Circuit Superstars v0.0.2 Build 6373633

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Circuit Superstars — is a dynamic top-down arcade racing game. You will find a simple but realistic physics model, a heap of historical cars of the past, and the essence of the gameplay is to win in circuit races on asphalt and off-road. Arrivals will be long, so you need to plan your strategy for overtaking and going to the pit stop. The game features a wide range of racing modes: rally, Grand Turismo and even truck competition.

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Phantom Brigade v0.5.1

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Phantom Brigade — is a turn-based strategy science fiction game. The action takes place in a country that has been the victim of a massive invasion by a foreign power. The enemy forces defeated the army and began the occupation. We’ll have to act as the commander of the resistance, trying to reclaim their homeland from the invaders. The player spends most of the time commanding units of small mechs and completing dangerous missions in a turn-based system. Each of the combat vehicles can be extensively modified, ranging from weapons, armor and ending with mechanical parts and camouflage models. All of these aspects are important for combat effectiveness.

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Creeper World 4 v1.4.8

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Creeper World 4 — the eternal reaper of galactic empires is back. Witness the huge waves of Creepers flooding three-dimensional terrain in this real-time strategy game, where the enemy is liquid. Build your economic base with energy and minerals. Gather your strength and fight with vines on all fronts when they flood and fill the map. Take your height on your own to avoid creepers as the waves crash around your base. Increase line of sight and range on high ground, but beware of air units. And, if you hold out long enough, launch an orbital weapon and inflict crushing blows on the enemy.

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Good Night Knight v0.6.0.04

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Good Night Knight — is another pixelated RPG with random level generation combined with handcrafted scenarios. Upgrade your hero exploring dangerous dungeons. Fight strong monsters to get valuable equipment. Then everything is standard we swing the necessary characteristics of the hero, go through the dungeons, look for the best equipment and kill the main monsters.

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Wallachia Reign of Dracula Build 5610992

Torrent Wallachia Reign of Dracula download free pc
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Wallachia Reign of Dracula is a fast-paced, action-packed platformer and also a side-view retro shooter. Here you are waiting for epic bosses, dynamic battles, dozens of levels and much more. The game takes place in a world called Wallachia, ruled by the rampant bloodthirsty tyrant Vlad Dracula. Well, in the story, you will play the role of a girl named Elchin Floarea. Taking control of it, you will have to go on a long and dangerous journey in which you have to fight with the minions of Dracula, destroy huge bosses, fight soldiers, and overcome various obstacles.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 v1.6.6 + DLC - PLAZA

Torrent Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 download free pc
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — this is an interesting computer game that offers you to become for a couple of hours to those who perhaps you once dreamed of becoming a child, namely, an auto mechanic. Thus, you will have a chance to show all your skills and knowledge in the structure of cars, because with this you have to earn a living and feed the family. But realizing that they are the same, players will not be able to attract the attention of the players every year, the developers decided to demonstrate something new, as now the developers used some of the finds from the well-known TV show American Chopper. On its expanses, as you know, famous mechanics tried to find interesting representatives of the automobile business among the piles of rubbish and by fixing and giving them a decent appearance, cashing in, getting almost double benefit from each car sold.

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Making History The First World War v1.0 - SKIDROW

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Making History The First World War — is another game in the Making History turn-based strategy series that will take you to the battlefields of the First World War. Hurry up to deploy new modern weaponry and survive the terrifying battles of attrition. Join the global conflict between the great powers of our time and create a new world order of freedom or tyranny. Which covers one of the most tragic events in human history, offers a strategic level experience in a turn-based global conflict game. This is a war between the great powers of the era, each of which to some extent fluctuates between the old and the new world.

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Sumerians v0.2.2 + Fishing Update

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Sumerians — is a city-building simulator in which you will go back to the era of Ancient Mesopotamia and will be busy building an ancient Sumerian city that could become a refuge for a large number of people. The game takes place in the third millennium BC, at a time when the ancient Sumerian cities began to grow, becoming legends and havens for thousands of people. And now, having gone to those distant times, you are just the same and will be engaged in the construction of one of these cities. And believe me, the absence of skyscrapers and high technologies is not a reason to think that it will be easy. In fact, building a city even in such simple times, and even then, will make you pretty nervous.

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Torchlight 3 v20.12.2020 + Snow and Steam - CODEX

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Torchlight 3 — is the sequel to the popular Torchlight series. The new part will offer you a world in which players can team up to explore dungeons and fight monsters. You can team up with friends and loyal pets to fight into a vibrant world, explore the ancient ruins of lost civilizations, as well as dungeons filled with wealth and dangerous creatures. The time is finally coming when the developers are ready to roll out game projects that are a continuation of the cult entertainment. Game that made a lot of noise in its time came to our attention. And now players are invited to go on a new adventure in order not only to save the world, learn new secrets of this environment, become a powerful hero and create a whole alliance of brave warriors with other players.

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HuniePop 2 Double Date v1.0.5 - GOG

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HuniePop 2 Double Date — is a dating simulator for adults, puzzle, quest from the studio HuniePot. HuniePop 2 Double Date adult dating simulator, puzzle, quest from studio HuniePot. As in the previous game, we will play the role of a potential boyfriend who is trying to ask one of the two girls out on a date. Each successful date increases the difficulty of the next. For this reason, they require more points to complete them. After three positive meetings with the girl, the player can invite her on a night date. And if it goes well, then the gamer can bring the young woman to his bedroom for one final round. If the final mini-game is successful, then we gain the maximum number of points of the girl’s sympathy for our person, and we have access to the droom game bed scene.

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