Combat Mission Cold War v1.03 - SKIDROW

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Combat Mission Cold War — is another chapter of the most popular series of games, the events of which invite us to travel back to the times of the Cold War. The USSR and the USA are on the verge of a direct clash, during which each side can use an atomic bomb. If this happens, then millions of innocent people and hundreds of cities will be wiped off the face of the earth. All of humanity is watching this conflict with bated breath, knowing full well that any rash action can lead to catastrophic consequences. You have to take on the role of the army commander of one of the parties and enter into an unforgettable confrontation between NATO soldiers and representatives of the Warsaw Pact.

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Dragon Hunters Build 7827337 - TiNYiSO

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Based on the board game Dice Rolling Fantasy, developed by Scott Mayo, Dragon Hunters will immerse you in a world with more than 30 different monsters that you have to fight. Compete with friends and family in the dungeons, gaining items, strength and levels. The player has the option to choose between Warrior, Thief, Cleric or Wizard. Extract magic stones and equip them to increase your power and armor. Find and defeat the Guards to gain access to various levels in search of the Fire Dragon. Use the gold in the tavern to buy items or raise the level. Currently, the decision on public courtship has not been made, but it is likely that it will be implemented.

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ANVIL Build 7820933

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The user in ANVIL goes to fight against opponents of huge sizes, along the way exploring various galaxies. Here it is proposed to try on the role of a destroyer, who embarks on a journey across various worlds in order to find collectors, while simultaneously collecting artifacts necessary for pumping. In a roguelike shooter, the player chooses his own hero, who sets out to conquer galaxies and destroy monsters. In the local world, there is a special center for the study and search of collectors that are scattered throughout the Universe, called ANVIL. The user will have to try on the appearance of a destroyer who is looking for the remains of other civilizations in the unknown universe.

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SOTANO Mystery Escape Room Adventure v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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SOTANO Mystery Escape Room Adventure — on the way home from the airport, you look at the fuel gauge and notice that the arrow touches the red line. When you start to feel tired, you decide to make a little-known short way through a quiet village. A shorter trip will save fuel instead of stopping for refueling. Sotano is a three-dimensional first-person adventure puzzle game similar to the games you may have played in the 90s or the virtual quests you may have played.

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The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit - P2P

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New The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit — opens up a new perspective on what men’s outfits can be. In it we will see rather unusual clothes, as for the stronger sex. For example, skirts. But everything has its own explanation. This Sims 4 menswear outfit was developed in collaboration with the popular British brand Stefan Cooke. Well, given the times we live in, it’s not surprising to see this happen in a product from a company that advocates for inclusiveness and bold expression. It was from their collection that the prototypes were taken when creating fashionable outfits for the Sims. A total of 23 new wardrobe items for Male Sims will be included in the Men’s Fashion bundle. Among them you will find sweaters, jackets, trousers, suits, skirts.

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Roxy Raccoon Build 7827091 - PLAZA

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Roxy Raccoon — is a cute, fun 3D platformer for all ages, reminiscent of the collectors of the past. Starring as a brave cub, jump, climb, sneak and roll across four unique worlds and compete in mini-games to put an end to the evil plans of the naughty witch. When a self-centered, selfish witch spreads her dark magic across the earth, she can be stopped by one raccoon! Play as Roxy, a young adventurer who jumps, climbs and rolls through four unique worlds to end the witch’s evil plan. Roxy Raccoon is a cute, fun 3D platformer for all ages, reminiscent of collectors of the past. Help your raccoon friends put an end to the witch’s insidious plans and overcome her many trials. Freely explore four unique themed worlds as you delve deeper into the witch’s territory and decorate her treasures.

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Queens Wish The Conqueror v1.1.1

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Queens Wish The Conqueror — You are the royal person of the powerful Haven empire. Your mother is the queen and governs while you enjoy life in luxury. But the mother decides to occupy her son with a more important matter and sends you to the lands of Sacramentum torn by wars. Your mother declared your childhood ended. Your mission Return the colony to its former greatness and win the respect of your mother by crushing the local rulers. Or you can just not bother returning home and conclude an alliance with them.

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Rushaug Project Emerald v0.8.46

Torrent Rushaug Project Emerald download free pc
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Rushaug Project Emerald — is a mix of metroidvania, 2D platforming, stealth and spy adventure. Go to the koto-universe and try to prevent tragedy as a skilled agent, a cat named Rushaug. Agent Rushaug has long been famous for his missions and the way he approaches business. Not a single enemy could survive when meeting him, and many owe their lives to him. But now his work is reaching a new level. There is information that the enemy is testing some unusual missiles on a cold and lifeless planet called Snotikia. What kind of tests are these, and what kind of missiles are they being tested there? This is what you will have to try to figure out for yourself. But be careful. The enemy does not sleep and is waiting for you, which means it will be really hot.

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Okinawa Rush v1.4

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Okinawa Rush — is a platformer and RPG in one. The project is especially attractive due to its graphic implementation through the pixel graphics of the 90s. After all, it’s no secret that for several years now, deliberate imitation of retro has aroused keen interest and not only from the players of the old generation. The game is quite capable of intrigue and interest young gamers. Especially if they like a fighting game with platformer elements. The passage provides for both single and cooperative missions. Smooth graphics, high-quality animation are noted. The atmospheric sound component also plays a role. However, the most interesting thing here is still the opportunity to fight with opponents, along the way developing your characters and adding new skills to them. The pumping can be done along different lines.

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