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SPYHACK — tells about the distant future of 2111. The world has long since experienced a technological boom and corporations are engaged in numerous experiments. The Advanced Technology Division is guarding human lives. You have to take on the role of one of the agents of the enterprise and not allow humanity to destroy themselves. SPYHACK is a mixture of tactical strategy with stealth elements. The gameplay is based on hacking various devices, including combination locks, security cameras, turrets, etc. In the center of the plot the investigation of a mysterious case, which is engaged in The Dome Ltd. According to rumors, they started an experiment that would destroy the entire human race. Objects are hacked through the SpyHack system a virtual world where you need to fight a protective firewall. If you manage to defeat the enemy, then you will be able to get direct access to the terminal of any object.
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Aefen Fall v1.0 - CODEX

Aefen Fall free download torrent games pc
Aefen Fall — is a first-person action parkour game set in a dieselpunk setting. Run, jump and use your alchemical abilities to reach your goal as quickly as possible. Players will take on the role of Abadel, an alchemist wanted in an alternative London in the early 20th century. The city is quarantined by the government, which is trying to arrest and kill all alchemists. Our hero will have to move on the roofs, using his powers to place circles of transformations in the city with one goal to create the most powerful alchemical stone.
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Blast Brawl 2 v1.6 - DARKSiDERS

Blast Brawl 2 free download torrent games pc
Blast Brawl 2 — is a fast-paced arcade fighting game packed in a stylish 2D scene in which local heroes knock each other out with one hit. It sounds harsh, but in reality everything is simple and clear: after dying, the character immediately returns to the general dump and continues what he started with the same fervor and stubbornness. The battles in the game are a deadly dance of fire, steel and blood. Take the concept of Super Smash Bros., simplify the picture to the level of Broforce, add more chaos and you get Blast Brawl 2 concentrated chaos for 8 or more players. Local heroes have a hard time they are thrust into some crazy industrial world, full of giant gears, conveyors and blast furnaces blazing with heat. No wonder that their roof was blown off and they staged a bloody massacre with each other, and at the same time mowed down all living things in the area, including local bosses and authorities.
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Tanuki Sunset v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Tanuki Sunset free download torrent games pc
Tanuki Sunset — is an unusual skateboarder simulator. Here we control not a man, but a raccoon. An animal named Tanuki rides a longboard down the highway amid neon-flooded landscapes. The sea coast, night city, mountain canyon are available for driving. Each time the track looks and feels new thanks to procedural generation. Tanuki Sunset features a third-person view and cartoonish low poly graphics. The protagonist's appearance is customizable. There is a shop with a sloth behind the counter, where they give to try on jackets, caps, glasses, T-shirts. Skate is also allowed to be customized. You can also talk to the seller there. Besides the main character, there are cars on the roads. It is necessary to maneuver between them. Trampolines, traffic cones and sharp turns on which you need to drift can also be found on the tracks.
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Nine Witches Family Disruption upd.04.12.2020

Nine Witches Family Disruption free download torrent games pc
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Nine Witches Family Disruption — is a mix of action adventure and quest, a 2D game in which you’ll have to travel to an alternate version of the past and stop the Third Reich from enslaving humanity with an ancient curse. The game takes place in 1944 in Norway, in a town called Sande. Realizing that the war is coming to an end and the Third Reich is losing in it, the Nazi command decided to send a detachment Occult-55 to the city of Sande and awaken an ancient curse that could help the Reich to enslave the world. But it was not there. It turns out that a certain paralyzed professor and his assistant-assistant know about the plans of the Nazis, and now the two of them decided at all costs to prevent the Nazis and save the whole world. But will they be able to translate their plans into reality. Will they be able to interfere with the elite squad of servants of the Third Reich? And will they survive. This is what you will have to find out as you progress through the game.
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TWWWR free download torrent games pc
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TWWWR — is a mix of 2D action, platform adventure and puzzle game. Here you have to climb a high tower, overcome heaps of obstacles and overcome many opponents. Unfortunately, not much is known about the game’s plot. It is only known that the game offers players to try to climb to the top of the mysterious tower, consisting of five levels of platforms. But each platform is something like a whole floor, on which the main character is waiting for dangers, various obstacles. traps, enemies, and much, much more. If you decide to start going through the game, you will have to learn to constantly adapt to what is happening and the environment in general, adapt, and not only. In other words, it will be difficult.
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John Wick Hex v1.03 - CODEX

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The sensational blockbuster «John Wick», in which Keanu Reeves plays the main role, formed the basis of the new computer game — John Wick Hex. While the film crew is working on creating the next part of the action movie, we offer to download the game torrent on our website. You will get the opportunity to try on the role of a professional killer, but do not expect only chases and shootings, because the developers have prepared many tasks that require attention and careful planning of the heros subsequent actions. Although the game was created based on the film, it still has its own distinctive features and offers an even more detailed look at the personality of John Wick, who is a professional in his field.

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Autonauts v137.14.11 - SiMPLEX

Autonauts free download torrent games pc
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Autonauts is a sandbox-style game with strategy elements where the gameplay is based on human interaction. Here you have to do the improvement and automation of several worlds at once, each of which is unique in its performance, has distinctive features. You, in the role of the protagonist, go to explore the vast universe, which for a long period of time has kept a lot of interesting and unusual, as well as mysterious secrets, the disclosure of which you will do.

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