Undungeon v23.02.2021

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The events of Undungeon — take place in the multiverse, where 7 parallel worlds mixed after the Great Shift. The interdimensional agency Herald`s Undercover Bay took over the problem. The player controls the Herald, a member of this powerful organization. In search of answers, the main character went to the ancient settlement of Arhaban. Here, the Wastelands are waiting for him sands that are divided between warlike nomads and wild animals.

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Pesterquest v1.0

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Full game Pesterquest torrent download free for PC — is a visual novel and part-time adventure RPG. You will find a gloomy, sometimes frightening story in which you are directly involved. In total, you will find 14 volumes of a unique adventure! Find answers to all your questions. Travel between Earth and a planet called Alternia. If you like visual novels with an interesting plot, feel free to download the game «Pesterquest». Unfortunately, at the moment there is no Russian language in the game.

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WanderWoods v0.3.0

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WanderWoods — will give you the opportunity to walk through the forest, enjoy a calm unity with nature, do not be confused by the fact that everything around is procedurally generated. This will be an excellent option to relax and escape from the difficult workdays and city bustle. A project for lovers of walking simulator and games with relaxing gameplay. There is no need to fight, search for artifacts and build shelters. Just wander the paths and watch the forest live its own life. All surroundings are made with great attention to detail.

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Iratus Lord of the Dead v176.15 - CODEX

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Iratus Lord of the Dead — role-playing game project in the style of strategy, where this time you have to take the side of evil. You will assume the role of a terrible monster, and go to the destruction of the human world, doing everything possible to win. The first mission will give you an unusual gameplay and dynamic tests that will occur at almost every turn. Be attentive and try not to make mistakes, as they may bring adverse consequences.

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Fort Triumph v1.0.2 - CODEX

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Fort Triumph is a fairly sophisticated turn-based tactical strategy during the Middle Ages. Before you is an amazing and mysterious fantasy world that does not forgive mistakes. There is no place for the weak. So collect truly strong heroes and go explore the world. Each hero or enemy is unique in its own way and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your task is to understand how best to act with one or another hero in the current battle. Due to the fact that the characters are radically different from each other, you have almost unlimited possibilities for battle tactics.

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