SiNiSistar Lite Version v01.12.2021

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SiNiSistar Lite Version — is a side-scrolling action-adventure platformer in which you’ll join a church minister to fight monsters and destroy Evil. The plot of the game revolves around a girl named Rabian who serves the church. Once she was sent on an important mission, involving battles with monsters and the destruction of Evil, but upon arrival at the place she faced ordinary monsters, and with something much more sinister and powerful. Well, now you have to help her figure it out.

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Grim Tales Trace in Time v1.0

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Grim Tales Trace in Time Collectors Edition — is the twentieth game in the Grim Tales series of the same name. The story begins at the moment when the main character wakes up after an emergency heart transplant. Returning to normal life, the hero discovers that strange people are watching him. And some strange machinations take place over time. The plot contains many plot twists and turns. Only one thing is clear: these people are extremely serious and they will stop at nothing, even if the question is about killing people. The protagonist needs to enter into confrontation with them, while trying to save his life.

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Fire in the Beastlands v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Fire in the Beastlands — is a 2D role-playing game with side-scrolling, inspired by the many great adventures of the almost forgotten last generation of games. Created and developed by one man, promise to take a fascinating, complex and meaningful journey through the wonders and dangers of the underused, rare prehistoric fantasy of a full-scale allegorical idea of the struggle of ancient man. discovering his place in the world, and the world showing the determination of man. Embark on an epic prehistory odyssey that takes place in the age of mankind to reclaim the land conquered by animals and die in an attempt.

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Leenie Boog v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Leenie Boog — this has been going on for thousands of years. One night, the Millennium War suddenly knocked on your window. You will have to meet an uninvited guest. In Leenie Boog survival horror game, you will come face to face with a creature who is not interested in your happy existence. From a small house to abandoned buildings, you will be pursued by one goal to put an end to this nightmare once and for all. As the game progresses, you will have to fight for your life and not let the scary creature get up to you. You have 2 weapons of prudence and attentiveness. You need to respond in a timely manner to every sound that surrounds you, and try to find or eliminate the source that emits it, because every second lost can cost you your life.

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Torrent CHESS CROWN download free pc

CHESS CROWN a game about chess, which was performed in modern trends, where there is a choice between good and evil, where there is good graphics and exciting gameplay. Immersed in the atmospheric world of the game, you have to decide on whose side you are good or evil. The game against the computer is suitable for players who are beginning to get acquainted with chess. In multiplayer, the player will be able to find a suitable opponent by level or fight with the dominant class. The game has time settings, choice of chess pieces and place where the battle will take place, as well as the ability to communicate.

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Propnight Build 7812361

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Propnight — is a multiplayer action game that gives you the opportunity to play online with a friend on a pirate for free, fighting in asymmetric 4 versus one duels. On the internet, online players take on the role of survivor or assassin. The multiplayer game focuses on dynamic first-person combat. Game mechanics combine classic elements of shooter, horror and survival. Participants can interact with each other and build an action plan.

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Exogate Initiative v0.1.7

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Exogate Initiative — is an alien base construction and management simulator. The events of the game take place in the near future, when humanity has managed to master the technology of moving to any part of the galaxy, almost instantly. As a result, this made it possible to find new planets, and the player is given the opportunity to create a completely new and world’s first colony on a distant planet from another solar system. On the planet, the atmosphere is not suitable for life, so you need to dig tunnels and build a large underground base. The player is given a large map and complete freedom of where and how to dig, creating places for his base. It is necessary to build a variety of mechanisms and premises with a variety of functions.

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Abi and the soul Build 7740252 - PLAZA

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Abi and the soul — wakes up without a memory on a somewhat strange island, perhaps a charming one, where with the help of heavenly light she will be able to overcome various puzzles and reach places you never even guessed. Undoubtedly, this is a story of love and fantastic friendship, in which you have to unravel the mystery of this place and restore all your memories by finding small fragments scattered throughout the island. When you play with your soul, you can move freely, anticipate dangers, activate magical mechanisms and help Abi in various situations. When you play for Abi, the soul will follow you to protect you and guide you under any circumstances. When she walks away from you, you can call her hissing.

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Tanto Cuore v01.12.2021 - P2P

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Tanto Cuore — is a Japanese card game for 2-4 players in which each player plays the role of the Master of the Mansion and hires maids to fill their house to become the best master of the house. The end goal is simple enough: the player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins! Players receive victory points using different Maid Cards, which allow for different strategies when playing together. You can even hire more interesting, unique maids to use their special abilities every turn! But beware, your opponents can make your maids sick or instill bad habits, negatively affecting your maids.

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RimWorld Ideology v1.3.3200 - PLAZA

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RimWorld Ideology DLC — the colonys belief system. It will allow the creation of, for example, tree-worshiping cannibals who carve skulls on furniture, blind tunnel dwellers who avoid light, or transhumanists who are obsessed with the idea of human improvement through technology. You are free to mix different elements of the belief system and customize the rules, rituals, social roles, revered animals, weapons, culture, style, buildings, tattoos, clothing, background narration, gods, and mentioned beards. A new type of roguelike quest where you have to sneak into ancient structures and overcome unknown dangers inside to get treasures. The new creatures are dryads that maintain a symbiotic relationship with special trees. Tribal villages worshiping the terminal in a spaceship.

This game has been updated 2-12-2021, 05:03 to the latest version v1.3.3200.

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