Fear Therapy v02.01.2022

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Fear Therapy — is a theory that has long been studied by psychologists. The lack of sufficient data makes it difficult to confirm this theory. Many people have previously conducted real-time experiments to prove this theory, but they were too scared to complete the experiment and interrupted it. The main subject of this theory is that after a while people begin to not be afraid of the fear factors that they first encounter. The result of most experimental studies is that subjects overcome the fear they are exposed to. But after a while this fear is restored. Subjects who are constantly exposed to this fear are dumbfounded.
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Airborne Kingdom v1.4 - CODEX

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Airborne Kingdom — is a real-time strategy game in which the player must return the lands to their former greatness. Game mechanics are based on management and exploration. The base is being built in the middle of the desert. Drought reigns around and limited resources are available. While exploring the location, you need to develop your kingdom, improving technologies and discovering long-abandoned and forgotten kingdoms. The gameplay allows you to build your sky city, providing a huge selection of buildings and technologies. The Airborne Kingdom’s management system is committed to keeping track of resources and meeting the needs of residents.

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SimAirport v20211230 - PLAZA

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SimAirport is a well-developed airport simulator, where you will have plenty of opportunities. The game includes most of the hardcore genre, where you need to play not only in sandbox mode, but also build your career. Thousands of tasks fall on your shoulders. From the very beginning you should build a huge airport that will be as comfortable and multifunctional as possible. Hire employees who will listen to all your orders. Do not forget to carefully equip the environment infrastructure. Be attentive to the wishes of visitors and follow the work of the staff. At your airport should be everything so that people are confident in their safety. You must also keep an eye on the overall system in order to prevent any disruptions. You can play as freely, without depending on anything, and build your career, step by step, to make your way up.

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Conan Exiles v2.7 - CODEX

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Conan Exiles — a game that is gaining popularity, which is striking in its scale and versatility. Here you are given the opportunity to play in single and multiplayer modes. A huge open world awaits you, where you will play for the main character, who was nicknamed Conan the Barbarian. Explore the world for useful items, fight villains, find supplies and go for prey in order to provide yourself with food. Do not forget to build a safe shelter, because in addition to your rivals, the enemy will be constantly changing weather. You will be in a state of constant struggle for survival and places under the sun. Wild animals will wander everywhere in search of prey.

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Library Of Ruina v1.1.0.6a13 - CODEX

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Library Of Ruina — the user acts as the owner of the library, only on the shelves of the repository are not just fictional stories, but the fate of living people. The books are guests who are librarians working for the owner playing a card game. You can spend the life of the loser as a resource to update the library or to add a new librarian. Now 3 story chapters are available for players, and by the time of the full release it is supposed to add another 4. The player can move around five floors and manage 20 standard librarians or come up with his own in a special constructor. You can collect 30 different books in the game during the passage of 14 episodes. The combat deck consists of 50 unique cards from which you can make effective combinations.

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Overcooked All You Can Eat Build 763 - CODEX

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Overcooked All You Can Eat — is a complete edition of two previous hits about the funnest co-op cooking ever. Both parts with all the additional content are now available in one collection. Head to the kitchen by joining forces with up to four friends. Restaurant diners won’t wait long, so try to coordinate by dividing responsibilities among yourself and serving dishes one by one. Try not to make mistakes in order not to get into a scandal. Complete hundreds of levels in the most imaginable and unimaginable gaming environments. Visit the most exotic cuisines imaginable.

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Tunche v1.0.8 - CODEX

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Tunche — is a beat’em’up with a lot of role-playing mechanics that have been taken from other popular projects to combine with the slasher and roguelike genres. The graphic design of the fantasy world of the Amazon is executed with the help of hand-drawn paintings that are animated on a computer. A wide variety of branches of pumping, combo attacks, enemy units and available worlds maintains interest throughout the entire time in the game «Tunche». The developers have added 5 different playable characters, which differ from each other in their outstanding appearance, backstory, and a set of abilities, which allows you to resist all types of opponents that appear during the passage of the story campaign.

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Serin Fate v1.0.0.22 - PLAZA

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Serin Fate — stone of Destiny Serin Fate turned you into a Witch. Now it’s time to learn magic, tidy your hut and find some worthy Familiars who will help in battles with formidable and terrible monsters. You can also try your hand at gardening, gathering, fishing, logging and mining. Serene Fate takes a modern approach to classic RPG stories, showing random aspects like freedom, a sandbox, fishing, gardening, creating a clone and adventure, and elegantly interwoven difficulty levels, multiplayer, friends, critter duel, and leaders.

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Paint the Town Red v1.1.0 - PLAZA

Paint the Town Red free download torrent games pc
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Paint the Town Red is a rather positive, humorous, killing game. Mad battles with a mass of blood await you, where you will do your utmost to destroy as many square-headed men as possible. You will play the role of a certain boxer who urgently needed money. He decides to join a gang of criminals who are engaged in dark affairs. And now, the day has come a new job. It seemed, everything would be simple, but suddenly something went completely differently as planned, and you reveal yourself as a person. Now you must find any way to save your life, because there are crowds of rivals everywhere. There is complete chaos, including hitting an ax in the head or the separation of limbs. You can do anything by trampling your enemy right into the ground. Collect various murder weapons, which may even be an ordinary pole or stool, by location.

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Moonglow Bay v1.0.3 - CODEX

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The Moonglow Bay — adventure begins as the player takes control of an aspiring angler working alongside friends, family and neighbors. They went fishing to improve their fishing skills, strengthen relationships, and rebuild the scattered community of the remote city. The action takes place on the east coast of Canada in the 1980s. The project is built on an emotional story, and the gameplay combines elements of narrative and RPG fishing adventure. The main character receives the last wish of his partner. He has to save and keep a business on the brink of bankruptcy.

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