Help Me Now Build 7791433 + Definitive Edition - PLAZA

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Help Me Now — is a mix of first-person horror and quest, a game full of horrors and insanity, puzzles and riddles, intriguing events and immortal enemies. The events of the game begin to occur at the very moment when detective Thomas Hysted goes on his first assignment, issued by his superiors. He is sent to southern Arizona, where there is a strange mansion in which a terrible murder occurred. No one knows what really happened here, and there are no clues that could at least say something about what happened. So you will need to get clues and evidence. Just do it will not be so easy. As it turned out, this is not quite a simple mansion, dark forces live in it, and no one is allowed to escape from it. However, maybe you just will be able to do this.

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Rebirth Beware of Mr Wang v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Rebirth Beware of Mr Wang free download torrent games pc
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The protagonist of Rebirth Beware of Mr Wang conducts various manipulations on the girls and blackmails them in order to achieve intimacy. The gameplay includes numerous interactive puzzles where you have to interact with the elements on the screen, connect wires, rearrange objects and extract codes. Successful completion of the mini-games will advance the plot and achieve sexual intimacy with beautiful girls. On the surface, Mr Wang is a busy apartment renovator who loves helping neighbors and solving life’s little problems. But behind the masks, Lan Wan is a villain and loves cuckolds. He spies on the privacy of his neighbors, gradually trying to approach his female neighbors in nefarious ways.
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BURIED STARS free download torrent games pc
BURIED STARS — is an action-adventure game set in a crash site with a live audition. The trapped survivors communicate with each other via social media while awaiting the arrival of the rescue team. But an unexpected turn of events tears them apart and drives them into a corner. Each hero will pursue his own goals, so you should be extremely careful and take your time with your decisions. To begin with, you need to actively act so that you achieve a good result and can somehow influence the entire course of history. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and try to gradually make decisions.
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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition v6.060 (Season 5) - CODEX

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Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition — will include 40 characters, 34 arenas and more than 200 costumes from Street Fighter 5 and Arcade Edition, as well as a new type of special techniques V-Skills and unnamed gameplay improvements. Among other things, Capcom announced one of two new fighters for the Champion Edition. Street Fighter 5 is the fifth-person fighting game in the Street Fighter series, which is endowed with the Russian language. The user will still be able to enjoy the amazing fights that have become even more ambitious and fascinating. The main highlight of the video game is, first of all, its completely updated graphics, which is able to reflect the combat world in the smallest details, not previously seen by the players. A computer game is a two-dimensional fighting game equipped with three-dimensional graphics, in which gamers will have to try to defeat their opponents using a variety of different techniques.

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Revhead v1.4.7985 - PLAZA

Revhead free download torrent games pc
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Revhead is a cool car simulator created especially for car racing fans and everything related to cars. The game invites players to feel not only a racer, but also an auto mechanic, on whom each individual part of the car and its performance depend. The whole essence of the simulator, first of all, consists in races, in races in which cars of the most different models participate. In this case, the gameplay is based not only on racing, but also on tuning, and of course, on auto mechanics. Each car here can be moved in accordance with the needs of the user, with the details, the so-called «nodes», the user is invited to buy their own, looking for them in game stores, or in ads in the newspaper.

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They Look Like People v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

They Look Like People free download torrent games pc
They Look Like People — as humanity’s resources are depleted, two astronauts set out to explore other planets to save humanity from destruction. During a scheduled test on its way back to Earth, the Orion spacecraft comes into contact with an object that apparently nearly fell into a trap due to debris. At least they thought so. When one of the crew starts to lose his mind, what are you doing.
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VILLAGE THE SIBERIA free download torrent games pc
VILLAGE THE SIBERIA — you play the role of a boy in an ordinary family living in Siberia. In a series of mysterious events, something terrible happens, and a parasite appears that uses people as vectors. Your goal is to find out who you can trust in your family and which family members are not infected. If you stay in the house with one of them, something terrible can happen, so think about who you can trust and who of them is not behaving strangely. Terrible atmosphere and quality sound. Mysterious plot and modern graphics. Intrigue mixed with a detective story. You can interact with many objects.
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Recompile v20210826 - CODEX

Recompile free download torrent games pc
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In the Recompile project game PC, you have to go on an amazing and unusual adventure, taking on the role of a hacker. It has a rather unusual ability to seep into closed source systems and long-forgotten interactive worlds. Inside them you will have to explore uncharted territories, extract the necessary information, and also receive a variety of secrets. But the problem is that the last system that the hacker managed to get into has a very unusual structure, which created a huge number of locked doors, traps and puzzles. Virtual worlds are fraught with a lot of secrets that can not be revealed the first time. For a long time, they hide in the shade until a brave hero arrives who wants to open all the locked doors that hide secrets. At first it may seem to you that this is a rather banal and familiar world, but it is not. The further you advance, the more difficulties you will have.

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RICO London v1.0.7864 - CODEX

RICO London free download torrent games pc
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RICO London — is a fast-paced 3D first-person shooter. The events of the game take place on New Year’s Eve in 1999, the place of action is London, and you have to play as a detective who ends up in a skyscraper full of bandits and gangsters. Requesting reinforcements is not realistic, since all police officers are involved in law enforcement and at important facilities, since the big holiday has sunk. Now the detective, together with his partner, decides to deal with everything himself, he has a chance to destroy almost all crime in the city at once. So, they simply burst into the first floor of the building, and the goal is to systematically clean up all the floors one by one, destroying everyone in their path. You can play alone or in co-op.

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Just Die Already v1.4.2

Just Die Already free download torrent games pc
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Just Die Already — finally, the time has come when the developers pay a lot of attention not only to the graphics, but also to the content of their developments. For example, today we want to pleasantly surprise you with the fact that now you will have the opportunity to go on a completely new adventure, which offers you to take on the role of grandfather. It seems that he is quite ordinary, but he has a problem — no one wants to support him and take care of his existence. Therefore, he can only carefully explore the world and try to look for coupons for free care. Therefore, he sets off on an unforgettable and extremely dangerous adventure in order to obtain coupons for himself, thanks to which he will be able to extend his life. As expected, your main character is not as capable as in his youth.

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