Keplerth v1.0

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Keplerth — is a sandbox game with survival elements that you can play online for free on a pirate, fighting off the army of the living dead together with a friend. The gameplay allows you to team up with a partner both on a shared screen and survive online on the Internet. The story starts with the main characters waking up in a hibernation capsule. Left without food, drink and clothes, you need to find a way to leave this mystical place.

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V Rising v24.05.2022

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Waking up in V Rising — the hero as a vampire must hunt for blood while avoiding direct sunlight. A survival slasher that puts you in the role of a bloodsucker who wakes up in his own castle and must reclaim his hold and authority by operating in a vast open world full of secrets. Here you have to conquer the lands of the living, unite with allies to complete the task.

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Touken Ranbu Warriors Build 8594159 - Goldberg

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Touken Ranbu Warriors — is the first console game in the Touken Ranbu series that combines elements from Touken Ranbu ONLINE with the action-packed action game from Koei Tecmo’s Warriors franchise. The game will feature over 10 characters from the original browser game, where popular swords have taken the form of the valiant Touken Danshi warriors and sworn to protect history. Year 2205. The revisionists of history began to attack the past in order to change history. In order to stop them, the Government of Time appointed Saniv to protect the story. Saniwa can awaken tsukumogami spirit tools, Touken Danshi.

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DRAINUS v1.0.1.8 - ALI213

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DRAINUS — this is a side-scrolling shooter game in which the player takes control of Drainus, a ship that can absorb energy bullets to destroy countless enemy ships floating in space. The absorbed energy can be used to improve the ships functions, such as adding new weapons. The planet Halpax is in the far corners of space and suffers from the oppressive rule of the Harlalov Empire. One of the slaves living there is struggling with the disease. He must return home to the distant planet Earth to recover from a disease known as planetary compatibility disorder. His daughter, also a slave, is devastated by her fathers.

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Floppy Knights Build 8774395 - Razor1911

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The gameplay of Floppy Knights combines tactical elements with card-based adventure and a turn-based combat system. The plot centers on Phoebe, a brilliant young inventor who has created a robotic arm named Carlton. Both protagonists take part in battles, choosing different knights and designing a squad to win. They can change strategies and tactics based on the different characteristics and abilities of the units. The player controls cards represented as knights or other warriors of the kingdom. They differ from each other and use special skills. In a fantasy land, a gamer can use cassettes.

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Soda Crisis Build 8793745 - FLT

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Soda Crisis — is an incredibly colorful and dynamic action game with runner elements in which the player has to explore the levels and destroy all opponents on the way with the help of advanced weapons. The plot here is not particularly deep and is only revealed superficially, since the gameplay is mainly aimed at light madness and constant gunfights. Enemies attack from all sides, including from the air, so in order not to get hit by their bullets, you need to constantly be on the move.

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Egg Over It Fall Flat From the Top Build 8506490 - DOGE

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Embark on this adventure with tactical jumps with Egg Over It Fall Flat From the Top. The task in which you have to lift the egg up, looking for its origin, but carefully researching; one bad jump could lead to a long fall. Run it through sewers, buildings, aircraft and skyscrapers. Lift the egg up and perform air movements. Walk to be more accurate. Play using only impulses. Try not to make wrong movements, otherwise you will fall into the sewer from the beginning. Remember that an egg has an ovoid shape, so its shape can play a nasty joke on you. Look at the landscapes with day and night cycle.

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The Iron Oath v0.5.148

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The Iron Oath — project is a turn-based role-playing game with elements of tactics and fantasy setting. You will have to put together your own squad and go on a long journey to complete all the tasks given. Remember that any decision made by you will have its own imprint, moreover, both on your companions and the protagonist, and on the world around us as a whole. As you progress through the plot, these changes will seem more substantial, you can open additional plot branches.

This game has been updated Today, 04:04 to the latest version v0.5.148.

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There Is No Game Wrong Dimension v1.0.32 - RePack

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There Is No Game Wrong Dimension — the developers say that this is not really a game, at least they did not try to make a full-fledged game out of this project. Everything becomes even more incomprehensible after watching the game trailer. Players take on the role of a «user» who is very annoyed that he cannot play. After he decided to fix everything on his own, he is sucked into another reality, where he will have to work along with the speaking program in order to return home. You need to solve various puzzles reminiscent of one or another popular game, such as Papers Please or Superhot.

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Cliff Empire v1.22

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Cliff Empire is an adventure game that can immerse you in a world of dangers and battles with a huge number of opponents. You, in the role of the protagonist, go to the future, to the very center of events connected with a cruel and merciless war. Your responsibilities will include the development of several ecological systems that are suitable for the life of the human race. Also, you should be engaged in the development of technologies and the establishment of trade relations with other cities.

This game has been updated Today, 03:58 to the latest version v1.22.

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