. Explore some beautiful locations done in a hand-drawn style and complete the task of the spirit. Sumire an interactive story, one day in a picturesque Japanese village. In this charming town, a sad girl named Sumire meets a mischievous spirit who offers to fulfill her most cherished wish. However, first she needs to perform several tasks until night falls and this strange day comes to an end. You only have one day from dawn to dusk.

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Space Raiders in Space v1.315 - CODEX

Space Raiders in Space free download torrent games pc
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Space Raiders in Space — is a tower defense strategy game with a roguelike twist and comic style. You are the commander of a squad of fighters trying to survive during the beetle apocalypse. You have to strengthen your base, look for weapons and resources, and most importantly — repel insect attacks. You have really good soldiers at your disposal, but if the monsters get to one of them, then you can already forget about him.

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Rubber Bandits v1.0.4.14626 - PLAZA

Rubber Bandits free download torrent games pc
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In Rubber Bandits — every new day is another crime, where the user goes to rob, breaking the door locks and actions at maximum speed. The characters here are the most bizarre figures resembling rubber ones, for example, there is a banana, a skittle, a hot dog, a shark, a clown, a cowboy and a minion, which the player is asked to control. To achieve the goal, the robber uses an impressive arsenal of weapons, consisting not only of firearms, where different-sized barrels are presented, but also of tools — a hammer, a hook, a file, a flashlight, and there are also slingshots, stale baguettes, rockets, grenades and even a water pistol. The fighting game has realistic physics of destruction of objects located in the environment.

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