Tropico 6 v1.16 - PLAZA

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Do you know that dictatorship and totalitarianism has not been canceled as well as the ability to download Tropico 6 torrent. In this popular and well-known urban planning simulator, each user has the opportunity to choose their own policy of authority. One cohort of players tends to be more loyal to the government, aiming at creating the most natural utopia, where there is no division into classes and everyone lives in equal conditions. The other, on the contrary, is eager to concentrate all the levers of influence solely in his own hands, turning innocent people into anything in a gray mass of slaves who are forced to work 16 hours a day is not for the good of the country, but only for you.

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Dungeon Avenger v1.0 - PLAZA

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Dungeon Avenger — you wake up with a headache and vague memories of being caught on a dark road. You try not to panic, as the dark, damp environment begins to remind you of a children’s tale of the world’s deadliest prison. There is a commotion outside your room a language you have never heard. There is a dagger and a shield nearby, and when you take them, you have only two things in mind: get out and get revenge. You are 12 floors below and time is running out.

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Asteroids Recharged Build 7687435

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Asteroids Recharged — brings space shootouts to life in an updated and modern take on the old-school video game. Gamers will have to plunge into the old-school atmosphere, made in retro style. The main task for the user is to move in two-dimensional space with a flying ship, armed with various types of ammunition. You have to fly across the vastness of the galaxy and face alien objects in combat battles.

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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Build 7877606 - CODEX

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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning — is a remaster of the open-world, third-person fantasy RPG Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. The developers have improved the graphics and gameplay. The re-release includes the Teeth of Naros and Legend of Dead Kel add-ons, as well as new additional content not available in the original. Amalur’s territory is roughly comparable in area to Skyrim. However, the world here is not one continuous location, but a set of scattered patches connected by isthmuses. This approach would be justified if the shreds were tied into something whole. As in World of Warcraft, each location is here on its own with its own settlements, key characters, dungeons and tasks. Pieces of the world do not fit together even geographically, swamps, over which clouds never dissolve, are located almost end-to-end with meadows drenched in the sun. Especially it starts to be an eyesore when some task sends you to the other end of the map, it’s good at least you can go back with a quick trip.

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Humanities Legend Hollow Ascending v1.0 - PLAZA

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Humanities Legend Hollow Ascending — this is a new adventure game, in the style of knight battles, where you can control a character with a third-person view and enhancement features. Collect Arc capsules and raise the level. Collect items and learn more about the world and its characters. Repulse enemy attacks to reduce their endurance. When the enemy’s endurance reaches 0, they are stunned and receive double damage. Avoid unblocked evasion attacks.

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One Hand Clapping v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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One Hand Clapping — is a musical puzzle where you have to overcome obstacles with the help of your singing. The structure is a familiar platformer, where the heroine travels in fictional and unusual worlds. In this case, all puzzles and puzzles are solved directly thanks to the voice. The intensity of the singing influences the structure of the world. This game is about how you can find confidence and freedom both in your voice and within yourself.

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The Touryst Build 7754952 - Chronos

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The new tourist simulator game The Touryst is coming to the game screens and is already available for download via torrent. One of the most unexpected surprises of the Nintendo Switch indie presentation at Gamescom was the debut of The Touryst, the next game from Fast RMX, developer Shin’en Multimedia. But this is nothing short of the studio’s latest game to trade racing action for a Zelda-like adventure adventure. The debut trailer showed a tourist arriving on the island by boat and finding himself in a country full of traps, dungeon puzzles and areas to explore. At some point, he even dives deep into the water and flies into the cave. By watching a trailer that showcases an arcade city environment in which the racing game is similar to the RMX.

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Girls and Dungeon v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Girls and Dungeon — play for 4 or more characters and explore beautiful lands. Each character has its own special advantages. Collect ancient coins, avoid falling magma and communicate with non-game characters in prison. Hone your skills, choose a character that suits your style, and keep challenging customs records. After clearing the level, enter the mode of creating boxes, you will be able to build your unique picture, do not forget to throw your fireballs at this annoying dwarf. If you know the truth, the world will be different. You will be haunted by a tireless monster. If you are caught, you will not have a second chance. But this is the only way to find the right way out.

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Trisceli v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Trisceli — is a first-person horror game. In this game, players will chase and attack a series of zombies infected with triselles with their bare hands, find the key to escape from a secret room, unlock a series of mechanical traps and explore the truth behind the whole event as the game progresses. Players will play Dr. Farsbeck, who is responsible for studying the triskel virus of the raincoat company and exploring a number of scenes, including the warehouse, the construction site inside the ancient tomb, the location of the company’s laboratory and company. headquarters and can collect information scattered around the scene to understand the context of a real event. The game also adds an achievement system that includes 50 different achievements that players can challenge.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus v2.70 - CODEX

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Granblue Fantasy Versus — the game offers several game modes. A great attraction is the functional mode, enriched with animated interludes and sections of the dialogue between the characters. In addition, we can count on a standard arcade mode for the genre and numerous options for multi-user entertainment, both via the Internet and locally on the common screen. As in the latest versions of Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game uses the Unreal Engine 4. The creators, using advanced animation techniques and shadowing targets, give the impression that we are dealing with a classic two-dimensional fighting game. The gameplay is accompanied by an energetic rock soundtrack.

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