Dread X Collection The Hunt v1.13 - PLAZA

Dread X Collection The Hunt free download torrent games pc
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Dread X Collection The Hunt — the next chapter in the haunting series is the Dread X Collection. Together with the legendary David Szymanski, DUSK, The Music Machine, Squirrel Stapler, Dread X Collection The Hunt showcases 7 brand new short horror shooters from carefully selected creative and unique indie developers. Continuing the story of the Dread X Collection, you play as a newcomer to the series Artemis. Driven by a mysterious message recorded by someone from her past, Artemis is sent to the ARK 2 research base.

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PixARK Skyward v1.151 - PLAZA

PixARK Skyward free download torrent games pc
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PixARK voxel sandbox game for PC will receive its first content expansion DLC Skyward. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay anything, as it will be completely free. The addition will add to the game soaring islands with 10 unique biomes, as well as new monsters, weapons and armor, types of cubes, ruins and much more. The new TEK technology will allow players to create various swords, weapons, grenades, shields, armor, saddles and other useful items.

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Hydroneer v1.7.2 + Creative - CODEX

Hydroneer free download torrent games pc
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Hydroneer — is one of the most interesting and unusual arcades of the month. In the game you will have to build, lay various routes and get especially valuable and important resources. Try to find a huge amount of gold and sell it. Get what others have failed. These places, rocks, have long been famous for deposits of gold and silver. Only few people get really right wielding with a shovel and other tools to find metals. Drilling rigs are large water-powered mechanisms used for various purposes, from resource extraction to transportation of things. Various land plots await you in the game world, each with its own characteristics. Deep pits, attractive landscapes and the proximity of shops. You decide which is more important.

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Dr Livingstone I Presume v20211230 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - PLAZA

Dr Livingstone I Presume free download torrent games pc
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Dr Livingstone I Presume — is an adventure game with puzzle elements about the journalist Henry Morton Stanley, who went to Africa in search of the famous traveler Livingston. The name is based entirely on a true story that took place in 1871, when the New York Herald sent Stanley in search of Livingston. Once on the spot, the hero finds himself in a kind of temporary labyrinth in a mysterious house, from which he needs to get out. More challenging puzzles await you in each room. But giving up is not an option. Walk through an increasingly complex and quirky house full of puzzles that will take your logical thinking to the limit.

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RC Airplane Challenge Build 7955503 - PLAZA

RC Airplane Challenge free download torrent games pc
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RC Airplane Challenge — carelessly fly around the map, training your remote control skills, as well as looking for hidden objects. Control the aircraft models in the RC Airplane Challenge in this arcade flight simulator. Fly alone offline or with 32 other players in the online game. There are 5 game modes available in single player. Drop the bomb to destroy as many targets as possible in this time mode. Try to fly the rings through as many rings as possible, with each new ring it becomes harder to get. Bursting balloons blow up as many balloons as possible in this time mode. Time trial Complete the distance as fast as possible in this time race. Supports game controllers, keyboard and mouse, T.Flight HOTAS with direct steering pedals and standard VR controllers.
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Inscryption v1.08 - PLAZA

Inscryption free download torrent games pc
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Inscryption — is a roguelike card adventure that emphasizes the darkness hiding many unknown secrets. The strategy is executed in the escape the room format, has multiple puzzles and a terrifying atmosphere. The user is transported to the goblin’s hut, where he needs to start dangerous adventures in order to find out what secrets are hidden in this building. The events take place in a forest house, where the protagonist was trapped, locked by some sinister creature who wants the guy to play board games with him. In the process, the gamer acts on a three-dimensional map, where he makes moves, choosing certain cards, along the way exploring the house and solving puzzles.

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The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos v1.1.1

The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos free download torrent games pc
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If you are a fan of the good old role-playing game Gothic 2, then you should by no means miss the project The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos, and you just need to download it as a torrent for free. The kingdom of Myrtana is going through its hard times. After the royal fleet suffered an unthinkable defeat in the waters of the Eastern Archipelago, a city called Aholos is in danger of facing a catastrophic crisis. At the same time, a foreigner decides to go to this island in order to find a better life for himself. Enjoy a global modification to the legendary game «Gothic 2», together with which you can plunge into a completely new open world, try on yourself a completely redesigned skill system, game mechanics, and also enjoy a challenging story campaign.
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Receiver 2 v2.2.2 - CODEX

Receiver 2 free download torrent games pc
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Receiver 2 is the second part of a rather popular series of games developed in the genre of weapon simulator. This project is not aimed at crazy battles with opponents, but specifically at the physiology of one kind or another in your weapons arsenal. A feature is the accuracy in simulating the operation of the mechanism included in the weapon. Here you must learn to use this unit correctly and find out all the subtleties of its operation. The physics of shooting is worked out at the highest level, which will allow you to plunge into the gameplay and feel like a full part of the game world.

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Star Drift Evolution v1.0.8 - PLAZA

Star Drift Evolution free download torrent games pc
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Star Drift Evolution — races created in a minimalist style. Introduced the original slide turning system. At the start of the passage, the player will get acquainted with the mechanics and learn how to properly control transport, since driving is significantly different from driving ordinary cars. As soon as the protagonist sees a turn, he will be able to lose the weight of the car in order to go through the winding passages and feel the drifts. The races consist of several circles, and the winner is the one who gets to the finish line first after passing a certain number of checkpoints. The leaderboard shows the best riders in specific locations. The gamer is able to compete with artificial intelligence, adjusting its difficulty, or ride with other users in multiplayer. Rivals are made in the form of ghosts, you can drive through them, and this increases the competitive spirit.

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Onirike v1.0.10 - PLAZA

Onirike free download torrent games pc
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Onirike — is a third-person adventure game built around puzzles and 3D platforming. Events unfold in a magical surreal world. Players will meet with the most incredible and original characters. The narrative is distinguished by a non-linear structure. The story focuses on what happens to dreams that never come true. You need to play as Prieto an unusual creature that does not know about its own nature. He knows how to become invisible, and also has a number of unique abilities. Go to explore the mysterious continent, meeting with the same fantastic creatures. Find out the secret of this mystical place. Grow hepsophiles as you progress through Onirike. They will become the main clue in solving not only the entire storyline.

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