Prison Simulator v1.0.7.1 - CODEX

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Prison Simulator — is an action-packed prison simulator. The main character comes out of this hole after 30 days, but the less day remains, the more it seems to him that the whole world is opposed. The administration constantly imposes difficult cases and incriminating duties on you. To begin with, it is necessary to keep a balance between convicts and the prison administration. Neutral relations will help to be in agreement between the two parties, and helping only one of them can end badly and will not pay off at all. As a caretaker, you will have a lot of tasks. You will need to accept new criminals and look for free cameras. Confiscate items from prisoners, participate in the treasury, solve their problems and complete other assignments.

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The Legend of Tianding v1.2.6 - CODEX

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The Legend of Tianding — is an action-adventure platformer Ninja Simulator with beat’em up, action, slasher elements, as well as a side camera view and anime style. Reincarnate as a hero named Liao Tianding, who is the vigilante of Taipei town. He is wanted by all the colonial authorities in Japan, so be extremely careful. Perform robberies, feed the poor and fight for justice on the city streets in the early twentieth century. The entire storyline campaign is based on real events that took place, as well as with real personalities and in really happened situations. Get ready to explore a wide variety of locations.

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The Falconeer Edge of the World v1.4.32.2 - CODEX

Torrent The Falconeer Edge of the World download free pc
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The plot of The Falconeer of the World tells about the secrets of already forgotten gods and ancient civilizations. The game combines fantasy, action and role-playing elements in an ocean world located on Great Ursi. Take control of an armed man and a huge bird to soar up and explore a world that is gradually crumbling and beautiful. Battles are constantly taking place on vast territories between warlike detachments and factions fighting for secrets and riddles hidden in these places. In each level, you will need to control an airborne fighter, fighting with numerous rivals. The enemies will be huge military airships, dragons, air and sea vessels, other birds and ground soldiers. Make powerful attacks and destroy opponents. Shells and lasers are constantly flying in the air, and maneuvering is the only salvation from shots.

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OPUS Echo of Starsong v1.11.0 - CODEX

Torrent OPUS Echo of Starsong download free pc
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OPUS Echo of Starsong — is a story-driven puzzle adventure game. According to the plot of the game, asteroids containing a substance known as Lumen have become the cause of a large-scale conflict due to the enormous power they possess. Boy Lee, who wants to correct his mistakes, will go on a journey with the girl Eda, who can sing a song for asteroids. Her voice is able to reveal an ancient secret contained in the depths of space. It is a story-driven puzzle adventure game. The asteroids making the sound known as the Starsongs have become the focus of the conflict due to their immense strength.

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GRIME v1.1.54 - CODEX

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GRIME — 2.5D metroidvania with advanced combat. We play as a naked humanoid with a black hole instead of a head. The character is able to temporarily increase its size and suck in enemies there. Absorbing enemies makes the hero stronger and gives him new abilities. The surroundings are varied. There are caves, cities, deserts, etc. All locations are connected to each other. The dark and surreal world is one giant, solid level. In it you can find hidden places, unique items and eccentric NPCs. The protagonist uses living weapons in battle, created from the body parts of other creatures.

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BLINK The Last Night Build 7962427 - PLAZA

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In game BLINK The Last Night you play the role of a nanny caring for Lily Vida, the daughter of a local psychiatrist. A normal night of childcare takes on a sinister turn when someone or something tries to kidnap Lily. You have to try to bring her back to this psychological horror story that will make you wonder what is really going on. The flicker effect of the player always flashes accidentally, and we use it to initiate various events. These include jumping, teleports, camera effects, changing the environment.

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Titan Outpost v1.3 (upd.03.01.2022) - PLAZA

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Titan Outpost is an RPG-based game project where you have to immerse yourself in the isometric universe of the future 2077. The storyline tells you that in the world for several years now there has been real chaos, which brought with it an energy crisis. You will take on a responsible role and try to create a mining outpost from scratch on the remote satellite of the planet Saturn. Here you will not need to destroy opponents, here everything is aimed at dialogue, where the development of events will depend on your decision. It will not do without logical elements, where your ingenuity will become the best friend in solving.

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Cursed House v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Cursed House — is a first-person horror video game developed by INNERVISION. Yusuf Nazartsev is a 27-year-old Russian programmer. Having lived in Russia for 24 years, during this time Yusuf managed to save up for his long-held dream to move to the United States and buy a cozy house. In the process of finding real estate, he came across a good offer a two-story house with a basement and attic for only 295 thousand dollars. After long hesitations, he contacts the seller and agrees to the agreement. But what happened the day after he moved shocked him.

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Miners Mettle v1.1 Patch 049 - PLAZA

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Miners Mettle — is a science fiction strategy game. It has a very unusual plot and a very unique narrative that you cannot find in any other game in the gaming industry market. You should rather install it before it becomes mainstream. And with all of its storytelling and gameplay, this could very well happen. The game will have to fight against other opponents who will act the same way as you do. Only you still need to try to replay them. Only 4 factions are fighting for survival, and you need to become the character who will just achieve victory.

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The Big Con v1.1.24 - PLAZA

Torrent The Big Con download free pc
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The Big Con — is a vibrant indie adventure with Smelter action elements, 2D graphics and hand-drawn styling. Take on the role of a runaway teen fraud and try to survive in 90s America. Decide how best to poke holes in your victim’s pocket or crawl into his bag when you try to carry out a robbery in disguise. Immerse yourself in the key details and general atmosphere of that era. You will be reincarnated as a boy named Ali, who is in high school, and himself by his nature is an extremely curious and sarcastic person.

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