Trinoline Genesis v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Trinoline Genesis free download torrent games pc
Trinoline Genesis — after the side stories of the three heroines of the original game Sarah, Shirone and Yuri. Brand new character routes for the minor heroines of the original game Ayaki and Hanako. One hot day in mid-summer, Shuna Nanami’s sister, Shirone Nanami, drowned in the sea. It is a memory he will never forget; the one that will stay in his heart forever. He has been swearing since then to live in his place and make up for a life she has never had. Time passes, and now Shun spends his days at school like any other student. Another hot summer looms over him, reminding him of his brother, whom he lost many years ago. However, that summer was different. Shun hears in the distance the piano tune that Chiron has always loved.
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Peach Territory v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Peach Territory free download torrent games pc
Peach Territory — this is an average game with a fantastic story. It tells the story of Xiao Xuan, who jumped off a cliff and entered the kingdom of peach blossoms, a place isolated from the world for thousands of years. Almost a thousand beautiful pictures, some of them shy, in different poses, in different costumes, very beautiful. Very tempting. The game not only tells the story, but also some guesses, variants of the combat system. The game was developed over several months.
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Hello Lady Complete Edition v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Hello Lady Complete Edition free download torrent games pc
Hello Lady Complete Edition talks about a school for gifted students. In the 21st century, young people with extrasensory perception and superhuman abilities began to appear. They are capable of breaking the laws of physics. A special educational institution was created for such children, since they do not fit into ordinary society and are often persecuted. The best students are called crowns because of their outstanding abilities. Hello Lady Complete Edition begins with the arrival of a guy named Narita Shinri, along with his snarky maid, to Japan. The protagonist confused the time and arrived in the country at night.
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Collision Course Build 5003049 - P2P

Collision Course free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version Build 5003049 TORRENT P2P
Collision Course — is an open world action-adventure game with a high level of violence and dismemberment, developed and published by a small development studio. It is possible to switch the camera view from first person to third person and vice versa. The player will have to explore a huge world that is inhabited by dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, because the single-player story campaign will tell the story of a time traveler from a distant futuristic future. The protagonist surfed the expanses of space with his team in order to search for new constellations, planets and asteroids, until he got into a strange anomaly that sucked the main character’s ship into the maelstrom of the time continuum, sending it 70 million years ago.
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Thunder Tier One v1.2.0 - Goldberg

Thunder Tier One free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release v1.2.0 TORRENT Goldberg
Thunder Tier One — is an interesting military-themed shooter that takes us back to the 80s. Take on the role of a tough soldier and take on the most dangerous operations, during which you have to think tactically and shoot to kill. The single player mode includes 10 campaigns, each of which will delight the player with its own storyline. There is also a cooperative mode in which up to four players can play. All events in the game take place from the top, which adds special dynamics to the process of completing tasks. Hunt down enemies and destroy them without any mercy, while improving your fighting skills.
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The Wasteland Trucker v22.01.2022

The Wasteland Trucker free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v22.01.2022 TORRENT
There are already a huge number of car simulators in which you personally repair various cars, but the game The Wasteland Trucker immerses you in completely new conditions. This is an open world car survival simulator set in the post-apocalyptic lands of Slaveria. Extremely harsh conditions await you, where you repair cars and try to make money. Moreover, the game does not limit you in any way, you can make and earn money as soon as you want, but the emphasis is still on cars.

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Silicomrades v21.01.2022 (demo)

Silicomrades free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v21.01.2022 (demo) TORRENT
Silicomrades — stands out for its visual style. The graphics in this game are hand drawn with pencils. The animation here is also handcrafted. The indie project itself is a top-down shooter. In the story, two androids with defects are fighting on Earth against mechanized bureaucrats armed with briefcases. The story is presented with humor. The writers deliberately brought the story to the extreme degree of absurdity. The campaign is divided into 10 episodes. Each of them consists of 3 missions. The project is designed primarily for cooperative passage. Silicomrades can be played together on one computer. Single mode is also available. There are 2 heroes to choose from Crawlbot and Jetbot. They differ in gameplay. In a cooperative, one fighter complements the other, and vice versa. You can control the fighters through a gamepad or using the keyboard and mouse.

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Spire of Sorcery v204.1697

Spire of Sorcery free download torrent games pc
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v204.1697 TORRENT
Spire of Sorcery — is a turn-based strategy game with survival elements, where a large open world is provided for exploration. On your way you will meet many unique events, train your followers, collect a huge number of artifacts, and develop magical and alchemical abilities. Events take place in the fictional world of Rund, which was destroyed by powerful magicians. The First Legion and their Emperor were able to drive most of the tribes that survived the Cataclysm from their lands, driving them to the Distorted Lands. The Inquisition began to look for people with supernatural powers to control their talents.

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Fights in Tight Spaces v1.1.7162 - RePack

Fights in Tight Spaces free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.1.7162 TORRENT RePack
Fights in Tight Spaces — is a mix of a turn-based strategy card game with animated battles in a classic setting. Here the gamer will learn to build his own tactics in any conditions, knocking out the right cards and their location in order to win battles. To create a deck in the game, 150 cards are provided, made taking into account the abilities of the enemy. The user can make combinations based on his own playing style. By randomly choosing combinations of events, the gamer receives damage or improvements. Before each battle, the user creates boosts for his ward. Actions develop at a time when espionage began to be used in a simplified manner. After collecting the data, the spies send it to analysts, who are already beginning to decipher the information received. There is only one team that is engaged in real espionage this is Group 11.

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Kingdoms Reborn v0.71

Kingdoms Reborn free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v0.71 TORRENT
In the Kingdoms Reborn strategy, there will be a place for survival and city-building simulator, and the multiplayer will turn the game into Civilization with cards. Kingdoms Reborn — is an incredibly ambitious game from virtually unknown developers. They do not collect donations on Kickstarter, they just showed up and announced a project that was amazing in scale. Kingdoms Reborn itself resembles any game in which you need to manage a village and lead it through troubles and adversities to bright years of abundance. Like Cities Skylines, Life is Feudal, The Universim, and Banished, balancing on the edge of survival will at some point transition to full-fledged city planning. It is very difficult to meet such a game with online modes — none of the games listed above has a full-fledged online mode, so friends can only show off to each other the most successful.

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