Kingdom Wars The Plague v1.13 - PLAZA

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Kingdom Wars The Plague — we all love peacetime, but sometimes cardinally dangerous situations occur, because of which it is then difficult to understand events. For example, Europe lived its life, but at one point everything was covered in darkness. What became the reason. Everything is simple, the ruthless plague hit so swiftly that it simply destroyed the empires and now hundreds of Lords, who previously had big plans, are now forced to do everything to survive, keep the plague out of their city and try to maintain power. As you might have guessed, such a time was ideal for many dishonest lords who decided to declare war on the whole environment. This time you have to become a lord who should hold the power and not allow offenders to seize power. If earlier you could rely on the help of the king, now the situation will change extremely.

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Sky Fleet v20.12.2021

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Sky Fleet — is a top-down co-op action game. The game contains elements of real-time strategy and defense tower. Build a base by creating a city of islands levitating in the air. Gather resources within the airspace and fight against invaders attacking the settlement. Collect your fleet using airships and drones. Play alone or join forces with friends to challenge common enemies. To build a city in the clouds, you need to start mining resources, on the basis of which not only buildings are erected.

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Brutal Orchestra v21.12.2021

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Brutal Orchestra — the game starts with death. You are dead! Someone killed you and you ended up in Purgatory! In this eerie place, you make a pact with a demon named Bosch. This treaty should help you find out who killed you and why. Souls from various worlds are collected in Purgatory. This is an extremely nasty and dangerous place! Brutal Orchestra is an adventure RPG with turn-based strategy and card game elements.

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Chill Corner v20.12.2021

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Chill Corner — is a casual, relaxing indie game in which you have to immerse yourself in real life and do various household chores, completing a variety of tasks and completing quests. Live the life of an ordinary person in this relaxing and simple game. There are no trials or difficult assignments, but there are only simple quests and tasks, which only provide for a leisurely and relaxing gameplay. Your small room, a sea of different decorations, the opportunity to enjoy the usual philistine atmosphere on New Year’s Eve, and a pleasant musical accompaniment are waiting for you.

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Bear Adventures 2 Build 7906969 - PLAZA

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Bear Adventures 2 — is the second installment of an addicting 3D platformer with vibrant graphics and addictive gameplay set in a beautiful tropical setting. Players will play the role of an eccentric bear beekeeper, whose honey empire has been destroyed by villains. In order to regain the honey and deal with them, restoring production, the bear will have to go on an incredible journey. If you want to have fun, we recommend paying attention to this entertaining platformer. Be always on the alert.

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Henrys Day Build 7903358 (Zander) - PLAZA

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In this adventure game Henrys Dayyou play as Henry, a young man from Summer City who is stuck in a recurring day. Your task is to help Henry find out why he was stuck that day, and help him get out. There is something to look at in the Summer City. From tall buildings to a beautiful park and various businesses, research will play a key role during your journey. The game world is located in the open world, and there are several buildings inside which you can easily pass. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings, as in some places there may be clues as to what steps to take to avoid a repetitive day. Thanks to the friendly nature of the locals, you will find that many people are willing to talk to you.

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Dead Age 2 v1.1.5 - CODEX

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Dead Age 2 — is a tactical RPG with turn-based battles, continuing the events of the first part. Survival in an apocalyptic world awaits you again, zombies and a sea of blood. The events of the game take place all in the same apocalyptic universe, but only 10 years after the events of the first part. It has been a long time since Jack began to equip his own camp and collect survivors in it. But something happened zombies entered the camp and now all those survivors whom Jack once collected fled to the City of Freedom, hoping to find happiness and live in safety.

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Yuko and the Akuma Menace Build 7918891 - TiNYiSO

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Yuko and the Akuma Menace — is a top-down grid game, a dungeon crawling adventure game set in a ninja world filled with fantastic creatures and magic. Legends of these lands tell us about the ninja conflict between humans and orcs, the latter commanded by formidable blue demons known as Akumi. The people won the war and drove the orcs out of this world. It is said that the blue demons no longer exist and their army has disappeared. However, this world will not last forever, as strange creatures have recently been spotted in the village of Mizumizu. Will the monsters from these legends return. Join Yuko, on a mission to locate the people of Mizumizu.

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Chernobylite v47078 - CODEX

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Chernobylite — is a game 2019 for PC that successfully combines popular genres: action, shooter and horror, all actions take place in first-person view, which will make you a full part of this fantastic and at the same time scary world. You have to go on a long journey to the territory of Pripyat, where the level of radiation is increased after a terrible catastrophe at a nuclear power plant. You are waiting for a lot of trials, traps, supernatural phenomena and rivals, which are not so easy to overcome.

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Lost Alone Episode 1 Sorellina v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Lost Alone Episode 1 Sorellina — George is a man with a turbulent past. Growing up with his paternal grandmother after his father was arrested for his mothers murder, George emerges from the spiral of alcohol dependence to meet his fiancée Hannah. But his childhood injuries will soon return to haunt him, pushing him into the abyss of despair. First-person psychological horror players take on the role of George Tellasel and face a spiral of first-person nightmares. The torment and despair of George, haunted by his past, becomes a lazy observer of the tragedies with which he has tarnished himself. Explore George thoughts in three chapters divided into three different games. A few hours of nightmare await you. Solve puzzles that will help you understand the thoughts of Zherog. Discover the traumas that led you to this spiral of fear and try to change everything.

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