Vengeance v2.1 - PLAZA

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Vengeance - is a cool first-person shooter in which spectacular shootouts with enemies, a sea of weapons, bots, spacious maps, and much, much more are waiting for you. Unfortunately, there is currently no specific plot or scenario in this game. But in fact, all this is not required here to understand that this is a really cool game. By the developer, she is positioned as a first-person shooter in the old-school style. That is, this is a typical project, aimed primarily at a multiplayer game. Nevertheless, you can play this game, as part of friends, or alone. The game supports bots and allows you to take part in large-scale battles even in the absence of players connect and configure bots, and they will make you a real Hell.

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Super Meat Boy Forever v6206 - CODEX

Super Meat Boy Forever free download torrent games pc
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Super Meat Boy Forever — is a new part of the game that is not a storyline sequel, and tells us a short story of the same piece of meat, enclosed in a square. Bandage and Super Meat Guy have a daughter, Nugget. She does not have time to look at anything in this world, as she is immediately kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. The canned comrade does everything to hide as far as possible with the daughter of our heroes, so he takes cover beyond 7200 levels far away. The developers have promised that they will leave the old gameplay and the increasing level of difficulty, but will greatly change the graphics. They kept their word, and now we are going to fight 720 bosses at 60 fps with 4K resolution. How they did it, nobody knows.

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War Room v1.2.0D - CODEX

War Room free download torrent games pc
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War Room — is a strategy that allows you to lead the American troops. The events have a real historical basis and take place in a fictional province of Afghanistan. Lead armored vehicles and infantry into battle, keeping an eye on the units on the map. Liberate the occupied villages, and also take by storm the camps and bases of terrorist groups. Defend your fortifications and increase your influence in the region by completing side quests. The landscape of the locations follows the Afghani landscapes, combining plains, hills and mountainous terrain. The map is divided into 9 areas with their own command centers. You start your journey in the sector where the main base is located, and then move around the entire map. In each area, you need to eliminate all enemy units and bases. Evacuate civilian and military casualties to minimize casualties.
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Rogue Empire Dungeon Crawler RPG v1.1.1 - PLAZA

Rogue Empire Dungeon Crawler RPG free download torrent games pc
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Rogue Empire Dungeon Crawler RPG — tactical turn-based game in the RPG genre, where the world will be constantly generated randomly. You will be able to create your own team, and then gradually move it to the heights, training individual skills and skills to conduct battles. Darkness came, and began to destroy everything that comes her way. Each of the available kingdoms in Ethistos loses its soil, and therefore the vital energy is wasted. This all led to the disappearance of the first shadow. How it all happened, no one knows. Go in search of useful items, where your main goal will be to save the world and return the forces of light to it. You will fall into the dark realm of the dungeon, each of which will constantly change, making the whole game process more exciting and exciting.

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Old World v1.0.56632 - CODEX

Old World free download torrent games pc
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Old World — is a strategy from leading Civilization 4 designer Soren Johnson and Civilization 5 art director Dorian Newcomb, in which authors propose players to build the greatest dynasty in human history. The game differs from other historical 4X strategies in various innovations and improvements. The noble families of your empire are unique in each nation, and each of them represents a separate fraction of your empire, which has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own desires.

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Graveyard Keeper Better Save Soul v1.404 + all DLC - PLAZA

Graveyard Keeper Better Save Soul free download torrent games pc
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Graveyard Keeper Better Save Soul — no one teaches a bishop in the city without sin, and this is true. But someone said that these sins cannot be cleansed. Help your new friend Erich to fulfill his cherished dream and release the shackles from his soul. Instead, he is ready to share a book describing the new mechanics of remote control of machines. What are you willing to go to get it. About twelve o’clock extra game time. Control the operation of the machines with the help of remote control mechanics. Save souls in the name of keeping the Ancient Contract and for your own benefit. Help a suspicious new acquaintance, Erich, make a dream come true and be cleansed of sins. Open a new area for new machines.

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Aria Chronicle v1.2.0.1 (Amazon) - PLAZA

Aria Chronicle free download torrent games pc
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version v1.2.0.1 (Amazon) TORRENT PLAZA
Aria Chronicle is an RPG game and strategy developed by STUDIO N9 for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of anime, strategy, casual game, role-playing game, turn-based strategy, party role-playing game, Japanese role-playing game, tactical role-playing game, dungeon crawler. A strategic game with turn-based battles, where you need to think strategic thinking so that your colleagues can use their combat power correctly, for example, the case when the hero is alone in a coma, the subsequent death or loss of his ability as a result of his mission or the departure of the battle when he will wish.

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Pest Control v0.6.6 - PLAZA

Pest Control free download torrent games pc
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Pest Control — is a combination of simulation and turn-based strategy game in which you play the role of a pest exterminator. Use specialized equipment, choose the right traps, and get rid of unwanted guests once and for all. Free residents from intrusive individuals and restore peace in the city. You start out in one area, but as your progress and reputation grow, you will gain access to new parts of the city. There, of course, orders will be paid better, and the items you find will be more and more interesting.

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The Room 4 Old Sins Update 2 - CODEX

The Room 4 Old Sins free download torrent games pc
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The Room 4 Old Sins — is the fourth installment of the famous The Room puzzle series. The story of The Room Old Sins begins with the disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-ranking wife, who have discovered a valuable artifact. The investigation leads you to the attic of their house, where there is a very old and strange dollhouse. Explore eerie locations, follow vague clues and operate mysterious mechanisms to uncover the secrets of the Waldgrave Mansion. The Room Old Sins has a mysterious dollhouse with many rooms for you to explore and solve. Here, as in previous games, addictive puzzles are perfectly combined with a tragic story.

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Twelve Minutes v6131 - CODEX

Twelve Minutes free download torrent games pc
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Twelve Minutes — is a spooky story about a time loop. A man returns from work, where a loving wife is already waiting for him with dinner. Suddenly, a policeman starts pounding at the door. He accuses the girl of murder and brutally beats her husband for disobedience. As soon as a man regains his senses, he realizes that everything started all over again. Dinner, detective, beating, and supper again. The same events occurring for exactly 12 minutes. But the main character does not forget about them, which means that he can change.

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