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The classic role-playing video game Prince Of Qin takes gamers to the territory of Ancient China, where the construction of the famous Great Wall is going on. It is ruled by the powerful emperor Shi-Huandi, for whose son users will play. Fu Su is the eldest son of the first great Chinese emperor, who managed to rally the warring provinces and create one of the most powerful states of antiquity. Unlike his rather cruel and bloodthirsty father, the protagonist grew up as a calm young man, not engaged in war, but in administration and training. One day the head of state leaves this world.
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Kungen Build 7619698 - DARKSiDERS

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Kungen — in a quiet bamboo environment, Kungen is a challenging sword game with short levels that can be played by up to 4 players locally with controllers. Paint the main characters and fight the ninja. The combat system is based on physics. Paint your avatar, you can customize your character and change it. Atmospheric bamboo environment that transports the player to the world of kung fu. Sophisticated ninja artificial intelligence. Combat system with physics.
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Murder Diaries 2 v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Murder Diaries 2 free download torrent games pc
You are very small compared to the environment in game Murder Diaries 2 and can fly freely in the area. You start by exploring the terrain and enjoying the feeling of flight, as well as the gentle but mysterious background music. Soon after starting the study, you will find the first part of the memories. You can collect snippets of memories to continue the story and move on to the overall story. The story is about a boy, about his life and how everything changes. It is a fascinating mystery of murder and contrasts with a somewhat calm and enjoyable gameplay. You fly to another fragment of memories and collect it. As soon as you collect a fragment of memories, the next book will open, and a few words will fly out of the book. In the same way, the environment will often react and reflect on the development of history, as well as abstractly represent some things that happen in history.
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Subway Midnight v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Subway Midnight — is a psychedelic horror game that indie developer Bubby Darkstar has been working on alone for three years. In the game you need to get out of a strange train, running away from ghosts and solving riddles. Note that this is the studio’s first experience as a publisher. Prior to that, she only developed the dungeon crawler Going Under. Therefore, it is unclear how successful such an experimental treaty will turn out to be. Despite the fact that Aggro Crab does not disclose all the terms of its contract, other developers liked its decision.
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Horror Story Hallowseed v1.0 - CODEX

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Horror Story Hallowseed — is a first-person psychological horror game inspired by such horror films as Emily Rose’s Exorcism, Treachery and The Conjuring. Action Horror story takes you to the vastness of the fictional location Hollowsid. There are legends that this place is shrouded in demons and cursed. Anyone who gets here will inevitably die. Three friends have recently gone missing in the camping area. They witnessed a mysterious event, as a result of which two disappeared, and one of them Michael, must find a way out of this situation. It is necessary not only to get out of this mystical place, but also to find your friends.
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Franchise Hockey Manager 8 Build 7596689 - SKIDROW

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Franchise Hockey Manager 8 — is the continuation of a series of games about the leadership of the hockey team. Fans of the series will again be able to feel in the role of coach and manager. The developers do not lag behind the leaders of the sports games market, and in the next continuation of their game, they left the solid foundation that was in the previous parts and added some innovations. In addition to the classic functions of placing players on the field, transfers and choosing tactics, in the new part there are matches with the main rivals in the standings, which are most important for the team.
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Happy Game v1.0 - TiNYiSO

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Happy Game — is an adventure horror game in which you play as a boy who finds himself in a frightening and creepy nightmare. One day the hero falls asleep and finds himself in a very unusual and frightening world. You need to help the boy get back home. However, this will require going through three hostile worlds. Each of the three mystical worlds is presented with a unique style, new monsters, as well as various traps and obstacles. Solve numerous puzzles and puzzles to find your way out of the nightmare. Having overcome all the difficulties of adversity, the boy can again become happy. Developed by the creators of indie hits like Botanicula and CHUCHEL.
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Decoherence Build 7541221 - CODEX

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Decoherence — is a strategy game in which you have to place robots on the battlefield to fight against enemy vehicles. Build robots from various components. Develop your winning strategy. As a pilot, fight alongside your robots against other players, or test your skills in the single-player Tribunals of Entropy mode. Change the characteristics of your robots and give them orders according to your strategy. Control your creatures and find a way out of the most difficult combat situations.
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George Build 7603854 - SKIDROW

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George — is a first-person survival horror game set in the Cascading Mountains of the United States. Using first-person battles and research, the player must face the horrors lurking in these forests and find a way to survive the nightmare. During a relaxing walk in the woods, George loses his balance and gets lost in the mountains. Now it has one goal. Find a way back to civilization and security and avoid the dangers of these lands. George has little idea that the mountains will soon become one of his problems. Explore different maps and landscapes to survive. Follow the prompts to find your way. Fight evil with a variety of weapons that are detected. Learn the story of what happened in this hidden part of the world.
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Malum v1.5.415 - PLAZA

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Malum — is a co-op horror game for four thrill-seekers, sneaking into the most creepy objects, captured by demons and mutants. The task of the players will be to search for important clues and clues leading to a powerful weapon capable of exorcising demons and clearing the premises. Monsters, in turn, will do their best to protect artifacts, lead players into traps and kill them. Each fiend of hell has different characteristics: some move silently, while others deafen with a terrible screech. Until the moment of receiving a powerful weapon, players will have to act as fugitives and frantically hide from every sound, and if the team is acting inconsistently, then expect trouble. In addition to creepy monsters, the game pleases with surroundings in the form of abandoned houses for crazy and gloomy sewers.

This game has been updated 28-10-2021, 06:41 to the latest version v1.5.415.

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